Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG) Program

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Georgia Student Finance Commission

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Recipients receive an award of $233 per quarter or $350 per semester and can receive payment for up to four quarters or three semesters per year. Renewability is determined by the participating institution, students should contact his/her institution's financial aid office for additional details regarding the renewal process. Award amounts are subject to change each year. The TEG award, in combination with other student financial aid from federal, state, institutional or private sources, may not exceed the student’s Cost of Attendance and may be adjusted accordingly.


Varies, all eligible students will be considered as long as funding is sufficient.

Additional Information

The Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG) Program provides grant assistance toward educational costs to residents of Georgia seeking Degrees as Full-Time students at eligible Georgia private colleges and universities. The eligibility requirements of the TEG program do not include academic merit, achievement, or financial need criteria. The TEG program results from recognition that facilities of accredited private and independent colleges and universities located within the State of Georgia can be used more effectively in the public interest, by the granting of financial assistance to citizens who choose to attend such colleges and universities, and that the provision of such assistance will reduce the costs to the taxpayers of the state below the cost of providing similar instruction within the University System of Georgia. During the legislative session that precedes each Award Year, the Georgia General Assembly establishes the TEG award amount eligible students will receive for the coming Award Year, and the total amount of funds appropriated to the program. The TEG award amount and total funding for the program may be adjusted during the Award Year.

Deadline Info

Applications are available from the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) website. Students may apply online by completing the electronic TEG application or electronic HOPE application or by downl ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.

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