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University of Pennsylvania Thouron Award

This award is available for students from the U.K. who are planning to study in a graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Total: $31500

Awards: 8

Deadline: October 15

Dean’s Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship provides awards ranging from $9,000 to $120,000 in tuition coverage. The university also seeks accomplished individuals who will be fully engaged in the unique academic community at Penn Law. The number of Dean’s Scholarships that are awarded varies from year to year. Apply today!

Total: $120000

Awards: 10


QuestBridge College Match Program

The QuestBridge College Match was created to fund complete scholarships to lower-income students so they can attend a variety of top schools. The students must show a high level of academic merit to be eligible.

Total: $47000

Awards: 204

Deadline: September 29

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