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How to Qualify for Civil Engineering Scholarships?

There are many civil engineering scholarships available from a wide range of providers. Colleges with engineering departments are a popular source. Private donors, businesses and professional agencies offer funding too.

Some civil engineering awards are only for members of specific groups. Like a certain engineering society, minority group or gender. For instance, there are scholarships that only women pursuing a degree in civil engineering can apply for.

In order to receive a scholarship, you will first need to find out if you qualify. For some, there are general criteria, and these may be open to students pursuing any STEM degree.

But other ones are set aside for students who are or plan to major in civil engineering or a related field. Like hydraulics, dam construction and welding.

Apart from your field of study, you may also need a mix of merit (GPA) and financial need (from the FAFSA). Many providers also want to see that the program you attend is ABET accredited. Some providers also want to know what your education and career goals will be.

The National Action Council of Minority Engineers (NACME) has several civil engineering scholarships. The Chevron Scholarship awards one $5,000 scholarship. Eligible high school seniors must be studying any engineer field. To apply, eligible applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. As well as submit an essay, transcript, application and personal statement.

Why Is it Important to Apply for a Scholarship?

A civil engineering scholarship can be useful if your goal is to earn a 4 year degree. A scholarship might be useful since you generally do not to repay it back. That’s better than taking out a student loan! You may use the money to pay for tuition, books, and other college expenses.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics the cost of a civil engineering degree from a public college at $7,542. If you attend a private college, it costs $43,869 .

Once you graduate, there are many possible career paths to follow. Civil engineers tend to need a bachelor’s degree to enter the field, so this may be an option.

List of Civil Engineering Scholarships

Check out our list of civil engineering scholarships below. We have 48 awards worth $219K.

SkillPointe Foundation $1,000 Scholarship

The SkillPointe Foundation’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to training to become a skills-based professional working in construction, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation and other fields. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, of any ethnicity and educational background.

Total: $24000

Awards: 24

Deadline: December 31, 2020

ASCE (Maine Section) Scholarship

This scholarship is available for Maine high school seniors who plan to study civil engineering. Students must be residents of Maine and attend a Maine high school.

Total: $2000

Awards: 1

Deadline: January 31, 2021

Eugene C. Figg, Jr. Civil Engineering Scholarship

U.S. students who will be college juniors or seniors in the fall, are enrolled in an ABET-accredited civil engineering program, and have a passion for bridges are eligible for this scholarship. Students must be members of the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Total: $3000

Awards: 1

Deadline: February 10, 2021

David F. Ludovici Scholarship

This award is available for U.S. students or international students who are permanent residents of Florida who are majoring in civil, structural, or consulting engineering. Applicants must have completed at least one year of undergraduate study, must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and must be enrolled full time at a college or university in Florida.

Total: $1000

Awards: 1

Deadline: February 12, 2021

BRPH Future Achievers Scholarship

This award is for architecture and engineering majors at each of these three schools: Tuskegee University, Kennesaw State University, and Florida A&M University. Engineering majors can be Civil, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical. Applicants must be in their sophomore or junior year of college with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Total: $6000

Awards: 6

Deadline: March 31, 2021

Chevron Scholarship

The Chevron Scholarship is available for high school senior applying to an engineering or computer science program at a NACME Partner Institution, or be currently matriculating in an engineering or computer science program at a NACME Partner Institution, a US citizen or permanent resident.

Total: $5000

Awards: 10

Deadline: July 01, 2021

Alice May Anderson Scholarship Fund

The SWE Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to those who identify as a female/woman and are studying community college, bachelors, or graduate programs in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science. Nearly 260 new scholarships valued at over $810,000.

Total: $1200

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 01

CACP Scholarship

The CACP Scholarship is available for Junior, Senior and Graduate students who major in architecture, engineering, design, or construction-related fields may apply if they have at least a 3.0 GPA. The recipients must agree to volunteer at two CACP events. Scholarships vary between $1,000 and $3,000.

Total: $3000

Awards: 3

Deadline: May 31

NACME Collegiate Scholarship (Block Grant)

NACME Collegiate Scholars are performing undergraduate students who are matriculating in strategic engineering or computer science programs. Students must have an updated NACME Common Application on file, a GPA of 2.8 or higher, enrolled full time at an engineering or computer science program at a NACME Partner Institution.

Total: $7500

Awards: 3

Deadline: September 15

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

WU Scholars, is a program designed to support young people and their efforts to pursue a post-secondary education. This Scholarship is open for students pursuing a degree/field of study in STEM or business/entrepreneurship. Selected scholarship recipients will receive USD $2,500 each to contribute toward tuition.

Total: $2500

Awards: 10


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