Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

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Application Deadline

April 01, 2020

Awarded By

Kansas Board of Regents

Award Amount

Recipients who enroll in a Licensed Practical Nurse program are eligible for $2,500 each school year. Recipients in a Registered Nurse program are eligible for $3,500 each school year. Sponsors pay from $1,000 to one-half of the scholarship and the State of Kansas pays the remaining amount. Each scholarship amount is divided - one half awarded in the fall semester (LPN $1,250; RN $1,750) and the second half awarded in the spring semester. Awards are renewable for up to a total of four years of study. Students must reapply each year.


The number of awards offered varies annually. In the 2013-2014 academic year (the most recent for which data is available), there were 136 scholarships awarded.

Additional Information

Financial need is considered if there are more applicants than available funding. The student must have a commitment from a sponsor, who will fund up to half of the scholarship and provide full-time employment to the recipient after licensure. An eligible sponsor is any adult care home, psychiatric hospital, medical care facility, home health agency, local health department or any state agency, which employs LPNs or RNs, licensed by the State of Kansas qualifies as a sponsor. Scholarship recipients work for the sponsor who provided a portion of the funds for one year for each year of scholarship support. If a recipient is unable to fulfill the service obligation, he/she will be subject to repaying the state portion of the scholarship received plus accrued interest at a rate equivalent to the interest rate applicable to loans made under the federal PLUS program at the time the agreement was first entered into plus five percentage points (currently, 11.41 percent).

Deadline Info

Applications are available from the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) website. Students must complete the State of Kansas Student Aid Application online. In addition to the application, the student mus ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.

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