Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship

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Application Deadline

December 7

Awarded By:

Oregon Chapter, The Wildlife Society

Number of Awards & Eligibility: One award offered annually.
In order to qualify, students must meet the following criteria:
  1. Applicant's major field of study must be relevant to wildlife science.
  2. Must be a full-time student in a degree program within the state of Oregon.
  3. Must be an undergraduate student.
  4. Must be a member of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society, but may join at time of scholarship application.
  5. This award is for U.S. students.
  6. Must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.

In order to qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

Description: This award is for a full-time undergraduate student attending an Oregon institution and pursuing a degree relevant to wildlife sciences. Applicant must be a member of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

Application requirements for the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship are:

  • Application form
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • Personal references (3)
Additional Information: The Oregon Chapter Wildlife Society Scholarships are intended to foster students who have demonstrated potential for making a future professional contribution in wildlife sciences or management through research, management, education or outreach. Selection will focus on excellence in academics, leadership, and research experience. Examples of additional selection criteria that may be considered are as follows: Leadership of a student organization; Development or participation in a special project; Service on a professional, Department or University committee; Volunteer work in service to the profession; Participation in an inter-departmental or intra-departmental project to foster cooperation among disciplines; Providing service to other students, such as tutoring or mentoring; Promoting professional, Department or University efforts to increase student diversity; Overcoming adversity in academic or personal life to achieve education and professional goals; Member of underrepresented group (e.g., gender, ethnic, racial, first college student in family); Presenting at a professional or other natural resource-related meeting (poster or paper); and Publication of a manuscript or other resource-related publications.

Award Amount: $600 annually, non-renewable.  The total dollars awarded for this scholarship is $600.

Deadline Information:

Deadline for this scholarship is Saturday, December 7

Deadline Information:

Deadline for this scholarship is Saturday, December 7

Application information is available on the Oregon Chapter, The Wildlife Society website at the address provided. To be considered for this award, students must submit a completed application form, a one-page cover letter addressing the topics listed at the provider website, and a recent resume of the student's academic and professional work. This scholarship award will be provided to an advanced graduate student for academic standing and excellence in research. The winner of this scholarship will be required to give a presentation on their research at the annual meeting (typically held in mid-February). Applications and all supporting documents must be emailed to Nancy Allen using the contact information provided above. Emails must be received by the deadline date.
Contact: Nancy Allen
Address: P.O. Box 2378 Corvallis, Oregon 97339-2378

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