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What Photography Scholarships Can College Students Apply for?

Visual arts students who major in photography may find many photography scholarships to apply for. Photography scholarships are a type of merit award.

This means the provider is looking at your talents. So, to apply, they may ask you to submit a photography portfolio or brief video.

Sometimes you will need to focus your photography around a theme. Documentary photography, nature or wedding photos are some examples of projects.

But you may be able to take photos on any device. It could be a cell phone, DSLR camera, view camera, or any other capture device, film or digital.

In order to qualify you must write an essay and submit your GPA scores. Providers may also favor candidates who take part in visual arts activities in their community. You want to showcase overall why you deserve to win a scholarship through your photos.

Idaho Scenic Images Scholarship awards $500 to an Idaho high school senior. Eligible applicants must submit a short essay detailing what photography means to them. Students must also submit several landscape photos along with their submission.

Why Consider Applying for a Photography Scholarship?

Since a photography scholarship is not like a loan, it can be useful if your goal is to earn a four year degree. Earning a scholarship or two can make you more attractive for college admissions. Also, you can show off your photography skills while investing in your education.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the cost of a degree in photography is $6,495 at a public college. Or, $32,295 if you study at a private college.

After you graduate, there are many possible career paths. Apart from a “good eye”, photojournalists tend to need a bachelor’s degree, so this may be one option. If you need to take a study break, you should start applying to scholarships now.

List of Photography Scholarships

Scholarships are great options to help pay for your college. Check out our list of photography scholarships below.

Betty Harlan Memorial Scholarship

The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois provides educational resources to students pursuing a degree in the visual arts. Applicants must reside in boone, ogle, or Winnebago counties, and pursuing a degree in visual arts, or visual art education with a GPA of 2.75 or higher, and a graduating high school senior.

Total: $5000

Awards: 5

Deadline: February 01

The John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund

The John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund awards scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000 per recipient. Funds support the education of students between the ages of 18 and 35 who aim to make art in the classical or conservative traditions their profession.

Total: $5000

Awards: 1

Deadline: February 01

Idaho Scenic Images Scholarship

Idaho Scenic Images is pleased to announce the presentation of a yearly educational scholarship to one Idaho high school senior who demonstrates a passion for the outdoors and shows promise in the field of fine art landscape photography.

Total: $500

Awards: 1

Deadline: April 30

Anchell International Documentary Photography Scholarship

The scholarship aims to encourage personal involvement in social issues and promote socially conscious documentary photography. It is open to all fully matriculated undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of degree major, gender, ethnic or country of residence. The scholarship awards $1,000 to a talented student.

Total: $1000

Awards: 1

Deadline: January 01

30 Scholarships A.Y. 2021/2022 – Masters in Fashion and Design at Raffles Milano

The contest is opened to students from all over the world with an Undergraduate Degree or Bachelors’ Degree and with a non-academic degree or qualification. Also, candidates with a working track record in the respective field of study can participate.

Total: $10000

Awards: 30

Deadline: April 30