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Are there Public Health Scholarships?

As a public health major, there are a wide range of scholarships available. Public health scholarships vary in amounts and offset the cost of a college degree. Like grants, they are funds that you typically do not pay back if you abide by the terms.

Some public health scholarships come from colleges. Yet others come from local, state and national organizations. You may thus need to be an enrolled student, member of the granting organization or resident.

One example is the John and Agnes McFarlane Scholarship Fund. These $2,500 to $5,000 awards go to students in Ventura County.

Eligible applicants for this award must major in and pursue a career in a field that leads to a life of public service. Eligible majors are public administration, public health, public policy, criminal justice and more.

To apply for a scholarship, you need to meet the provider criteria. As in the example, the provider often stipulates which majors qualify.

For these you may need to fill out a FAFSA. Many application forms also want to see official transcripts, a resume and an essay.

What Kind of Public Health Awards are for Minority Students?

There are also scholarships for minority students pursuing studies in public health. One example is the National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship.

This $5,000 award is for Hispanic students. Eligible applicants must be in a dental, medical, nursing, public health and policy program.

Why Consider Public Health Scholarships?

Public health is a broad field with implications to people, communities and the world. It focuses on areas like having clean water, disease control and food safety. Degree programs in public health span a few disciplines. One is the medical aspect like public health nursing, consumer protection or dietetics. Public health scholarships may make it affordable to pursue these college programs.

Professionals in these career paths also focus on promoting healthy lifestyles. Things like reminding you to get a flu shot or restricting sugary foods to avoid diabetes.

Another avenue is public leadership. These professionals work in administrative roles. Whether in hospitals, government, pharma or another area.

Some may manage programs that serve the public good. Others might advocate and work on public policies and reform or research to study population health and related issues.

How much money can you make with a public health degree?

Average yearly incomes for people with a public health degree vary by career path. Education level and location may also impact salary.

For instance, a registered nurse earns a median pay of $75,330 as reported by Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, occupational health and safety specialists earn a median pay of $72,530 per year in 2020.

List of Public Health Scholarships

Colleges with public health degree programs are a common scholarship provider. Check out our list of worth .

FPHA Undergraduate Scholarship

Students seeking a Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in Public Health or a Master’s or Doctoral Degree in the field of Public Health may apply for an FPHA Scholarship which will be presented at the 2022 FPHA Annual Conference. The scholarship is for a free registration to attend the 2022 conference and a one-year membership beginning July 2022.

Total: $2000

Awards: 1

Deadline: June 24

BioMatrix Scholarships for the Bleeding Disorders Community

Partnering with HFA allows us to streamline and enhance our growing program with an organization that knows and understands the bleeding disorder community. BioMatrix offers six (6) $1,000 scholarships assisting individuals in the bleeding disorders community seeking higher education. Each opportunity is offered exclusively to several demographics within the bleeding disorder community including women, men, inhibitor patients and immediate family members. Our streamlined application process allows interested parties to complete one simple application for the multiple scholarships offered. Learn more about each of the available scholarships below.

Total: $6000

Awards: 6

Deadline: August 01

Virginia Valk Fehsenfeld Scholarship

This scholarship is available for Kent County undergraduate students who are majoring in dietetics, nutrition, education, or general human services. Applicants must have a grade point average of 3.4 or higher and demonstrate unmet financial need.

Total: $1000

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 01