Special Education Scholarships

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Who Can Apply for Special Education Scholarships?

Many special education scholarships are for aspiring teachers majoring in education. There are also scholarships that support physical and occupational therapy majors. Special education teachers need least a bachelor’s degree to work with special needs students.

Special needs programs nurture understanding about working with people who have a disability. The disability may relate to learning at any age. Thus these disabilities are caused by mental, emotional or physical issues from mild to severe.

To apply for a scholarship, you need to find out if you are eligible. Such criteria vary and may include financial need and a specific GPA range. State residency may also play a role for local providers.

Most providers also want details about your goals and experience with special needs. Some also ask you to sign a contract agreeing to teach special education in your state.

The SPEDxchange offers the Special Education Teacher Scholarship. It’s a $1,000 award to undergraduate and graduate students interested in working with special needs students. Eligible applicants must be pursuing a special education degree. To apply, you need to submit an application with references.

Why You Should Consider Applying for a Scholarship?

As the price tag of a special education degree is on the rise, a scholarship can be a vital form of aid. Scholarships will also help pay for a college education without taking out student loans.

It costs $6,860 for a special education degree at a public college. The total cost at a private college is four times higher at $29,743.

Once you graduate, you won’t have to worry about how much college debt you have. Don’t wait to apply for scholarships now!

List of Special Education Scholarships

Check out our list of special education scholarships below. We have awards worth .