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How Do I Qualify for Diabetes Scholarships?

If you have diabetes, there are diabetes scholarships to help you pay for college. Diabetes scholarships tend to be for people with Type 1 or Type 2 and Juvenile Diabetes.

There are also awards you may qualify for if your family member suffers from diabetes. Most often this has to be a parent or guardian. Also, there are other criteria to meet besides your diabetes diagnosis. These vary by provider and include a specific GPA, class rank and record of community service.

Some providers also want to see how you succeed in managing your diabetes. So, you may need to point out how you do this with proper medication, exercise, and diet.

Having a set of solid references is vital too. These may be from a teacher, employer or your treating physician. Treating physicians must attest to your diagnosis and how you treat your condition.

To help make their decision, a provider may also ask some personal questions. For this you might need to write a short essay that describes your goals and how diabetes impacts you. Overall, the cost of college may seem daunting. Thus it is important to apply for diabetes scholarships to make college affordable.

What Diabetes Scholarships can Students Apply for?

Many organizations and colleges award students with diabetes or a family history of it. The Diabetes Scholars program awards high school seniors with Type 1 diabetes. Their diabetes scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000. Recipients are chosen based on grades, extracurricular activities, leadership, advocacy, and community service.

Why it is Important to Apply for a Scholarship?

Since a scholarship is different from a student loan, it can be a useful form of financial aid. It is important to apply for diabetes scholarships to reduce the cost of college. Scholarships could help students focus more on their studies. Some scholarship programs offer networking and mentoring opportunities for your future career path.

Other than the health risks, the medical costs related to diabetes are high. According to the American Diabetes Association, people diagnosed with diabetes spend about $16,750 per year. That’s almost the cost of public college in one year! Data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows this can cost more than $17K or higher if you choose a private college.

List of Diabetes Scholarships

Check out our list of diabetes scholarships that you may apply to. We have awards worth .