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Minnesota Office of Higher Education

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The maximum award for 2016-2017 ranges from about $7,343 at a public two-year college to $11,753 at a private four-year college. The average award is approximately $1,857. The minimum award is $100 per year. To receive the full amount of the State Grant, the applicant must be a full-time student (registered for 15 credits per term). Less than full-time students will have their price of attendance prorated based on the actual number of credits. However, the parent or student contribution used in the award formula is not reduced if the student takes fewer credits, so a student who is eligible for an award at 15 credits may not qualify at a lower enrollment level. Students may receive State Grants for four consecutive full-time quarters or three consecutive semesters during the course of a single fiscal year. Students must reapply each year to be considered for a grant. A State Grant can be renewed for up to six full-time semesters or nine quarters (or their equivalent). However, the student must make satisfactory progress and demonstrate financial need as defined in state law.


The number of awards offered varies annually.

Deadline Info

Grant information is available from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) website and from the financial aid offices at eligible colleges and universities. To apply, interested students mu ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.

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