Hispanic Scholarships

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In an effort to diversify their campuses, many colleges and universities offer scholarships for minority students, including Hispanics and Latinos. Many organizations, such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), are committed to assisting Hispanic and Latino students find free money for college. Our Scholarship Directory contains many awards for students with a Hispanic ethnic background. In many cases, students must also satisfy other eligibility requirements, such as participation in a sport or a stellar grade point average. Every scholarship is different, but our Scholarship Directory for Hispanic scholarships is a great place to start looking for awards.

Minority & Women's Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics

This award is for U.S. minority and female graduate students who are pursuing an advanced degree in a sports-related field.

Total: $7500 Awards:  26
Deadline:  February 15

Cedarville University One Campus Scholarship

U.S. Christian high school seniors who come from diverse ethnic backgrounds are eligible for this award. Students will be considered upon full-time admission to Cedarville University in Ohio.

Total: $4000 Awards:  20
Deadline:  February 15

CTA Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

This award is available for undergraduate minority students in California who plan to pursue a career in education.

Total: $6000 Awards:  27
Deadline:  February 16

Grace College Grace Diversity Scholarship

This award is available to U.S. students who plan to attend Grace College & Theological Seminary as freshmen. The student must be a member of a minority group.

Total: $2000 Awards:  25
Deadline:  March 01

National Press Club Scholarship for Journalism Diversity

This award is available for international and U.S. minority high school seniors who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism.

Total: $2500 Awards:  1
Deadline:  March 01

Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund

This award is for Hispanic students from San Diego County, California who are majoring in a health-related or medical field.

Total: $2000 Awards:  5
Deadline:  March 02

BECA Foundation General Scholarship

This award is for Hispanic students graduating from a high school in San Diego County, California.

Total: $1000 Awards:  10
Deadline:  March 02

LAFS Cal State University San Marcos Scholarship

This award is for Latino and Latina students who are currently attending Cal State University San Marcos.

Total: $750 Awards:  4
Deadline:  March 02

SREB Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship for Tennessee Residents

This scholarship is available for minority students who are residents of Tennessee. Applicants must be working on a doctoral dissertation at one of the following institutions: Meharry Medical College, Tennessee State University, Tennessee Technological University, Vanderbilt University, University of Memphis, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Total: $20000 Awards:  12
Deadline:  March 31

ALPFA Scholarship Program

This scholarship is available for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students who are Hispanic or of Hispanic descent. Students must be pursuing a degree in accounting, finance, business administration, information technology, or a related field; and have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Total: $10000 Awards:  50
Deadline:  May 31

Judith McManus Price Scholarship

U.S. female undergraduate or graduate planning students intending to pursue careers as practicing planners in the public sector are eligible for this award. Students must be African-American, Hispanic-American, or Native American.

Total: $4000 Awards:  2
Deadline:  June 01

Gilbert G. Pompa Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This award is available for U.S. college seniors who are planning to attend law school. Applicants must be of Hispanic descent and plan to attend law school upon graduation.

Total: $1000 Awards:  1
Deadline:  June 05