Other Ethnic Scholarships

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A student's ethnicity or cultural background could help qualify him or her for financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Our list of scholarship for minorities has compiled several different opportunities for African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other ethnicities. Begin your search in this Scholarship Directory and apply online today.

FSCJ Women of Tomorrow Endowed Scholarship

This award is available for part time and full time female students at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Applicants must be 28 or older at the time of application, and must be returning to college after at least a five year absence from education.

Total: $500 Awards:  1
Deadline:  August 01

Touch Tomorrow Scholarship for Young Women

This award is available for female high school seniors residing in Duval or Nassau Counties in Florida. Applicants must have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher, must plan to attend Florida State College at Jacksonville, and must not have any dependents at the time of application.

Total: $1000 Awards:  1
Deadline:  August 01

Annual Diversity Scholarship

This award is for first-year law school students who are members of a diverse population that has been historically represented in the legeal profession. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or authorized to work in the U.S. and have demonstrated excellent academic performance at their undergraduate school.

Total: $15000 Awards:  3
Deadline:  August 15

Native American Tuition Assistance Program

This award is available to U.S. undergraduate students who are enrolled at Fort Lewis College, Colorado. Students must be members of Native American descent who are members of any recognized Native American tribe.

Total: $16072 Awards:  760
Deadline:  August 15

Taraknath Das Foundation Grant-in-Aid

This award is available to graduate students who are Indian passport holders and have completed one or more years of graduate study in the United States.

Total: $3500 Awards:  1
Deadline:  September 01

HISLEA Scholarship

This scholarship is for U.S. Hispanic full-time college students who are attending an Illinois state college or university. Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Total: $1000 Awards:  3
Deadline:  September 08

Rangel Graduate Fellowship

The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship is available to minority students who are pursuing a graduate degree in foreign affairs. Applicants must have a grade point average of 3.2 or higher and demonstrate financial need.

Total: $30000 Awards:  20
Deadline:  September 17

UNCF-Dell Corporate Scholars Program

This award is available for U.S. college sophomores and juniors who are African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American/Alaskan Native. Students must major or have an academic focus in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, accounting, finance, marketing, business, business operations, computer information systems, computer science, or software development.

Total: $5000 Awards:  10
Deadline:  September 22

Endowment for South Asian Students of Indian Descent Scholarship Fund

South Asian Indians or descendants of South Asian Indian immigrants who are Pennsylvania residents attending a Pennsylvania medical school are eligible for this award. Students must be in their second, third, or fourth year of medical school and demonstrate financial aid.

Total: $2000 Awards:  1
Deadline:  September 30

Joel Garcia Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students who are of Latino descent, and are residents of or attending school in California. Students must plan to have a career in journalism; students may major in any field but must have a sincere interest in pursuing journalism as a career.

Total: $1000 Awards:  3
Deadline:  September 30

Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize

The Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize will be awarded to an undergraduate woman for excellence in mathematics. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or have a school address in the United States.

Total: $1000 Awards:  6
Deadline:  October 01

National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship

This award is available to students who are studying in a medical, dental, nursing, public health, or policy program, and are of Hispanic descent or display strong commitment to the health of the Hispanic community.

Total: $5000 Awards:  24
Deadline:  October 01