Crest / Rizing Star

Award Amount
Application deadline
Awarded By:

Rizing Tide

Number of Awards & Eligibility: Awards vary annually.
In order to qualify, students must meet the following criteria:
  1. Must be a student entering your first or second year of a DPT program OR be a student entering a PTA-to-DPT Bridge Program
  2. Must have an underrepresented racial and/or ethnic heritage (i.e., American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern/North African, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, and/or multi-ethnic with 50% representation)
  3. Must have earned a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA in your undergraduate studies/PTA program
  4. Must be a U.S. citizen or have DACA status

In order to qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

Description: We believe that fostering more diversity in the physical therapist workforce will empower therapists to provide even better care to an increasingly diverse patient population. We aim to close the existing diversity gap by investing in students and welcoming them into a supportive community as they begin their physical therapist careers.

Application requirements for the Crest / Rizing Star are:

  • Essay
  • Interview
  • Recommendation letter
  • Application form
  • Website registration
Additional Information: By accepting these funds, you agree that they will be used to assist with covering school expenses, including tuition, books, room and board, or other PT school-related fees. Failure to use the funds for these purposes may result in them becoming taxable income that is reportable to the IRS. By accepting the funds, you also agree to provide the Rizing Tide Foundation with a report of the courses you take, as well as the grades you receive in those courses for each academic semester covered by the scholarship grant. Furthermore, to assist with our continued evaluation of the scholarship program, we may request an update regarding your activities or accomplishments during the school year. Additionally, you agree that the Rizing Tide Foundation may use your name and likeness in its fundraising, social media, and other marketing materials, including (but not limited to) identifying you as a scholarship recipient.

Award Amount: Chosen applicants will receive funds based on either categories: Crest - $14,000 / Rizing Star - $5,000  The total dollars awarded for this scholarship is $19,000.

Deadline Information:

Deadline for this scholarship is Friday, June 30, 2023

Deadline Information:

Deadline for this scholarship is Friday, June 30, 2023

All applications and supporting materials must be submitted by the listed deadline. No incomplete/ late submissions will be accepted. The final winners of the Surge scholarship will be notified by no later than 60 days after the original deadline.
About Rizing Tide:
Contact Information: Melissa Hughes, Marketing & Engagement Manager
Address: 4545 N 36th St, Ste 109 Phoenix , Arizona

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