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Unigo offers Our Scholarships to help students of all ages pay for college. Since 2007, we've awarded nearly $500,000 in scholarships to students ages 13 and up throughout the United States. With our creative short essay questions and a different scholarship every month, applying for scholarships has never been more fun, and winning scholarships has never been easier!

Have you ever wondered how people win weird scholarships like the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship? How do people come up with a creative answer to a question like, “If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be, and why?” Well, this is your chance to find out!

Get an inside look at our scholarship winners and read their award-winning essays. It might help you brainstorm some ideas for your next scholarship essay. And you never know ... yours could be the next name on the winner’s list!

Want to be a featured winner? Check Our Scholarships for a new scholarship opportunity every month. Or, get instant, personalized matching from millions of scholarships worth over $14 billion with our Scholarship Match.

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