We're excited to announce the winners of the Unigo College Review Scholarship!

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Help students make better decisions about college while helping yourself to a $1,000 scholarship. Our College Review scholarship asks college students to share their experience so others can make better decisions about college. See our past winners and their scholarship responses below.

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2017 Winner

Zoe F.
Chicago, IL

Xavier University of Louisiana is one of the most distinctive universities in the field of education. Not only is Xavier an HBCU, but it is also the one and only Institute for Black Catholic Studies in America! The values and morals instilled in students are like none other. While this is an HBCU, Xavier makes it their duty to pertain to every culture and race enrolled and even cultures outside of the community. At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, the student government association board held an event called, "All Around the World." This was a week-long event with a different ethnicity celebrated each day. Food, live music, games, and assemblies were a part of this event to educate students of the Xavier community about different races and how similar and different they are from us. Xavier also doesn't shame those that aren't Catholic. In March, Dr. Reynold Verret, the president of the university, marched with students around the neighborhood in hopes to ensure those of the Muslim religion felt safe at the school regardless of the new laws that were almost passed through Congress. Xavier never fails to educate students on culture because they know that life is more than just being around those so much like you. I appreciate all of the values, morals, and lessons learned here. I wouldn't want to thrive elsewhere!

2016 Winner

Juliana R.
Mount Laurel, NJ

Stockton is an up-and-coming regionally accredited university that has greatly expanded over the past few years. Formerly known as The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Stockton gained university status in 2015 offering undergraduate to doctoral degrees in a variety of fields accredited by program-specific organizations.

Stockton has a very advantageous public health department that is committed to seeing their students succeed in the world of allied health professions. I took up a concentration in environmental health where I had the opportunity to take both public health and environmental science courses. This allowed me to take classes, such as watershed hydrology, which involved on-campus research projects. Stockton's location in the New Jersey pine lands makes it an excellent school to conduct environmental research.

Social life at Stockton is varied. Some students choose to join a Greek society while others may join an academic-specific club. Academic-specific clubs can be as simple as a business society where students convene and study for upcoming exams, or you can go as far as academic housing. For example, nursing students have the opportunity to live together. This promotes unity in the program, provides a common bond among roommates, and gives students easy access to like-minded peers for tutoring. Even if you do not join any clubs, there are usually free events on campus to get students socializing with one another.

As I found in college during my senior year, the big question is: Will I get a job? The answer is yes, if you put in the effort. When it comes down to it, Stockton is what you make of it. Take advantage of career center resume review days, mock interviews, and job fairs. Utilize Stockton's online job search engine and attend career panels to speak with alumni. Don't forget to network with professors and express your career goals to everyone you meet. By being proactive with your career search, you will surely find employment after graduation.

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