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We’re excited to announce the winners of the Unigo College Review Scholarship!

“Love your college? Hate it? Meh? Review your college for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship.”

Help students make better decisions about college while helping yourself to a $1,000 scholarship. Our College Review scholarship asks college students to share their experience so others can make better decisions about college. See our past winners and their scholarship responses below.

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Fall 2021 Winner

Micah H. | Academy of Art University 

Wentzville, MO

The Academy of Art University helps provide an environment where we can study and learn even offsite with their online semesters. Not only that, it helps to remove and accelerate the knowledge of different subjects through practice. It allows students to seek out their interests going through the trial and error that it takes and learn from those who have come before to teach them those experiences. They pass down their knowledge that can go beyond just learning to help you grow by developing patience, trouble solving skills, and even find ways to help you learn better or teach others who may have similar ideas or interests. I enjoy education because it has helped me understand what I want to do in life, where my interests are, and helped me save time and the headache of trying multiple trials. What education can provide is more than just that; however, it also facilitates development progression.  Furthermore, I have learned a great deal. I have experienced so much during my time attending that I would recommend this College to anyone considering furthering their education. I feel that AUU stands by its goal of teaching real jobs skills and helping develop them for future careersan attend. “

Spring 2021 Winner

Tahlieah S | University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Raleigh, NC. 27604

“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things” – Mother Theresa. This quote is the epitome of UNC Charlotte.  As a melting pot of so many different backgrounds and identities, UNC Charlotte thrives in its diversity. That is what makes the university so great.   Although the school may seem large, it has a small neighborhood atmosphere.  With over five hundred student organizations, there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved and meet their peers. There is a place for everyone and if you feel like you cannot find a place, you can create your own.     UNC Charlotte is also a community, something we do not take lightly and hold very dear to us. On April 30th, the campus of UNC Charlotte endured an extreme loss. Hundreds of students and I   waited to enter the Last Day of Class concert, ready to close out a long academic year. No one had any idea that evening would go the way it did.     Reed, Riley, Drew, Emily, Rami, Sean, were just like every one of us; they were students. We attended UNC Charlotte, enjoyed what the university had for us, planned our futures, and called ourselves Forty-Niners.    The next day Niner Nation came together, to be there as one family, to care for one another, support one another, and to grieve together. It was awe-inspiring and breathtaking to see so many thousands of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and others in the Charlotte region unite in Halton Arena and the Star-Quad. Together we were resilient,  standing firm in the stance that we would not be defined by this unfortunate event, but rather by our strength as a university. When you join Niner Nation you are joining a family. You are joining a community of people who are rooting for you, who want to see you succeed, and who would do anything to help get you there. Lastly, UNC Charlotte is adaptable. Through a national pandemic, UNC Charlotte has managed to keep a COVID-19 positivity rate of less than three percent on campus. The on-campus experience looks different, however, our Division of Student Affairs and other campus departments have been planning activities while prioritizing the health and safety of the campus community. The university abides by state and University limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings. Many spaces traditionally used for meeting rooms, events, and activities are being used for additional physically-distanced classrooms and capacity limits are lower in general.      Although social gathers are not the same, there are still plenty of ways to get involved in campus life. Gold Rush, a series of activities that welcomes new and returning students to campus, features over 30 virtual events and many of our more than  500 student organizations will move to virtual or hybrid activities. Our University Recreation Gym, also known as UREC, which is one of our most popular spots on campus, is still offering a variety of outdoor and select indoor activities.     While we cannot see the future, the university is still working on ways to keep students engaged. Our Chancellor, Sharon Gaber, and the rest of the university administration have done a great job interacting with the student body. As a member of the Student Government Association, I meet with the presidents across the entire UNC System and the relationship their administration has with their student body is nothing compared to what we have here at Charlotte. Whether it is a petition, email, or initiative, our university administration is doing all they can to have those conversations with students, to include them in decision making and plans they have.     It’s one thing to go to a university, but it\’s another to have a voice at your university. I am proud to say that Charlotte provides that type of atmosphere for our students. From the diversity of the campus to the at-home feel, UNC Charlotte is by far one of the greatest universities a student can attend. “

Fall 2020 Winner

Izabella S. | Johns Hopkins University

Fair Oaks, CA

“As a UCLA campus tour guide, I can tell you all about UCLA’s basic facts: that over half of our student body participates in undergraduate research, that we have the best dining hall food in the country, that there are over 1200 clubs that you can join to make this school feel like home. But what truly makes UCLA special isn’t just how incredibly gorgeous our university grounds are,  the caliber of our professors, the huge number of events and activities that happen on and off campus weekly to help round out your life beyond academics, or the feeling you get when doing an 8 clap with thousands  of other students at a football game. What makes UCLA my happiest place on earth are the students.  This university is home to some of the most collaborative students you will ever meet. I like to say that I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible through my classes, however, I’ve probably learned twice as much from my peers. People are excited to share their passions with you and I promise you that you’ll find yourself excited about some topic that you had never even heard of before a classmate mentions it. UCLA students are inspiring, driven, intelligent, and one of a kind, and they made attending this university the best four years of my life.

2019 unigo review a college winner
Spring 2020 Winner

Olivia L. | Bethany Lutheran College

Mankato, MN

“I consider myself very blessed to have been able to attend Bethany, first as a PSEO student, and then as a residential student for several years. I met fantastic people on campus – some of my dearest friends – and I know Bethany’s education really set me up for success. I was able to double major (and minor), study abroad, get a good internship in Mankato, and land a full-time job before I had even graduated (all while participating in numerous extracurricular activities). Every single one of my professors at Bethany knew me by my first name, and I was able to pursue what I loved in so many areas! Bethany may not have all the bells and whistles of larger universities, but it has something way more important: faculty and staff who pour their hearts and souls into their students and go out of their way to serve you. The community at Bethany is super tight-knit and full of passionate learners, and that is the finest thing you can find in higher ed. I wouldn’t trade my time at Bethany for anything.”

2019 unigo review a college winner
Fall 2019 Winner

Haley B. | Baylor University

Spearman, TX

Baylor University seamlessly balances academics and spiritual growth. As a university, they are committed to educating students in a way that makes them successful in whatever field they pursue. As a Christian institution, Baylor offers plenty of opportunities for students to grow in their faith as well as have spiritual conversations with others. The university as a whole is very welcoming, no matter what a student’s background or religious affiliation is. Baylor places a big emphasis on community and the Baylor family. This emphasis makes students and parents alike feel as though they are a part of something much greater and encourages a deep sense of pride in the school. Because students are a part of the Baylor family, they are encouraged to be involved and become a part of the many clubs and organizations on campus. Baylor is overall a school that encourages its students towards greatness in all areas of their lives and sets students up to be leaders in the workforce, their individual communities, and the church.”

Spring 2019 Winner

Raquel K.

Barnegat, NJ

The Good: Arcadia is a school with amazing professors and opportunities that I have not seen at other schools. The faculty in my department are really dedicated to the students and push for them to succeed. They are always willing to meet with me after class to talk about assignments or to just chat about whatever and their office hours are really flexible so there is no need to worry about juggling a crazy schedule. On top of really amazing academics, Arcadia offers many study abroad programs which have been useful for my International Studies major. I started my schooling here by going to London for a full semester through their FYSAE (First Year Study Abroad) program. In my opinion, the program itself needed to have a few kinks worked out in terms of how they housed the students but other than that it was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never ever forget. In my spring semester, I was able to go to Vietnam for a week through the school’s Preview program. I learned all about the southeast Asian culture while also having an awesome time in a country I would not have traveled to otherwise. The program is cheap at just $595 and included airfare!

The Bad: The food at Arcadia is not too great. Sometimes it tastes weird or it is cooked wrong. Under cooked pasta, for example, is pretty common. Another issue I had had is the administration and their lack of caring for the adjunct professors. The school has hired many adjunct professors in order to curb costs (as many schools have been doing in recent years). The bright side of this is that many of our students have organized groups in order to vouch for the adjuncts so that they get fairly paid and recently, our school has made an agreement with the adjuncts so that they will receive better pay for all of the hard work that they do. The student activism at our school is extremely effective and has made many changes to the school during the few years I have been a student here.

My Opinion: Arcadia is an amazing school with loads of opportunities for those who value global experiences and stellar academics. It has truly helped me blossom into the travel bug academic that I am today and has helped me gain a lot of insight in the world in which we live in today.

Fall 2018 Winner

Alissa Z.

Pagosa Springs, CO

I loved attending Penn State! I was actually a double major. I earned an Economics degree and a Geography degree. I chose Economics because I was good at math and I thought Economics was a marketable degree. I chose Geography because I loved to travel and I knew that I would get a scholarship as a Geography Undergraduate. I was also able to travel to Greece and Egypt with a grant for Geography Undergraduates. It was an amazing trip. There is something for everyone at Penn State. I was a Resident Assistant (RA) which helped defray the cost of housing. I loved the dining halls and residence hall experience. Campus life was a healthy and dynamic life. It was the little things that I found at Penn State that made my college experience so unique. I went to the Florida Keys for my “Physical Education” requirement as an undergraduate. I also took a yoga class offered for course credit! I think the reason I ended up with a double major was because I just loved taking classes, studying abroad, and participating in everything that Penn State had to offer. The campus is so big that I am sure my essay would be totally different than another Penn State graduate’s essay. There are so many different avenues to take and things to do, that you can really make your college experience whatever you want it to be at Penn State.

Spring 2018 Winner

Jessica W.

Marriottsville, MD

The amount of spirit and pride the Penn State community has is unmeasurable. Football games get so loud that it registers as a small earthquake. When the alma mater is played everyone links arms, friends or strangers, and sings loudly and proudly. Walking through the town of State College, you will see flags, banners, bumper stickers, and signs with the Penn State logo or slogans. The overwhelming sense of community is present anywhere you look.

Within the classroom, the sense of belonging doesn’t end. The teachers genuinely care about teaching you. They hold office hours every week, but if you cannot attend for whatever reason, they will work with you to find another time to meet. Even in the largest classes (650 people), you don’t feel distant. There are numerous teaching assistants and learning assistants walking around to make sure you understand the information.

The accessibility to resources students receive is an amazing privilege, that opens up so many opportunities that others will never have. We have a cadaver lab containing four human cadavers to learn from; we have a dairy farm to get first-hand experiences; we have a planetarium to enhance our education past a textbook picture; we have a library with over 5 million books to check out, or, you could even check out a skeleton to study.

Outside of the classroom, the opportunities are endless. With over 1,000 student organizations, ranging from sororities and fraternities to ukulele club or 3-D printing club, it’s easy to get involved and make friends.

Resident life is also commendable. Housing ranges from the traditional dorm, with two people per room and a floor bathroom, to the suite style housing with two bedrooms, a common living space, and a personal bathroom. Some dorms offer more of the ‘freshman experience’ with lots of people and activities, but others offer a more quiet and private setting. Overall, no matter your preference, there is an accommodation to suit your needs.

Dining opportunities at Penn State are plenty. The five dining halls offer a variety of food options including vegetarian, vegan, and halal options. In addition to these dining halls, there are café’s and other restaurants across campus, ensuring no student will go hungry.

Most people say they fell in love with their college, but I can guarantee you, once you go to Penn State, you will never look back. We Are, Penn State. Forever. 

Fall 2017 Winner

Roseann C. 

Lawrenceville, GA

Sweet campus life. That is how I describe the University of Georgia. Before attending college, I had no idea what I’d do, if I’d ever make new friends, and if I’d ever find out what to with myself on such a grand campus. However, halfway through the semester, I declared my major. I did so just by attending free events, professor lead seminars, and just talking to other students. It amazed me when I found out how much opportunity there was on campus. Through word of mouth and campus emails, I joined the Honors college, joined clubs that fascinated me, and applied to my first job. Before attending college, I rarely ever volunteered. Now, I’ve completed a volunteer experience in Peru for six whole weeks. The type of university can surely change and shape a student, and I can gladly admit that UGA has changed me for the better. There is something enjoyable for anyone on campus, from the big Saturday football games to the movie screening in the Tate theater on the weekends. Because of UGA, I was able to interact and make new friends, even those who were studying abroad from other countries. I am grateful because now I have made friendships I know will last. Many times a semester, UGA will have themed events at the dining halls, which were one of my favorite memories from freshmen year- I would make plans with my friends who lived on campus to visit every dining hall on campus just so we could taste and experience the food and atmosphere. There are five stars, but I rated UGA with four. This is not because it lacks in anything, but because I am only a rising sophomore who has yet to see the other opportunities in clubs, organizations, and internships UGA has to offer. I absolutely love my university and cannot wait to begin my third semester in the fall.

Spring 2017 Winner

Zoe F.

Chicago, IL

Xavier University of Louisiana is one of the most distinctive universities in the field of education. Not only is Xavier an HBCU, but it is also the one and only Institute for Black Catholic Studies in America! The values and morals instilled in students are like none other. While this is an HBCU, Xavier makes it their duty to pertain to every culture and race enrolled and even cultures outside of the community. At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, the student government association board held an event called, “All Around the World.” This was a week-long event with a different ethnicity celebrated each day. Food, live music, games, and assemblies were a part of this event to educate students of the Xavier community about different races and how similar and different they are from us. Xavier also doesn’t shame those that aren’t Catholic. In March, Dr. Reynold Verret, the president of the university, marched with students around the neighborhood in hopes to ensure those of the Muslim religion felt safe at the school regardless of the new laws that were almost passed through Congress. Xavier never fails to educate students on culture because they know that life is more than just being around those so much like you. I appreciate all of the values, morals, and lessons learned here. I wouldn’t want to thrive elsewhere!

2016 Winner

Juliana R.

Mount Laurel, NJ

Stockton is an up-and-coming regionally accredited university that has greatly expanded over the past few years. Formerly known as The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Stockton gained university status in 2015 offering undergraduate to doctoral degrees in a variety of fields accredited by program-specific organizations.

Stockton has a very advantageous public health department that is committed to seeing their students succeed in the world of allied health professions. I took up a concentration in environmental health where I had the opportunity to take both public health and environmental science courses. This allowed me to take classes, such as watershed hydrology, which involved on-campus research projects. Stockton’s location in the New Jersey pine lands makes it an excellent school to conduct environmental research. 

Social life at Stockton is varied. Some students choose to join a Greek society while others may join an academic-specific club. Academic-specific clubs can be as simple as a business society where students convene and study for upcoming exams, or you can go as far as academic housing. For example, nursing students have the opportunity to live together. This promotes unity in the program, provides a common bond among roommates, and gives students easy access to like-minded peers for tutoring. Even if you do not join any clubs, there are usually free events on campus to get students socializing with one another. 

As I found in college during my senior year, the big question is: Will I get a job? The answer is yes, if you put in the effort. When it comes down to it, Stockton is what you make of it. Take advantage of career center resume review days, mock interviews, and job fairs. Utilize Stockton’s online job search engine and attend career panels to speak with alumni. Don’t forget to network with professors and express your career goals to everyone you meet. By being proactive with your career search, you will surely find employment after graduation.

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