We're excited to announce the winner of the Unigo I Was Born in 1995 Scholarship!

"What is unique about students born in 1995?"

A lot of great things were introduced to the world in 1995, such as “Toy Story,” the Starbucks Frappuccino, Dolly the cloned sheep — and our I Was Born in 1995 Scholarship winner. There’s something special about every generation, and we wanted to know what was unique about students born in 1995. See our past winners and their scholarship responses below.

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2012 Winner

Sara B. Saratoga Springs, NY

Major: Journalism

The last “true Harry Potter generation,” avid Pokémon fans, and technology free toddlers, the ’95 generation has spawned a diverse group of thinkers, intellectuals, athletes and artists who have embraced the age of technology but also hold a special place in their hearts for the less complex forms of entertainment that were readily available throughout our childhood. “Fun” was going on daily adventures, whether it be hiking in nearby woods or exploring the wonders of whatever setting we lived in. We built our own toys, making castles out of VHS tapes or impressive food creations (dubbed as worthless messes by our parents, but prized as masterpieces by my fellow cooks and food artists.) We were doctors, our stethoscopes fragile tools of twigs and grass; we were astronauts, leaping through the leaves of space; we were researchers and adventures, inspecting and documenting every bug and rock we came across, and we were scientists or chemists, concocting potions of vinegar and oil and other off-limits pantry items. We were hopelessly curious and incredibly motivated to satisfy each and every question. We still are. The students of 1995 have grown to form a large body of future artists, scientists, political leaders, writers, engineers, architects, chefs, and adventurers. We are driven to take advantage of every opportunity offered by knowledge of the world that mixes technology with simpler values in life. We are capable and motivated; the lessons learned as children born in 1995 give us the power to be successful in the present.

2011 Winner

Monica M. Superior, CO

Major: Biology

Pssst! Hey you! Do you want to hear a secret? Lean in a little closer, this isn’t something that everyone and their great Aunt Sally needs to hear. You see, I am not a mere mortal like yourself. Instead, myself and every other person born with me in the year 1995 actually belong to the supreme class of beings known as superheroes. We are not your ordinary superheroes, mind you. While Batman and Superman are the bomb, us 1995ers have a little more social sense than to wear our scandalously scarlet underwear over our ridiculously tight blue Speedos. The powers we possess as a group are far more consequential and significant than any powers displayed by only one being. When people see students born in 1995, they often write us off as inconsequential teenagers, simply struggling with the challenges that come with a developing sense of identity. However, what they tend to forget, is that we are the future. This is the super power all my fellow superheroes hold in common. All around me I see my comrades breaking new ground by becoming the “tech savvy” generation; embracing Facebook and Twitter to heighten our social understanding. We are fervently participating in the movement to quell global issues like child poverty and the threat of climate change not only because we can empathize with the plight, but also because we know we can change the future. This is what people often forget about us 1995 superheroes, that we are the future.

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