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What Kind of Jewish Scholarships Can I Apply to?

There are many agencies that offer scholarships for Jewish students. Jewish scholarships defray costs of college. But unlike loans, scholarships are free. They may fund studies in the U.S. or abroad in Israel.

The goal of this aid is to nurture the Jewish culture by promoting higher education. So, some Jewish students are required to study Judaism or the Hebrew language.

Other scholarships do not restrict the major to the religion. But they may prefer candidates who plan to build the Jewish community.

How Do I Apply to a Scholarship for Jewish Students?

To apply for a scholarship, you will also have to meet various eligibility requirements. Strong grades and financial need are important requirements to meet. Also, a track record of service in your synagogue or community showcases your commitment.

Also, here are other criteria to meet to be eligible:

  • Being a resident of a certain area or state
  • Up to date member
  • Active promoter of Judaism, Israel or your local Jewish community
  • Enrolled at a certain college

Where Can I Find Scholarships for Jewish Students?

Many Jewish foundations and schools may offer scholarships. These funds may pay for academic and career training. For example, the Masa Israel Grants help Jewish students travel to Israel. The grant award is up to $10,000. Eligible Jewish students must not be an Israel citizen and must be a graduate from a post secondary school. To apply, you must submit an online application and financial information in order to qualify.

Of these, there are agencies that fund employees’ and members’ studies and those that work with local or national students. Colleges are another source for scholarships. Alumni donors often sponsor college scholarship funds. You can find these at many Jewish colleges.

Why Consider Jewish Scholarships?

Scholarships help pay for your college tuition and fees. Other scholarships may help with study abroad and getting to know your Jewish heritage. 

Judaism is one of the oldest religions and about 7 million people practice it in America. Many Jews came to the States after the Holocaust of World War II.

To understand their history, many Jews study it in school and may learn the Hebrew language. Some venture to Israel either as part of a study abroad, college or a Jewish pilgrimage program.

List of Jewish Scholarships

Here is our list of Jewish awards worth .