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Take Stock in Children - Duval County

Award Amount

Each child selected for the TSIC program receives a four-year college tuition or vocational scholarship purchased by the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program. This scholarship is in the form of a 2+2 scholarship, which entitles the student to two years of tuition at a community college and two years at a university. The student will receive his/her scholarship if he/she has fulfilled the terms of the contract he/she signed when enrolling in the program and when he/she has graduated from high school.


Approximately 100 awards offered annually. This number of awards offered varies annually based on the number of applicants in each county.

Deadline Info

Program information is available on the Take Stock in Children (TSIC) website. To be eligible for participation in the TSIC program, students must be in the sixth through ninth grades, demonstrate fi ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.