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Are There Scholarships for Red Heads?

If you have natural red hair, it may help you get a scholarship. Scholarships for red heads are rare but aim to offset the cost of college. Plus, scholarships may be useful since it is money you typically don’t pay back.

This type of scholarship falls under the category of unusual and even weird. Most awards are open for a wide pool of applicants. But these narrow the field to include redheads who qualify.

Keep in mind, like other scholarships, you need to meet rules about eligibility. This often includes being a U.S. citizen, having good grades and showing financial need.

Many of the unusual scholarships like for students with red hair, are easy to apply for. They may also ask you to submit an essay, video or other work that shows off your talent.

In other words, don’t forget that your career goals, college major and other interests matter. While your gorgeous red hair may be an attribute that the application package does not look at.

For example, if you have red hair and want to go to cosmetology school, then apply for the Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship for a chance at a $1,000 award. Eligible applicants must submit an application, recommendation letters, essay and school transcript.

What Makes Scholarships for Red Heads Unique?

If you have red hair, you have a somewhat rare gene called MC1R that occurs in about 2% of the world’s population. Red heads are also prone to sunburn as most have sensitive and fair skin.

There are many kinds of red hair too. People who inherit this genetic trait may have lighter, ‘strawberry blond’ tresses. They may also have darker auburn hair which has a more brownish tint. Some even have more copper and orange (“carrot tops”) along with freckles and light eyes.

Apart from your hair color, you may also have a unique ancestry. This is because the gene traces to the Celtic and Germanic worlds (think Vikings).

Having this trait may make for an interesting story. You can definitely express how this trait makes you unique in a scholarship essay.

As scholarship programs may be competitive, a strong application is often vital. And winning one may offset the price of tuition, which is now about $17,237 at public college.

List of Scholarships

Check out our list of scholarships for red heads below. There are 1,026 awards worth $1M.

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