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Unigo's network includes hundreds of top admissions and financial aid experts. They’ve helped students get into schools including Duke, University of Chicago, Georgetown, Amherst, Yale, NYU, Penn State, Stanford, Swarthmore, Columbia and many more.

A student who got into Harvard said:

"Lora helped me in a lot more ways than I could have imagined. She helped me find colleges that we right for me, yet encouraged me to go beyond my own goals. She helped me with the technical parts of my applications and essays, and was an inside source for little hints and tricks that other counselors don't know. Without her help and motivation, I would never be where I am today."

Lora Lewis


Lora Lewis Consulting

A parent said:

"Mollie's dedication to my son was comforting while making herself available whenever we needed her. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, her work ethic is commendable. Her commitment is outstanding. Although I have only known her since this past June, I feel as though I've known her for many years. Mollie, with her initiative and stick-to-itiveness would be an asset to anyone in need of a college advisor. I would recommend her without any reservations.”

Mollie Reznick

Associate Director

The College Connection

A parent said:

"Jolyn was very easy to work with and very quick to reply to all of our questions. She was not only able to get my son to work on his SAT preparation and his college essays, but he did so on time! I would highly recommend Jolyn to anyone who needs help during this critical time.”

Jolyn Brand


Brand College Consulting

A student who got into Notre Dame said:

"Mrs. Reznik was extremely helpful in my college process. I had a very successful college counselor at my high school, but he paid more attention to my numbers than he did to me as a person. This kind of strategy promotes going to schools with the best reputation rather than schools that are the best fit. Mrs. Reznik paid attention to both my personality and my numbers in helping me to form a list of schools that she felt would be a good fit for me, rather than one that merely fit my numbers. She helped me find an essay topic that expressed aspects of my life that were important to me, but that admissions officers would not otherwise have learned. I could not be happier with my decision and Mrs. Reznik was instrumental in the success of my college process.”

Annie Reznik


College Guidance Coach

A student said:

"You were my saving grace during the college admissions process — the only person I felt who truly understood what I wanted. Thank you."

Joan DeSalvatore


College Bound Advising Today

A parent said:

"Reena is a wonderful person to work with. She's encouraging, flexible, insightful and fun. She has helped our family grow and learn a lot."

Reena Gold Kamins


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