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Recent Reviews

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would tell myself to make more time for studying; your friends will always be there when you are done with your homework. ...

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would tell myself to make more time for studying; your friends will always be there when you are done with your homework. To be more prepared for classes and test and to get ahead of my work to have more time to study. It's okay to reach out to your teachers and ask them for help or just for clarification on an assignment. Get involved in activities on campus! There is a lot to choose from and will help you expand your comfort zone and be more comfortable approaching other people. Be proud of being a library regular and take your friends with you, everyone could use some study time. Keep working hard, if not harder, because you're training for your future and by putting in the time now, it will pay off later.

What kind of person should attend this school?

Someone who is willing to put their school work first and be focused on what they have to do to stay on top of their work load. Friends are important but will have a busy work load too. A person who is interested in getting involved in the campus life and activities at campus, there is also a wide variety of students there with different backgrounds and ethnicities that make everyone feel comfortable and accepted. They make the transition into college easy and ease your nerves by having orientations and exposing you to the college life early.

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

The campus has amazing views and a very comfortable feel. You can be yourself here and there are plenty of ways to get involved and be interactive on and off campus. It is very easy to make friends and be accepted. The teachers are there to help you and willing to make meeting times with you and help in any way they can.

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

I feel that Lewis University is an excellent school that offers a quality education while fostering a spirit of cultural dive...

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

I feel that Lewis University is an excellent school that offers a quality education while fostering a spirit of cultural diversity and religious tolerance.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Knowing what I know now about the college transition, there is one piece of important advice I would like to let my high school senior self know — the value of balance. Upon entering Lewis University, unlike many incoming freshmen, I was not interested in partying or a typical social life. I was intent on academic success — of sleepless nights studying and perfect term papers. Yet as a junior now looking back, I realize that while all of my hard work and good grades have not gone to waste, I may have passed up on some memorable moments meeting new people. College is indeed a time for budding adults to transform into independent men and women preparing for the workforce, but it is also one in which students can expand their social horizons and learn about the beauty of cultural diversity. Had I told myself more about the value of balance at the university level, I think I would have found sooner that happy medium I am still aiming towards now — to maintain a sense of stability between performing well in my courses and building those friendships, communal experiences, and college memories that will last me a lifetime.

What kind of person should attend this school?

I believe that a person who is interested in receiving a solid education while becoming experienced in a friendly, supportive environment would find Lewis to be a great school to attend.

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

Lewis University is friendly campus that provides individual attention to students for a better learning envirnment.

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

Lewis University is friendly campus that provides individual attention to students for a better learning envirnment.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

As a high school senior, I was absent-minded and careless; from where I went to high school, we called this "senioritis". Senioritis was a state of laziness used to describe high school seniors who just wanted to do the absolute minimum before graduation. I was an ignorant high school senior because I did not realize how much it would reflect in my college career, but I was also scared of the change. If I could go back in time to speak with myself, I would tell myself to get my act together. I would tell myself of how my impression of college was wrong because it is not about all the parties. Being in college is something you do for your own sake, and unlike high school, there is no leniency. I would also give myself some words of encouragement; look myself in the eye and say that I have always been a strong person, that there is no reason for that to stop. I would tell the earlier version of me to believe in herself and not be scared because she was made to succeed.

What kind of person should attend this school?

Lewis University is made for those who prefer a tight-knit group. With a small campus, class sizes are typically less in number which ensure for a student's relationship with a professor. The atmosphere at Lewis University is very accepting and friendly, therefore, those who seek to meet close friends should attend this school. Students at this school are also very involved in the many events hosted here, so it is a good school for those who enjoy socialization.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

If I could have went back in time to give myself advice when I graduated highschool here is what I would have told myself. I ...

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

If I could have went back in time to give myself advice when I graduated highschool here is what I would have told myself. I would have said Renea I have come from your future to warn you not to get married and have children after you get out of school. You need to stay in school and get an education. Study and learn about the law and stride to become a lawyer. Get yourself established first before you think about getting envolved with any relationships. Stay away from abusive men and when you have children make them your first priority. Take care of them and always protect them form abuse. If you get caught in a sistuation with your children that you feel you cannot get out of do whatever it takes to leave. take the advice and counsel of people who know what they are talking about, don't get mad and think that people are jealous of you when they are looking out for your best interest. Take the incentive to go look for a battered womens shelter and know that staying is not the only option. If you refuse to listen you will lose everything important.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would say reconsider rooming with a friend. Although it has been fun I feel that it put our relationship through unneeded h...

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would say reconsider rooming with a friend. Although it has been fun I feel that it put our relationship through unneeded hardships. I believe that our friendship would be stronger today if we did not live in the same room. I would also say make sure to take advantage to the weekends. Even if I do not have homework it is still a huge help to get ahead or get some studying done over the weekend. Make sure to time manage and do not wait till the last minute to complete the homework. In college there is a lot more free time so try to fill it with productive things ie. working out, studying, working. If possible try and get an on compus job as soon as possible. They fill fast and it is much needed to have extra money during the school year.

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

There are not very many good food choices. I with there was more healthy options. I feel that other than nursing and aviations there are not many strong degree programs.

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

It can be very dead and empty on the weekends due to the fact that it is a large commuter school. I wish more people lived on campus or did not go home all the time. There are not many options for things going on over the weekends.

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

Lewis University is a place for students to earn a high rated education and start their the path for a great future.

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

Lewis University is a place for students to earn a high rated education and start their the path for a great future.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

If I could go back and tell myself as a high school senior about the college process I would say to take it seriously. I believe I based my decsion on which university to attend for all the wrong reasons. I should have put less attention on soccer and more focus on what school would be best for my education. I would have told myself to apply for more scholarships and to bust my butt getting good grades. If I could I would tell myself to not waste anytime applying and challenge myself to apply for the tougher schools. I am happy with the way things turned out but if I could I would have told myself these helpful little hints.

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

I like my university and do not see any negatives about it.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

My opinion of Lewis University is overall very positive. From its welcoming atmosphere rooted in its Catholic faith to its cu...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

My opinion of Lewis University is overall very positive. From its welcoming atmosphere rooted in its Catholic faith to its curriculum devoted to cultivating achievement and learning in its students, I as a junior here at Lewis have immensely enjoyed my time here. I believe that the best thing about Lewis is its capacity to provide all of its students with the academic resources and tools they need to succeed. Its relatively average-to-small class sizes (approximately 25 students in a general education course, and 10-15 in a major course) enable students to receive much individual attention from the teachers. Only helpful and knowledgeable professors teach in the classroom, and every one in my experience has been effective in helping me learn. The library and academic resource center are just two other ways in which Lewis offers so much assistance to its students. If I could change anything about Lewis, I would probably only consider installing a couple more microwaves (as silly as that sounds). While I really enjoy the tasty and affordable food at Lewis, as a commuter student having more than just a couple or so microwaves across campus would make packaged lunches or other meals more accessible in its three main dining halls. I believe that the school size is just right. With its relatively small classrooms but average overall size of approximately 6,500 students, Lewis feels like a college but still manages to not overwhelm incoming freshmen. I have honestly only heard positive remarks about Lewis University. When I tell people that I am a student studying English and Secondary Education there, I often hear remarks akin to, "Wow, I've heard good things about Lewis," or "That's a good school." I am very proud to say I am a Lewis student. I spend a lot of my time at Lewis in the library trying to do as well in my studies as I can. However, during my free time I sometimes visit my friends in their dormitories across campus, or grab a bite to eat at one of its three dining facilities. I find that Lewis' administration is very effective and helpful. As one who has worked for the Admissions department and been in contact with other offices, I can say that all of the administrators at Lewis are professional, knowledgeable, and open to assistance. Brother James Gaffney, the President of Lewis, is also a welcome and supportive sight who can often be seen across campus greeting students. Yes, there is a very strong sense of school pride at Lewis. Many of our students are proud to call themselves Flyers, and from our school newspaper to our athletic teams, wearing the school colors (red and white) can often be seen on Lewis students. Lewis garb, such as sweatpants and sweatshirts (which can be purchased at the campus bookstore), further helps demonstrate Lewis' vibrant spirit of community. What I will remember most I believe from my Lewis University experience are the friends I have made and the lessons I have learned from Lewis. I feel that my peers have all been supportive as I pursue my career in English and Education, and we all work together to accomplish our goals. I honestly look forward to class, and always feel I leave class sessions more knowledgeable and prepared to be a teacher than when I walk out.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

I do not believe there is a stereotype of students at Lewis University.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

I do not believe there is a stereotype of students at Lewis University.

Here's your chance: Say anything about your college!

Overall, I love Lewis University. I feel that as a junior I have already begun to have a great experience there, and I look forward to my upcoming years. I feel that the friends I have made, the experiences I have encountered as a student and growing adult in college, and the courses I have taken have provided me with the tools and resources I need to become a successful English teacher. People who come to Lewis will certainly receive a quality education and positive life experience.

What are some hot-button issues on campus?

There are no major hot-button issues on campus. Respect for religion and cultural diversity is widely supported, and there are honestly no major issues or problems that challenge students on a daily basis.

What are the most popular classes offered?

The most popular classes offered at Lewis all depend on one's major. For general education classes, a lot of people love to take Introduction to Philosophy and Communications in particular. Not only do these classes provide students with a great opportunity to express their opinions and converse with their fellow peers, but they also serve as solid learning experiences to practice forming an argument (which can of course be used during interview and real-life experiences). In Introduction to Philosophy, students practice yoga and relate that to the ideas of philosophy, and in Communications can give commercials, try to sell ideas, and just have a blast learning how to prepare solid presentations. Also, ICE class (Introduction to College Experience), which is taken freshman year, is a great way for students to discuss with others and a teacher about their initial experiences as a college student. People can share fun stories, helpful tips, and other aspects of the college life to help everyone acclimate to the college experience.

Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.

The best part of the social scene on campus is the variety of events that are offered. Students can always hang out with their friends and meet new people by getting involved in the many clubs and activities that are offered, as well as the numerous social events posted around campus and reminded through email. From dances to movie nights to social gatherings, there is always something fun and interesting happening on the Lewis social scene. I honestly do not believe that there is a particular "worst" part of the social scene on campus.

What do students complain about most?

Funnily enough, the only thing that I hear students sometimes complain about at Lewis is the lack of microwaves! Many times students will want to bring food from home as commuters or have a tasty microwaveable meal, but with only a couple microwaves on campus, this can be a challenge, sometimes. However, bringing a microwave from home or perhaps petitioning for more microwaves could easily simplify this already minor problem!

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Every freshman who comes to Lewis should most importantly know to stay social and simply have fun. Many times freshmen coming into Lewis may feel intimidated at suddenly being in college with so many new people, classes, experiences, and of course free time. However, in order to meet people and have a positive and enjoyable college experience, all one simply has to do is get involved and be friendly. It is incredibly easy and fun to meet new people through campus by joining some new clubs, activities, or athletics. Doing so will help people meet new students and possibly even form life-lasting friendships throughout that students' college career. In addition to making these acquaintances, balancing that social life with hard academic work is important. Being able to know when to relax and sleep (as well as when to crack down and finish that assignment or study for that exam) is key to succeeding in school.

What's the Greek scene like?

The Greek scene at Lewis is an important part of campus life. While it may not be the most influential aspect of Lewis' student community, the different types of Greek life available allow for fraternities and sororities for a variety of students to pursue if they are interested. While Lewis does not have any separate chapter houses, Greek life pledges and meetings still meet very often and have their own chapters and gatherings throughout the semester. Oftentimes students who join in Greek life make great friends for life through the organization. Partying is of course a well-known aspect, but it does not dominate Greek life at Lewis; students can participate in a variety of constructive and positive activities, from fundraisers to fun social events. Personally, I participate in Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honor Society, and Delta Epsilon Sigma, the National Catholic Honor Society. For high-achieving students or those interested in a more academic aspect to the Greek scene, these and other Greek organizations are also great options for students to consider taking a look into.

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

In my personal opinion, the greatest place to get work done on campus would certainly be the Lewis University library. It is truly an outstanding resources for college students to take advantage of and succeed in their classes through study and work time. The Lewis library is open seven days a week with very generous hours (normally around eight in the morning to ten at night), and can thus fit almost anyone's busy schedule. In fact, during the last two weeks of the semesters before finals, the library is open 24 hours a day for all those "cram" sessions! In addition, the librarians are extremely friendly and always available to assist students in finding academic articles or any other educational resources they may require. The library itself is very spacious, with numerous computers for students to use. Students can take advantage of the free internet access, accessibility of academic resources like EBSCO or Academic Search Complete, and similar useful sites. Lewis also offers for each of its individual students 300 pages of free printing, which is often more than enough (and more than most schools provide). Lastly, the library has convenient and roomy study rooms for people to have solid study sessions in isolation or with a group. The library, overall, is truly a great place to succeed in school and get all of one's school work done.

Tell us about your professors.

The professors at Lewis are excellent. Their greatest attribute is likely their interest in seeing their students succeed. Nearly all of the professors that I have had during my college experience have been friendly, inviting, knowledgeable, and most definitely willing to do what they can to help their students achieve in their classes. I have personally met with teachrs outside of class and even gone for extra help, and they have always been accommodating and desiring to assist. While the courses themselves can be challenging, most professors truly do provide you with the academic resources and support you need (such as library time, online tools, or accommodations) to do well in that particular class. Perhaps most importantly, the professors at Lewis are not just interested in focusing on the content. While the material of the class is of course important, in my experience the teachers also do an excellent job of making sure what they teach is applicable to real life. They help connect the concepts instructed in a particular course to potential career fields, which helps students really learn and eventually relate that learning when pursuing a future job.

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Sports play a very important role on campus at Lewis University. Quite a few students are athletes, and enjoy demonstrating their athletic skill on the field or court in addition to their work in the classroom.Lewis is primarily known for our Boys' Volleyball and Girls' Softball team; the Volleyball team in particular is nationally ranked. Yet all Boys and Girls' sports are well-received at Lewis, and it becomes even better when Lewis students often come to cheer for their friends at home games. For those interested in athletics but perhaps not skilled or daring enough to try out for an official team, intramural sports are another fun and still competitive part of campus athletic life. From sand volleyball to soccer to badminton, a variety of sports are available for all to join and sign up. While they may not often be considered as important as the academic aspect of Lewis, sports are nonetheless an in integral and fun part of the university.

Tell us about the food and dining options.

The food and dining options at Lewis are not only tasty, but affordable and accessible as well. Most commuter students can use cash to pay for food, but for resident students, there is a highly effective program used. Students receive a "meal plan credit card' in which students have a set amount of money on the card that can be used at all eateries across campus. Not only is this convenient, but there is no tax added to the food for those who choose to have a meal plan! More money can be added to the card at any time, and any money not spent in one semester carries over to the second semester. The food itself, in my personal opinion, is very good, and offers great variety. There is a salad bar, sandwich stand, and fast food eatery available every day for students. Each day a new cultural or different kind of meal is offered as well, from Japanese and Mexican cuisine to Italian pasta. With a 24 hour Convenience store and breakfast options too, Lewis has a great dining plan!

What are your classes like?

Classes are great at Lewis University. They are often spaced evenly throughout the week (three on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or twice on Tuesday and Thursdays) for approximately an hour or so. However, for certain classes, they may only meet once a week for three hours. Depending on what best fits one's work schedule, it is simple and beneficial to be able to often arrange one's schedule to fit that particular student's needs. The classes themselves can be challenging, but fun at the same time. The knowledgeable professors usually offer a fair amount of homework, especially in the major content courses, but there is a fair and fun variety of individual tasks, long-term projects, and group work. For those who require extra assistance, the Leckrone Academic Resource Center offers free tutoring sessions, and teachers and other students are almost always available for support and additional help. Overall, those who attend Lewis U's classes will certainly receive a quality and applicable education.

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

The first thing many people notice at Lewis University is how beautiful the campus is. Students can enjoy the scenic landscape, walks between classes (which are never more than ten minutes and can all be achieved within walking distance), and the trees, squirrels, and rustic buildings. The buildings themselves are spaced evenly across Lewis' many acred campus, and are beautiful both outside and inside. Within the academic colleges are the dorms themselves, all of which are relatively close to the buildings and one another. Overall, Lewis offers that ideal balance between the natural and the modern, with great backgrounds to enjoy but a close communal sense where there is the microcosm of students within the larger campus.

Describe a typical weekend.

A typical weekend at Lewis is fun, but low-key and relaxing at the same time. For those who need to focus on their studies or perhaps catch up on work, the library is open from the early morning to the late evening, so it is simple to maybe go with a few friends or individually to get some coursework or projects completed there. In addition to grabbing some tasty lunches at the Courtyard Cafe or Flyer's Den, students can find some fun going down to the game room. The arcade games there are free on the weekends, and students can even participate in an enjoyable round of mini-bowling. The televisions that abound in the dorms can let people catch up on their favorite T.V. shows or watch a movie with friends. Lastly, some may simply choose to curl up with a book in their room or go for a relaxing stroll around Lewis' campus before a new school week begins.

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.

My first day of school was probably one of my favorite and most memorable days ever, believe it or not. I had unfortunately arrived late for my first class as a commuter, but was blessed enough to find a parking spot near my first course's building due to Lewis' great parking lot system. My first class (which was an Introduction to Mathematics) went very well, and I managed to meet a couple people just conversing with them after class. I then proceeded to go to a few other of my general education classes as a freshman that day, and not only met some new friends to have lunch with, but loved the freedom and leisure time I found I had between classes. Driving home that day, my mind was abuzz with the information I had learned, the people I had met, and the positive experience I had encountered from my first day at Lewis.

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.

I would simply have to tell someone who had never heard of Lewis that it is a very warm, welcoming, and impressively growing school. With our strong Lasallian foundation, knowledgeable teachers, average-sized campus and student numbers, we are a school of a well-rounded nature that is continuing to improve. From the newly built Science building addition to numerous awards and ever-enhancing changes going on at Lewis, scarcely a day passes by in which Lewis is not bettering itself or welcoming more students, success stories, and career opportunities. I am very proud to be a student at Lewis University, and would certainly describe it as a school that is culturally diverse and a solid choice for nearly all students. From our different Greek life organizations to our skilled athletic teams and fun clubs, there is something for every student of every culture or passion. From our critically acclaimed Newspaper to nationally ranked volleyball team, Lewis is certainly going places.

Describe your favorite campus traditions.

My absolute two favorite campus traditions take place every Friday and during Christmas time. Each Friday, there is a fun program known as "Flyer Red Friday." Two students who wear the school color of red on Fridays have the potential to win a $50 gift card to the Lewis Bookstore! Two students from the Student Services Committee visit two random students in classes and verify if they are wearing red. If so, the gift card is theirs! I've never been chosen yet, but it fosters a strong sense of school spirit and is a fun way to live out the Lewis Tradition as proud Flyers in our colors of red and white. The other fun tradition at Lewis takes place during Christmas time. Students can visit the large evergreen tree situated near the center of campus and watch lights being set up on the tree. Students sometimes have a great time singing carols, going from dorm to dorm with Christmas treats, or (if not celebrating the holiday) just spending time with friends enjoying the beautiful lights. Both are great ways for Lewis students to form their closer sense of community together.

When you step off campus what do you see?

Off of campus, Lewis is near quite a few places that could offer a fun reprieve or break from the sometimes-hectic life of a college student. There is little within the immediate walking distance, but a quick car ride can take students over a highway bridge and into Lockport, a nearby city. Students can visit some local museums, catch a movie, shop at the mall, or grab a bite to eat at diverse restaurants with friends. It's a great way to spend a weekend day or simply explore the sights around Lewis in the Romeoville, Illinois, area. Many students who choose not to leave Lewis' campus often are not missing out. From the many activities and events offered throughout the semester in addition to the scenic campus in itself, there is much to see and experience all around.

What's unique about your campus?

What is most unique about Lewis is the great diversity there. From numerous student clubs, activities, and athletics, students can always find a social niche to get involved in and meet other new college students. There is a great sense of ever-present cultural diversity, and international students to new English speakers can always find a welcome home and academic acceptance from Lewis University. Furthermore, from another cultural diversity standpoint, Lewis is a Sanctified Zone -- this simply means that, in accordance with its Catholic roots and tolerant atmosphere, our school acknowledges and welcomes people of diverse races, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs equally. Lewis University is truly a place where there are no cliques or social stigmas; nearly everyone gets along well with everyone, and the students support each other in their different fields to succeed.

Describe the dorms.

The dorms at Lewis are definitely up to student needs. While they may not be anything over-the-top or exceedingly special, they are more than adequate and a comfortable, homey place to reside in during a student's academic semester. With twelve dorms at Lewis, we offer a lot of variety for student living quarters, from singles and doubles to more apartment-style living with suite residents. Students can change their dorm style from freshman to senior year, although most students begin in a double and end in an apartment-style dorm by the end of their college career, having made close friends to live with. Dorms additionally have a variety of beneficial features to enjoy. All dorms come with electrical jacks for television sets, radios, and other electrical devices, such as phone chargers. Ethernet cables are similarly available for internet access, although Wi-fi is readily available, too. There is also a reasonable amount of space, air conditioning and heating in each dorm room, and a desk, dresser, or cabinet in each room as well. Security is another important part of Lewis dorm life. There are access cards for each individual building, so they are very safe, and only those who invite Lewis students or are residents of that dorm itself can gain access to a particular building. Overall, the dorms at Lewis are enjoyed and appreciated by many Lewis students. Although again nothing too special, they serve as a safe and warm place for students to sleep, work on homework, and spend time with friends.

Describe the students at your school.

I think that the students at my school are very friendly, open, and intelligent. I honestly have very little to nothing to say negatively about them. The fellow students I have encountered have all been capable, interested in learning but having fun in college at the same time, and willing to put forth the effort to succeed in life. I have experienced a couple interesting groups on campus. A friend of mine invited me to a Big Brothers, Big Sisters meeting where students "adopt" a high school student with special needs and participates in events with them once a month. I thought it was a beautiful activity to engage in. I am also a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Lewis' chapter of the National English Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Sigma, the National Catholic Honor Society, and Teachers of Tomorrow, an organization on campus for aspiring teachers. All of these extracurricular activities have afforded me with valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom and given me opportunities (such as volunteering with students and writing a school journal) to better me as an individual and prospective teacher. The only type of student I would say might feel out of place at Lewis is one who is not interested in socializing with others. Due to its welcoming atmosphere, all who come to Lewis have the opportunity to meet new people and friends in classes, the dormitories, or clubs. Although I was initially rather introverted, I met new friends that helped "pull me out of my shell" and become a more outgoing person. Most students wear a mix of casual attire (such as a shirt and jeans) to very informal attire (like a sweatshirt and sweatpants). There is no "status quo" and people do not look down on other peers for not wearing the most fashionable outfits. As a university setting, many students were this casual clothing and fit right in, although more formal attire is more presentable and engaging on the day of a presentation or clinical experience. Yes, students of all different backgrounds interact. I myself have friends of different religions, races, and ethnicities, and honestly do not even consciously notice these distinctions anymore. I look at all of my friends equally, and have not heard of any mentions of racism, sexism, or other prejudices at Lewis University. This again attests to its culturally responsive and open-minded learning environment. There is a fair blending of commuter and resident students, and all do seem to mingle. While I know from personal experience that commuter students sometimes struggle socializing with others if they just attend classes and go home, but if they get involved in extracurricular activities and eat in the dining halls, it is easy to make new friends and interact with others. Most financial backgrounds seem to be students from middle class homes (like myself), although this does vary occasionally. Furthermore, politics are not heavily discussed at school, and I have friends from predominantly left-wings standpoints to conservative opinions to the middle stances. These different backgrounds (financial, political, or not) help contribute to Lewis' great sense of diversity.

What are the academics like at your school?

As I previously discussed, I find that the academics at Lewis University are its most positive aspect. As a straight A student throughout high school, I hoped that Lewis would challenge me as I pursued my college career. I could not be more pleased with my results so far -- I feel that Lewis offers an exemplary education that is rigorous but also manageable. Although I still have a full year of study ahead of me, I feel that my general education courses have provided me with a solid background in a variety of fields, such as Communications and Economics. My content area courses in particular have already begun to prepare me for my future career as a high school English teacher as well through field experience programs, insightful readings, class papers, and long-term projects. Yes, every professor I have ever had at Lewis (even those in the larger general education classes) has always known my name and had a close, friendly relationship with me. They have all been supportive and pushed me to surpass my academic potential. My favorite class so far at Lewis has been my Adolescent Literature class. As an avid reader with a passion for literature, learning about the different genres of book available for my future students was an excellent experience for me. My teacher had a motivating enthusiasm for class as well and helped us learn more about the benefits of reading (and helping others to read) as well. Although I have not really had a class I overtly disliked, the only class I would say would be my least favorite was College Writing. As a relatively skilled writer from high school, I thought some of the writing strategies I learned were tedious. However, I came to recognize that for new writers the class was likely a great benefit. In my experience, students often study one to two hours per day. Of course, this time of study and homework is dependent upon the time of year. In the beginning of the semester, students may spend far less than even an hour on studying, and likely no more than a couple on homework. Toward the end of the semester with finals, however, the library is open 24 hours a day, and students can be seen studying constantly. Yes, class participation is very common. Again, a majority of the students at Lewis have come of their own accord to succeed in life, and are thus willing to take an active learning role in their education. Students often volunteer in class to make the most of the teaching and fully internalize the lessons and concepts being instructed. Although some students discuss intellectually outside of class, much of my experience is less academic and more social. Lewis University has a very social feel to it, and students can often be seen conversing about a certain class, but very well can be talking about their anticipations for the weekend or a movie they saw recently. Students are not very competitive, in my opinion. While most students want to do well, there is not a sense of students trying to outdo one another -- everyone tends to be focused on their own goals, and will actually work to help their peers in the process. The most unique class I've taken so far is my Introduction to Philosophy course. My teacher has introduced us to yoga, and we have spent an entire couple weeks relating the meditative power of yoga to the reflective study of philosophy. It has been abstract and different, but a wonderful refreshment and new learning experience. I can honestly say I love my major department -- both English and Education. All of my professors (including my two joint advisers) have been supportive and interesting. I feel that my English people encourages students to think creatively and write in a manner that can reach a variety of audiences, from academic writing to persuasive rhetoric. My education field, on the other hand, focuses on inculcating teachers with a sense of promoting cultural diversity in the classroom and differentiated instruction to cultivate learning in each and every student. No, I have not spent very much time with professors outside of class, although I have met with a couple for questions on homework or in scheduled meetings to discuss a written essay. I feel that Lewis' academic requirements are certainly on standard with other leading schools in the United States. Although the curriculum is challenging, it again offers the resources students require to succeed and is demanding but manageable. I believe that the education at Lewis is equally geared toward finding a job and learning for learning's sake. While much of what we learn is focused on the content, teachers will often demonstrate how the lessons taught can be applied to a real-life context. Events such as job fairs and helpful emails informing students of career opportunities or internships help create this balance between learning and future occupations.

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

I do not personally believe that Lewis University has any negative stereotypes. As a Catholic University, the vast majority of students who attend Lewis are there because they choose to be. Lewis' students are interested in pursuing higher education and working toward their future careers. Perhaps one of the greatest reasons supporting the lack of stereotypes at Lewis University is the wide range of students and majors that the school offers. A Sanctified Zone, Lewis promotes cultural diversity throughout its entire campus. Students from all cultures, religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds can come together to converse, develop, and learn. While some students seem to focus on academics and others on athletics or extracurricular activities, there is common ground among everyone. In my experience, everyone gets along well with one another -- pigeonholed cliques and the like are virtually nonexistent. Lewis University truly offers a diverse, welcoming, and encompassing community for all to partake in.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

When I first came to Lewis University, I was not sure if I really liked it. I came here as a back up, because going to a scho...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

When I first came to Lewis University, I was not sure if I really liked it. I came here as a back up, because going to a school in the city is too expensive. However, as the years have passed, I have grown to love this school. First of all, I love the fact that my classes are rather small--about 10 to 40 students in every class. This allows for student-teacher interaction and participation. It also has allowed me to form and maintain relationships with all of my teachers. Another great thing about Lewis University is the beautiful campus. While the campus is not huge, it is a great size and there is a lot of beautiful greenery on campus. It is not in a college town, so I do not know what that feels like, but I am not in college for the social experience as much as for the learning experience. Because of this, I spend most of my time on campus in the library. Our library was recently expanded, so there is a lot of new areas for students to get work done.

What are the academics like at your school?

At Lewis University, all classes are fairly small--under 50 student is all classes. Because of this, class participation is very commin; in fact, in most classes I participate every day. With these small class sizes teachers usually know all of their student by name. I have had many of the professors in my major multiple times and have been able to maintain relationships with them all. I am a Biology major. At Lewis, there are only about 30 Biology majors per grade, so all of my classes have the same students every year, and all of us know all professors in out major. Outside of class I am able to get in touch with my teachers easily through email, phone, or office hours whenever I have any questions. At Lewis, the education is both geared toward getting a job as well as for learning itself. Everyone is required to take general education classes which are meant to provide each stuent with a well-rounded education. But, as you proceed through your major classes, you get more involved with what you must do in order to get a job in your desired field. At Lewis, the most unique class I have taken so far was my Philosophy class--a required general education class. Instead of learning about the history of Philosophy, we instead learned how to think like a Philosopher by supporting our thoughts and beliefs rather than just blindly believing. Also, we practiced yoga as a metaphor that the connection of the body in yoga resemble the connection of a philosopher's mind in thought.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Apply to at least 5-10 colleges that you want to get into. Don’t give up. Don’t apply to community college. You will just was...

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Apply to at least 5-10 colleges that you want to get into. Don’t give up. Don’t apply to community college. You will just waste your time. Get right into nursing; don’t give up trying getting into nursing program. It is very hard to get into but out of all the colleges you apply you will definitely get in. Just because it is senior year do not party every weekend take your time doing college essays prepare everything in the beginning so you do not rummage through at the end. Apply for US citizenship as soon as possible. Do not wait till you are in college to apply, makes your life so much easier when you get into college. In the summer take LNA courses so you can start working as a LNA and gain experience. In summer weekend volunteer at the hospital and in the weekdays volunteer at Red Cross. Prioritize your studies first. Get involve in school. Since you love running don’t stop running in senior year. Don’t party all the time. You will regret it later.

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would tell my high school senior self to creat good study habits. College professors can't worry about whether or not you h...

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I would tell my high school senior self to creat good study habits. College professors can't worry about whether or not you have work or you were out late, or that you have other things to do in a week. You need to learn how to juggle your schedule and make time for studying and homework assignments. Also try and have some fun your senior year, you'll be wishing for the days when high school was your biggest problem and whether or not you were going to prom. Life gets more complicated the older you get, so have fun, study hard, and espically listen to your parents. They know a lot more than you think they do.


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