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Did you know there are thousands of college scholarships? In fact, according to NCES, on average, students at 4 year colleges are awarded $9,740 in grants and scholarships each year.  Wait. What is a scholarship? It might seem too good to be true, but it is free money. This money may be used to pay tuition and fees and other charges such as room and board or bookstore charges.

It is not a loan. It is a sum of money that serves as a gift and does not need to be repaid, as long as the requirements are met. Some may ask students to maintain certain a GPA or other criteria. Here is a list of top categories on Unigo:

What Types of Scholarships for College Could You Qualify for?

Students can qualify for this type of financial aid across a range of guidelines. Merit, a student’s academic achievement is one popular measure. Another is a student’s athleticism. A talent in an activity such as music or art may be another option. Still other areas include applicants’ intended majors, levels of community service, residencies in a state or minority status.

Within these topics there may be other qualifiers. You’ll notice as you search that each category of scholarships shows how many awards are available and the total amount of money to be awarded. Statistically speaking, the more awards and money available, the less competitive the award. 

If you have a limited amount of time to search and apply for scholarships, begin by applying to the ones you seem most likely to win. Or use our Scholarship Match to instantly find ones that are perfect for you. 

Consider the most basic information. Are you an athlete, what is your major, are you attending college in a certain state, do you want to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree?  All of these questions can help you assess what you may qualify for.

How Do You Find Scholarships For College?

You could find scholarships from: High school guidance counselor, religious organizations, financial aid office at the college you are thinking about attending, local businesses, ethnicity organizations you connect with, federal government, private companies, and more.

Is It Easy or Hard to Win a Scholarship?

Many scholarships may be competitive. They may seem easy to apply for if they do not have essays. Some may not require a GPA or test scores. These could be more competitive to apply for since you can easily enter in a matter of minutes.

Unigo Scholarship Categories

Athletic Scholarships

Student athletes are often busy finding that perfect balance between excelling in school and performing on the field. If you play a sport in high school, or hope to do so at the school of your dreams, check out these athletic scholarships to help you get there.


College Specific Scholarships

Whether you enroll at a community college or a four-year university, there is a multitude of college-specific scholarships to help pay for college. Find a college-specific scholarship from our full list and apply online today!

AWARDS: 1,216,399

Company Sponsored Scholarships

Several companies and organizations like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Coca Cola sponsor scholarships to help students pay for college each year. Apply today!

AWARDS: 12,685

Grants for College

Grants are a type of financial aid that doesn't need to be paid back, and they can help to pay for educational expenses like tuition, textbooks and room & board.

AWARDS: 899,910

Honors College Scholarships

Honors college doesn't have to be expensive. You can find many Honors College scholarships from various organizations and schools you plan to attend. Find out which one you may qualify for and apply today!

AWARDS: 11,906
TOTAL: $121M

Merit-Based Scholarships

There are many merit scholarships available for students who demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership, community service in school, and good test scores. Find awards that you qualify for and apply today!

AWARDS: 666,890

Military Scholarships

To honor those who fight for our country, a variety of scholarships are available to veterans, their spouses and families.

AWARDS: 66,975
TOTAL: $506M

Minority Scholarships

All students should search for scholarships, including minority students. A minority is anyone whose characteristics make up less than half of the percentage of a group. This includes racial and ethnic minority groups, such as African American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American students. Other minority groups may be based on gender or other characteristics that classify students as underrepresented.

AWARDS: 30,066
TOTAL: $172M

Our Scholarships

At Unigo, our primary goal is to help students find free money for college. That's why we provide a quality scholarship search service ... but did you know that we are also a scholarship provider? Each month, Unigo awards a scholarship to one student who can best answer a short essay prompt in 250 words or less. We think our scholarships are pretty fun (and easy, too!). So, put on your thinking cap and apply today!

Religious Scholarships

Religious Scholarships

AWARDS: 4,621

Scholarship Contests & Sweepstakes

Scholarship contests and sweepstakes typically don't require test scores or grades. These scholarship awards allow students to enter contests to win scholarship money. Search our list of contest and sweepstakes scholarships and apply today!

AWARDS: 1,898

Scholarship Organizations

Many non profits, civic groups and companies set aside funds for scholarship programs. They do it to give back, support members and prep the future workforce. Not to mention, help students avoid or keep down student loan debt! These awards may be need based or merit based. Financial need based awards take your family finances and FAFSA into account.

AWARDS: 1,246

Scholarships by Major

Do you know what you want to study? There may be scholarships available just for your major. Students of all majors have access to hundreds of scholarships tailored specifically to their major. Apply today!

AWARDS: 37,743
TOTAL: $259M

Scholarships by State

Where you live could help you get free money for college. Our list of scholarships by state will help you find even more ways to apply and win money for college. Browse your state and apply now!

AWARDS: 2,111,627

Scholarships by Type

Demographics are often used to categorize groups of people within a population. Just think, how do you identify yourself? What are your characteristics? Are you male or female? Are you a first-generation college student? Do you have any diseases or disabilities? Is anyone in your family in the military? Each of these characteristics are part of your identity and many organizations give scholarships to students just for possessing one or more special characteristics.

AWARDS: 2,257,193

Scholarships for Black Students

Scholarships for Black students are for black women and women attending college or specifically HBCUs. Find more scholarships to help you pay for your college degree.

AWARDS: 14,664

Scholarships for Graduate Students

Already have a bachelor's degree? Keep going with these graduate scholarship programs. That’s right, there are scholarships and financial aid available to help you pay for grad school. Take a look and start applying online.

AWARDS: 32,063
TOTAL: $174M

Scholarships for High School Students

Like most high school students, you’ve probably started to look at colleges and have decided what you want to study. Now is the perfect time to begin your search for scholarships, too! There are hundreds of scholarships available for high school students, from freshmen up to seniors. Check out all the free college dollars waiting for you!

AWARDS: 745,382

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Just because you’ve already started college doesn’t mean you should stop looking for scholarships. In fact, we suggest that you keep looking every year that you’re in school. This list of scholarships for college undergrads will help get you started. Browse and apply online today!

AWARDS: 1,593,366

Weird And Unusual Scholarships

Looking for something outside the box? There’s something out there for everyone — even when it comes to scholarship opportunities. Check out our list of some of the weirdest, oddest, and most unique scholarships to earn extra money for college.

TOTAL: $611K

How Scholarships Help Families Pay for College? 

According to Sallie Mae’s How America Pays for College study, many families agree that college is an investment in a student’s future. Scholarships and grants is one of the main sources of funds to help pay for college. Check out how much they cover cost of attendance, where do they come from, and average scholarship amounts by income and type of college. 


What are Minority Scholarships?

Awards devoted to women, LGBTQ students, students of particular ethnic background or race are considered minority scholarships. Contrary to popular belief, they are not solely devoted to people of particular ethnic backgrounds or races. Check out this category to see if you qualify! Beyond using these initial, broad categories you can looks at list of scholarships by business, computer science, education, engineering, and other major specific categories. 

When Do You Apply for College Scholarships?

Typically, high school students should start applying for scholarships throughout senior year. College students may also apply all year round. There is usually no right time to apply. Scholarship deadlines may typically be from September to October. Sometimes, they are in the spring months. Applying for scholarships can be simple, but it does take time. Therefore, take the time up front to plan your route through the land of free money. Look through our categories and take note of the ones that fit your bill. Otherwise, here’s how to apply for scholarships listed on our site in three simple steps:

  1. Make a list of awards to pursue. Take note of the number of awards available, the amount of funding available, and the deadlines for applying.

  2. Then, sign-up for a free Unigo account. Doing so gives you access our survey which will give you personal results.

  3. Finally, follow the instructions for application carefully and thoroughly. Submit it to submit it to the awarding agency directly through our site.

That’s it, in three easy steps!

Requirements For Applying

If you’re applying for academic scholarships, graduate, or other types, there is one thing that is consistent. That is, there is no consistency. That’s right. Each company has its own requirements for a successful application. By and large, however, know that at minimum, you’ll likely need to provide:
  • Basic personal information
  • Your GPA and other details about your academic experience
  • An outline of your hopes and plans for the future
You may also need to submit an essay, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other information that takes time to pull together. Therefore, it’s critical that you take action immediately to ensure that you submit a quality application by its deadline.

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