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If someone asked you what type of student you are, what would you say? You might say that you are a hard-working and dedicated student, but you can probably put yourself into even more categories than you think. There are many scholarships out there for students of a certain type, so start thinking of your own demographics. For example, there are scholarships for women, scholarships for single moms and dads, scholarships for students in a fraternity or sorority, and more. Perhaps you are a first-generation college student or an adult learner. Think about your identity and browse our Scholarship Directory for those characteristics, such as need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, and more.

Need-Based Scholarships

With the rising cost of tuition, it does not seem like a difficult task to demonstrate financial need, but it varies for each student. Most students have a gap between their Cost of Attendance (COA) amount and the funds they actually have available to spend on college expenses. This gap is a student's financial need. Luckily, many scholarships exist for students who can demonstrate financial need, and our Scholarship Directory can help students find those awards today.



Scholarships for Men

These scholarships are only available to men.



Scholarships for Women

These scholarships are only available to women.



Scholarships for Nontraditional Students

These scholarships are provided for non-traditional students who are returning to college after a period of absence from school. Click here to learn more about these nontraditional scholarship opportunities!



Religious Scholarships

Many religious organizations and colleges offer scholarships based on a student’s religious affiliation or spirituality. Also, there are several scholarships available to those who plan to pursue a major in religious studies. Start your search and browse these religion scholarships in our directory.



Homeschool Scholarships

Homeschooled students may find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to scholarships. Without the aid of a high school guidance counselor or financial aid department, what is a homeschool student to do? This directory of homeschool scholarships is a great place to start in the search for adding college dollars to your education funds.



Government Scholarships

If you, your parent, or your spouse is an employee in local, state, or federal government, there may be free college dollars waiting for you! There are numerous scholarships available — from those injured in the line of duty to employees of the US Postal Service. Check out this list of scholarships for government employees to find your free money for school.



Military Scholarships

The brave men and women, and their families, who choose to join the United States Military give up so much for our country. One thing they shouldn’t have to sacrifice is an education. This list of scholarships for those in the military also includes awards that extend to spouses, children and family members. If you or your parent or spouse is a member of the U.S. military, be sure to check out this directory and apply online today.



LGBT Scholarships

If you identify as a part of the lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual (LGBT) community, then you may be qualified for these college awards. The fight to protect the rights of LGBT students is continuing to grow, especially with these LGBT scholarships. If you need college financial aid assistance, be sure to check out this directory of awards for the LGBT community.



Full Ride Scholarships

It’s not a myth – full ride scholarships DO exist! With hard work and dedication, you can have your entire college education — and even your living expenses — completely paid for. If you feel like you may qualify for this elusive award, start your search in our full-ride scholarship directory.



Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships for study abroad can help finance your education in new and exciting places beyond the typical classroom that you're used to. Click here to browse through our entire listing of study abroad scholarships!



Scholarships for International Students

There are graduate and undergraduate scholarships for international students. If you are globally minded, an international student scholarship may fund your studies. Apart from this, there are ways for U.S. students to receive financial aid to study abroad. We'll unpack these different resources to help you look for the perfect scholarship.



Scholarships for Single Moms

A variety of scholarships are provided specifically for single mothers. These programs are designed to help assist with the financial struggles of trying to support young children while also studying in college. Click here to browse our collection of scholarships for single moms and find out how to apply!



Muslim Scholarships

There are scholarships for Muslim students studying in the U.S. Muslim scholarships are funds beyond federal aid and may offset the cost of a college degree.



Baptist Scholarships

Scholarships are also available for students who are active members of a Baptist congregation. Some awards will be limited to students studying for ministry as well as students who are attending Baptist-affiliated universities, but others are available for Baptist students of all majors. We've collected a list of some scholarships for Baptist students, so read on to learn more and find the awards that you're eligible for!



Monthly Scholarships

Monthly Scholarships can increase your odds of winning by increasing the number of times you can apply! Click here to browse a selection of monthly scholarships by upcoming deadline date and learn more about what makes these programs unique.



Autism Scholarships

Education can be an extra challenge for students who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, but luckily, there are also a variety of scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities for those students. Click here to browse our collection of scholarships for students with autism and start applying today!



DACA Scholarships

Scholarships for DACA recipients may not have citizenship requirements. So, while harder to find, scholarships for DACA students are out there. There are a few reasons that scholarships make sense for DACA students. One is that federal financial aid for college is off the table. Unlike other undergrads, DACA students are not able to get a Pell Grant. But they may be able to apply for state or college financial aid and private scholarships.



Full Tuition Scholarships

Full Tuition Scholarships are available for students who demonstrate exceptional academic progress, involvement in the community, and other positive attributes. Funds may be provided by universities or other charitable and community organizations. Click here to view our directory of full tuition scholarships and learn how you can apply today!