How to pay for college

There are billions of free dollars out there to help you pay for college, you just need to know where to find them.

Financial Literacy

Debit Card Fraud Protection Tips for College Students

Many college students rely on the use of their debit cards to make purchases without knowing much about debit card fraud protection. In fact, a debit card may be way riskier than having a credit card or using cash...

Should I Get a Credit Card in College?

Owning a credit card may seem like an important first step in growing up and taking charge of your financial health -- and in many ways doing so can be -- but there are some risks associated with that shiny new piece of plastic.

Unigo Scholarship Alert: December 2018

Set yourself up for financial and education success by applying to these 12 December scholarships. Don’t start 2019 with regrets about missing out on money for school! Be sure to apply before deadlines.

What are Major-Specific Scholarships and how to win one?

Many universities, colleges, and organizations award scholarships to students pursuing a specific major. Even if you’re still undecided on what major you want to study, a peek at the scholarship opportunities may give you the direction you’re looking for.

Scholarships for music majors

Music is a way of life, a medium that helps define a culture. If you choose to pursue an education in music, winning a scholarship is an excellent way to get some extra college funds.