Scholarships for Graduate Students

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Have you ever thought that because you already have your bachelor’s degree that scholarships and financial aid options are over? Well, we have great news! Scholarships and awards don’t stop with an undergraduate degree. In fact, there are several opportunities for students wanting to continue their education in grad school. Check out our full list of graduate scholarships and help add to your grad school fund.

Law School Scholarships

Law school students are encouraged to browse this directory to find the perfect scholarship to fund their dreams of becoming a lawyer!

AWARDS: 1,660

Scholarships for Master's Degrees

Scholarships are available for students pursuing Master's Degrees in all of the subjects and academic specializations you can imagine. We've collected a few of those awards in our directory to help you find the ones you're eligible for. Click here to browse our collection and find out how to apply today!

AWARDS: 20,380
TOTAL: $406M

Scholarships for MBA Students

If you’re thinking about getting an MBA, but wondering how to pay for business school, scholarships may be the answer! Universities, organizations, and professional groups offer money to help grad students obtain their MBA degrees. Check out the awards available to you with this list of MBA scholarships.

AWARDS: 22,421
TOTAL: $139M

Scholarships for PhD Students

Already have your master’s degree? Working towards your PhD? Your dedication to school is impressive, but don’t think that your scholarship search is over! There are plenty of scholarships for PhD students to help pay for graduate school. Browse our list of awards and apply online today!

AWARDS: 48,049
TOTAL: $319M

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