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The new SAT vs the old SAT: Which is better?

In March 2016, CollegeBoard will begin administering a new SAT test. Find out how this test will differ from the current version, and whether it'd be better to take the test now or wait to take the new one.

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How to create the perfect senior year schedule

OK, high school juniors! Listen up. It’s the final countdown (yes, we sang that) to your senior year. And, while a schedule filled with cake-walk classes sounds ideal, it’s not the best approach if yo…

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Summer for rising seniors: an important time in the college application process

Summers are like Sundays. It’s time to sleep late, do something for ourselves, or spend more time with our families. It’s also an opportunity to get organized. Our weeks are easier when, on Sunday, we plan our schedules and start pending projects. Summertime, with its more leisurely pace, is a chance to tackle time-consuming tasks or clean out winter’s clutter.

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Apply yourself: winning the college application game without losing your mind

If you’re like the typical college-bound high school senior, your college application doesn’t begin the first time you try writing your name in ink without messing it up. 

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Plan your summer with these programs

This summer, expand your college worthiness by getting a job, taking classes or traveling the world as a high school student.

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