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Early, Rolling, Regular: When Should You Apply?

There is no one answer to the question of Early vs. Regular, and feel free to walk away from anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. What is right for you will depend on your unique combo of circumstances, ambitions, and constraints. Check out the different options broken down below.  

Location, Location, Location: Locating the difference between the rural, urban, and college town undergraduate experience

The three-word phrase, “location, location, location” has traditionally been employed as a real estate adage.  While prospective college students don’t really have to worry about real estate tips, they should pay attention to that tried and true mantra when picking a college.

Competing for College: A play by play guide to becoming an NCAA athlete

So you wanna be a big-shot college athlete? Playing ball, swimming strong or running hard is only the first step.

The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask the Financial Aid Office

Each college has its own financial aid policies. Be sure to ask the financial aid office these questions...

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