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Scholarships don’t have to be boring and based on your good grades. In fact, there are some pretty weird scholarships out there, and we’ve combined them into a list to help you find some of the oddest ways to earn money for college. Do you have blue eyes? Are you left-handed? Do you have a love for zombies? Are you a master card player? Cash in and check out some of the weird scholarships below.

Fun Scholarships

Fun scholarships don’t ask you to fill out long and serious forms. They may be weird and wacky, but you are likely to smile when you apply. In fact, they are more like sweepstakes and contests and don’t take too much time to complete. Browse through this directory and determine which fun scholarships you would like to apply for!


Left Handed Scholarships

Are you left handed? Browse this directory of scholarships that are available for you today!


Scholarships for Being Short

Being short can have various advantages and disadvantages in individuals' academic and personal lives. Fortunately, to offer encouragement to students with height issues, associations are now offering financial support needed for such students. Browse through this directory to see which scholarship best suits you!

AWARDS: 1,031

Scholarships for Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, this unique characteristic may help you get scholarships. Scholarships for blue eyes fall under the category of ‘unusual’, ‘weird’ and even, ‘no brainers’.


Scholarships for Brown Eyes

Imagine winning money for college just for having a physical characteristic such as Brown eyes? Browse this directory today to see what your brown eyes can win you!


Scholarships for Red Heads

Born a red head? Imagine receiving a scholarship for it to help fund your scholarship? Browse and apply these Scholarships for Redheads today!

AWARDS: 1,025

Unusual Scholarships

You may have free dollars for college just for being uniquely you. If you have a special characteristic, such as having red hair, or being really tall, then you may be qualified for these unusual scholarships.


Weird Scholarships

Take a break from the boring, typical scholarship application with these fun and weird awards. From astonishing to zany, and everything in between, these weird scholarships can help you let your creative side shine.

TOTAL: $522K

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