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How involved is the Student Government on your campus? Do you prefer to stay up late with your fraternity brothers chugging beers at a party or do you wake up early to study and get to classes before noon? How safe do you feel walking across campus at night? Do you spend time on the weekends volunteering with your sorority sisters? What's the ratio of male to female students at your school and does it matter to you? Are there more organized gallery crawls or bar crawls? How often do you wear your school colors and cheer at the games? Can you talk to your professor at any time or are their office hours inconvenient?

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What do you like most about your college? What do you like least? Your perspective matters. Review your school and share your opinion about all the details you wish you had known before applying. Then, rate your school on the things that matter most: academics, campus safety, party life, sports, professors and everything else.

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