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College Grants for Women

Grants are available for women of all ages and majors who are attending or planning to enroll in a college or university. Depending upon the terms of the grant, these funds may be used for things like tuition, books, child care, travel, and other expenses. Click here to view the grants for women we've included within our financial aid finder, and start applying today!

AWARDS: 20,397
TOTAL: $115M


Fellowships are short-term funding opportunities. Many are funding for a research project. The funds usually last 9 to 12 months. Students may receive the money in the form of tuition credits and/or stipends. Most fellowships do come with a tuition stipend. A stipend is a living allowance. It often pays out in fixed amounts rather than an hourly wage. Fellows don’t usually have to clock hours, though they do need to complete their project on the date agreed. Browse and apply today!


Grants for College

Grants provide funding for college studies and research. They are provided through federal, state, and local, government programs as well as colleges, universities, and career or technical schools. Unlike scholarships, grants may come with specific conditions and obligations that the student must complete during the funding period. Learn more about what makes grants unique and find programs you're eligible to apply for today!

AWARDS: 187,761
TOTAL: $478M

Minority Grants

In honor of promoting and supporting diversity, these grants are offered to minority students!

AWARDS: 1,669

State Grants for College

Most states provide grants for students who are residents of the state and/or attending college within the state. Learn more about the types of grants that states provide and how to apply for these valuable sources of educational funding.

AWARDS: 918,692

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