Athletic Scholarships

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Your athleticism could score you money to pay for school! By excelling at your sport and devoting yourself to it for the next several years, you could reduce or eliminate your need for student loans or to work to pay for college. Essentially, maintaining and building your athletic prowess and skill would be your job. To find athletic scholarships, talk to your coaches, reach out to local organizations, and discuss scholarship opportunities with the colleges of your choice. You can also use our site to explore athletic scholarships broadly or by specific sport.

All Sports Scholarships

This list combines all scholarships for student athletes. For most scholarships you can qualify if you participate in any sport at your school, while other awards may require you to play a specific sport. Start your search here to find an athletic scholarship today.



Baseball Scholarships

This great American pastime can help you earn free money for college. If you play baseball for your high school or a local league, you may be eligible for several different college baseball scholarships. Don’t “strike out” on your opportunity at free money for college. Check out our full list of baseball scholarships and apply online.



Basketball Scholarships

Take your college funding to new heights with these basketball scholarships. Athletes who play basketball have hundreds of options available — from NCAA to privately-funded athletic scholarships. The competition is high, so apply to as many basketball scholarships as possible! Start your search in this directory and apply online.



Cheerleading Scholarships

Do you have spirit? We have scholarships! Cheerleading scholarships for college are a surefire way to get you pumped for school. This unique sport is sometimes overlooked, but there are plenty of schools that recognize these talented athletes. Help your school’s pride and tradition live on and start the search for cheerleading scholarships in our directory.



Cross Country Scholarships

If you are a cross country runner, you know the importance of endurance and long-term goals — and that applies to college. There are many cross country scholarships available to athletes who run on high school track teams to help them pay for college. Check out our list of cross country scholarships and discover the free college money waiting for you!



Football Scholarships

Scholarships to play college football are some of the most prestigious and sought-after athletic scholarships. They also happen to be one of the more competitive ways to find funding for college. If you play football for your high school team, check out our list of football scholarships that can help you tackle your search to pay for college.



Gymnastics Scholarships

Gymnasts will "flip" over this scholarship directory! The sport of gymnastics is a competitive one that requires hard work and a high level of talent. Not only do gymnasts need to compete for a spot on a school’s team — but also for scholarships. If you’re a gymnast looking to increase your school savings, start your search for gymnastic scholarships here and begin adding dollars to your college funds.



Soccer Scholarships

The growing popularity of this sport means that there are even more opportunities for players to find soccer scholarships. Whether you call it “football” or “soccer,” there are hundreds of sports scholarships for college available to these athletes. If you’re a soccer player looking to score some money for college, kick back, check out this directory of scholarships for soccer players.



Volleyball Scholarships

Looking for volleyball scholarships? Think of us as your setter, giving you the perfect opportunity to spike these scholarship dollars into your college fund. Whether you plan to play for a college team or at the intramural level, you may be eligible to apply for these volleyball scholarships. Start your search and see the free money for college just waiting for you to claim.



Golf Scholarships

If you can get on the green, you may be eligible to get some green! Golf scholarships are a great way to help keep your college funds up to par. Finding golf scholarships may even be easier than hitting a tiny ball into a hole 500 yards away — you just have to know where to look. Our directory of golf scholarships is the perfect place to start your search for free college dollars.



Softball Scholarships

Similar to baseball, softball players also have several opportunities to earn college money in these softball scholarships. High school teams and local leagues can help athletes gain exposure as well as qualify them for a softball scholarship. Score a home run with your college funding, and browse our directory of softball scholarships today.



Swimming Scholarships

Dive in to these swimming scholarships for a chance to earn some free college money. If you love the water, your time in the pool can really pay off. This directory of swimming scholarships is a great place to start. The extra money you earn could help you do more than just stay afloat with your college finances.



Tennis Scholarships

If you have a love for the game, utilize it to help you get tennis scholarships for college. Both singles and doubles tennis players have the opportunity to add to their educational finances with these sports scholarships. Put your college funds at an advantage with this list of scholarships for tennis players.



Track and Field Scholarships

Similar to cross country runners, athletes that participate in track and field also have many scholarships available to them. As an athlete in track and field, you don’t necessarily need to be a runner. There are also scholarships available to participants in events like the javelin, shot-put, and high jump. So, whether you prefer to jump or sprint, check out these track and field scholarships to find free college dollars.



Lacrosse Scholarships

Lacrosse is a sport with a lot of history – and scholarship opportunities. This tough sport could make it a little easier to pay for your college tuition with lacrosse scholarships. If you play lacrosse for your high school or a local league, check out this directory for ways to find athletic scholarships.



Wrestling Scholarships

No need to "grapple" with your education finances. Wrestlers have several options to win free college dollars. If you are on your school’s wrestling team and plan to participate in the collegiate level, you may be eligible for wrestling scholarships offered by universities and outside organizations. Pin down some great awards in this directory of wrestling scholarships.



Rowing Scholarships

Just like each stroke gets you closer to the finish line, each scholarship you apply for gets you closer to paying for college. Male and female athletes that participate on a crew team have many sports scholarship options available to them. If you’re a rowing crew member, check out these rowing scholarships and "sweep" up the free money.



Field Hockey Scholarships

Looking to continue your athletic career in field hockey in college? Whether it’s for a varsity university team, recreational club, or intramural group, there are field hockey scholarships available to players of all skill levels. Check out our directory of scholarships for field hockey players and apply online.



Ice Hockey Scholarships

Ice hockey may be well known as an aggressive and competitive sport, but did you also know that there are several ice hockey scholarships available to players? That’s right, and if you play ice hockey at your high school or for a local club or league, there may be free college dollars waiting for you. Check out this directory for some cool ice hockey scholarships.



Rifle Scholarships

Hit the mark with these scholarship opportunities for marksmen. If you have an interest in riflery and plan to continue the sport on the college level or as a hobby, there may be rifle scholarships available to you to help pay for college. Get your target funding and apply to these rifle scholarships today!



Fencing Scholarships

The unique skill of fencing can help add dollars to your college savings. Although this sport isn’t offered at many colleges, there are various scholarship opportunities from leagues and associations. Get an attack on fencing scholarships and check out our directory of awards.



Sailing Scholarships

Set sail for college with these scholarships for sailors. If you plan to participate on a college varsity sailboat racing team, check out these sailing scholarships to help you pay for school. There’s no need to go “overboard” in debt with this list of scholarships for sailors.



Skiing and Snowboarding Scholarships

Need a lift to find some great scholarships for skiers and snowboarders? If you have a passion for winter sports, you can turn skiing and snowboarding in to college dollars. Some of the best ski colleges are found in the mountains, but some of the best scholarships can be found right here in our skiing and snowboarding scholarship directory.



Bowling Scholarships

Do you want to "strike" it rich? Bowlers have the opportunity to earn some "spare" money for college with these bowling scholarships. Discover all of the available awards for students who participate in sanctioned bowling leagues with this directory of scholarships for bowlers.