Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

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Scholarships aren’t just for high school students. In fact, they’re available to college students of all ages — and throughout all years of continued education. The search for scholarships should continue even after you graduate high school, all the way up until your final year in college. These scholarships for college students can help you decrease your debt and increase your education fund. There are plenty of things you’ll worry about as an undergrad, but paying for college shouldn’t be one of them. Check out our scholarships for undergraduate college students and start adding up your savings now!

Scholarships for College Freshmen

Start out your college freshman year on a high note — with low (or even no) debt! In their first year alone, college freshmen have access to hundreds of scholarships to help pay for school and cover the costs of tuition. Get started now and apply to these scholarships today!



Scholarships for College Sophomores

You’ve made it through your first year of college and are beginning to get the hang of things. You may be focusing on what core classes to take and your future career, but don’t let applying for scholarships slip off your sophomore to-do list! Check out these scholarships for college sophomores and apply today!



Scholarships for College Juniors

Third-year college students should know that there are still scholarships available! By applying before graduation, you can help bring down your student debt and put that first job's paycheck into the bank instead of paying off loans. Check out our list of scholarships for college juniors and apply today.



Scholarships for College Seniors

You’re just one year, or less, away from finally earning that bachelor’s degree and starting a career! It’s probably also that time you see your final expenses starting to add up, so why not help pay for college with free money? Apply to these scholarships for college seniors before it’s too late!



Scholarships for Community College Students

Community colleges are a great way to start school near home and with the lowest possible costs. There are also a variety of institutional and outside scholarship awards that can help to reduce tuition even further. Click here to learn more about scholarships available for students at community colleges across the country!



Scholarships for Transfer Students

More than a third of college students will transfer to a new school at some point during their undergraduate studies, and the good news is that there are a variety of scholarships available just for them. Click here to learn more about the transfer scholarships currently being offered by universities, community foundations, and other charitable organizations!



Scholarships for College Students

Once you're accepted to and enrolled in to a college or university, it's not too late to keep looking for scholarships! Financial aid opportunities are available for students of all types and all levels of study, and we've got a thorough list of those scholarships right here! Click here to browse our collection of scholarships for college students and learn more about how you can apply.