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How to Pay for College with Undergraduate Scholarships?

If you’re looking for ways to help pay for college, you may receive undergraduate scholarships that cover your expenses. As costs only continue to rise, undergraduate scholarships are a great way to pay for tuition, room, board, and even incidental expenses. This could be done without having to save up for years or taking out student loans.

According to NCES, the average cost at a 4 year college is 20,050. But a 4 year private college could cost an average of $43,139. In fall 2018, there were 16.6 million students enrolling in post secondary education according to

Opportunities are available whether you’re about to enter college or you’re already enrolled. You may be able to receive one or multiple scholarships once you know where to look.

10 Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in 2021

There are hundreds of scholarship opportunities waiting for you. Here are 10 scholarships for college students you should apply for now.

  1. Davidson Fellows Award
  2. Coca Cola Scholars
  3. Nitro College Student Scholarship
  4. Dell Scholars Program
  5. Foot Locker Scholars
  6. Columbia College of Missouri Transfer Achievement Scholarship
  7. CIRI Excellence Scholarship
  8. Collegiate Inventors Competition
  9. Saint Mary’s College of California Transfer Scholarship
  10. Cooke Foundation College Scholarship

Who Qualifies and How Do You Apply for Scholarships for College Students?

Nearly anyone can qualify for undergraduate scholarships, including high school graduates, community college students, and transfer students. In addition, you can apply for scholarships at any point during your college career. So if you’re struggling to make ends meet during the final semester of your senior year, you still have options open to you. 

Criteria to apply varies, but may include an online registration form, transcript submission, or a personal essay. You may have to submit a video where you go into detail about yourself and your ambitions. Some undergraduate scholarships also are done by lottery drawing, meaning you only have to meet some basic eligibility criteria to be entered into the pool. Those who determine winners are usually looking for the most promising candidates. From your GPA to your community efforts, the idea is to showcase your best qualities in their required format.

You can also look into the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can help you qualify for additional student aid from the federal government. Your state may also consider FAFSA when it comes to who is eligible and how much each person should receive.

What are the Benefits of Applying for Scholarships for Undergraduates?

Finding and applying for undergraduate scholarships may take some effort, but they’re worth the rewards:

  1. You generally do not have to pay a undergraduate scholarship back: The most common expectation is to use the funds to help pay for your college education and boost your career.
  2. Frees up your time: Instead of having to get a job to pay for college or worry about student loans, you can focus your time on studying.
  3. Excellent learning lessons: Applying for undergraduate scholarships teaches you to apply yourself. So even if you don’t win, you’re investing your time in a valuable life lesson.

As you learn more about scholarships, it will also become easier to find a strategy that works for you. Some students may apply for as many as possible, while others could focus their time on the ones that provide major rewards. Undergraduate scholarships are good enough to pay for tuition, room, and board, while others may only cover a small fraction of your fees.

Can You Receive More Undergraduate Scholarships While in College?

There are a number of  renewable and nonrenewable undergraduate scholarships that can cover everything from your housing to your books. Whether you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior, applying can be painless and even fun.

The Triumph Over Adversity Scholarship is provided by Khaki Law Firm and awards a $1,000 scholarship. Applicants must submit their school transcript, resume and an essay detailing how they overcame adversity and achieve goals despite personal challenges.

Here are a few examples of undergraduate scholarships throughout your college education:

Scholarships for college sophomores: AfterCollege Inc. provides numerous scholarships for students studying nursing, science, business, and STEM. Their Business Student Scholarship offers $500 to an eligible student with a 3.0 GPA majoring in business. Applicants need to submit an application online with a personal statement, awards/honors, skills and work experience.

Scholarships for college juniors: The US Department of Defense awards SMART Scholarship which stands for Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation. The award is up to $38,000 and could cover qualifying students’ full tuition. It’s open to currently enrolled college and graduate students who are pursuing a STEM degree and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. If accepted, students must participate in a summer internship and accept post grad employment from DoD.

Scholarships for college seniors: The Churchill Scholarship is for college seniors or graduates who may pursue graduate studies in STEM at the University of Cambridge. The award is up to $60,000 in addition to housing and travel allowances worth about $15,000 depending on the UK exchange rate. Eligible applicants must show outstanding academic achievement, strong research skills and unique personal qualities.

Can Community College Students Receive Scholarships?

You can find community college scholarships offered through a number of channels. Community colleges can be a great way to get your feet wet and save money at the same time. It helps you explore your options and determine your skills in a more casual environment. According to NCES, 5.7 million students enrolled in a 2 year community college in 2018. Students might go to learn a trade or to transfer to a 4 year university to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Here are a few examples of community colleges and potential undergraduate scholarship opportunities:

Community CollegeIn state & Out of State Tuition and FeesScholarship
Lake Area Technical Institute$5,332 Lake Area Technical Institute Foundation Scholarships
Delaware Technical Community College$4,904 / $11,632 DTCC Scholarships
Walla Walla Community College $4,455 / $5,955 WWCC Foundation Scholarship
Snow College$3,742 / $12,562 BADGERTRACKS Scholarship
Santa Barbara City College$1,374 / $8,326Orville Armstrong Scholarship

Are There Scholarships for Transfer Students?

Scholarships for transfer students are available both to international and domestic applicants. Students may transfer for any number of reasons, depending on the course of their education career. Some may just want to change scenery, others may want to switch their major. Some transfers are unplanned, while some are a planned transfer from a community college to a standard 4 year program.

There are varying reports on how many students transfer from 2 to 4 year institutions, though the number is generally less than half. This may be because many people who attend community college are there for their associate’s degree only.

Here are a few colleges that offer transfer student scholarships:

  • Columbia College of Missouri
  • University of Denver
  • North Park University

University of Denver Merit Scholarships for eligible U.S. transfer students is a renewable award for between $14,000 to $18,000 annually. The undergraduate scholarship is merit based. Applicants must also plan to enroll or currently enrolled at the University of Denver.

List of Scholarships for Undergraduates

Check out our list of undergraduate scholarships below. We have 1,593,366 awards worth $6B.

Scholarships for College Freshmen

Start out your college freshman year on a high note — with low (or even no) debt! In their first year alone, college freshmen have access to hundreds of scholarships to help pay for school and cover the costs of tuition. Get started now and apply to these scholarships today!

AWARDS: 1,549,820

Scholarships for College Juniors

Third-year college students should know that there are still scholarships available! By applying before graduation, you can help bring down your student debt and put that first job's paycheck into the bank instead of paying off loans. Check out our list of scholarships for college juniors and apply today.

AWARDS: 1,192,863

Scholarships for College Seniors

You’re just one year, or less, away from finally earning that bachelor’s degree and starting a career! It’s probably also that time you see your final expenses starting to add up, so why not help pay for college with free money? Apply to these scholarships for college seniors before it’s too late!

AWARDS: 1,197,140

Scholarships for College Sophomores

You’ve made it through your first year of college and are beginning to get the hang of things. You may be focusing on what core classes to take and your future career, but don’t let applying for scholarships slip off your sophomore to-do list! Check out these scholarships for college sophomores and apply today!

AWARDS: 1,195,237

Scholarships for College Students

Once you're accepted to and enrolled in to a college or university, it's not too late to keep looking for scholarships! Financial aid opportunities are available for students of all types and all levels of study, and we've got a thorough list of those scholarships right here! Click here to browse our collection of scholarships for college students and learn more about how you can apply.

AWARDS: 4,851

Scholarships for Community College Students

Community colleges are a great way to start school near home and with the lowest possible costs. There are also a variety of institutional and outside scholarship awards that can help to reduce tuition even further. Click here to learn more about scholarships available for students at community colleges across the country!

AWARDS: 85,299
TOTAL: $169M

Scholarships for Transfer Students

More than a third of college students will transfer to a new school at some point during their undergraduate studies, and the good news is that there are a variety of scholarships available just for them. Click here to learn more about the transfer scholarships currently being offered by universities, community foundations, and other charitable organizations!

AWARDS: 7,312

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