Scholarships for teachers and education majors

Careers in education cover a wide scope of opportunities. Thus, education majors have a variety of scholarships from which to choose. No matter your education path, extra college dollars can help chip away at the costs of education.

Scholarships for art majors

Art scholarships are given to students who demonstrate a passion for their work, exceptionally creativity, and a thoughtfully composed portfolio. Learn all types of art scholarships and how to win one.


Unigo Scholarship Alert: November 2018

During the month to give thanks, be thankful that these 11 November scholarships may help you pay for your education BIG TIME. But first, you’ve got to apply. Good luck!

How to ID a Phishing Attack

Online scams are everywhere and can be hard to avoid. This article covers the basics for spotting phishing attacks via email and social media and what you can do to defend your personal information and stay safe.