What is an official visit?


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There are a few differences between an unofficial and an official visit. Unlike the unofficial visit, an official visit is restricted by its duration and the frequency of visits. However, it does cover your expenses, or part of your expense, of travel, meals, and entertainment.

The NCAA limits you to five (5) official visits during your senior year. You cannot take an official visit to a school on more than one occasion and it can only last a maximum of 48 hours. Official visits can begin on the first day that your high school starts for the fall semester.

During the official visit you will be given a “student host” who will look after you for the period of your visit. For most programs, the student host is a current student-athletes and you may even stay with them, in their dorm room, during your visit. In addition to the college or university paying for your travel expenses, providing you meals and tickets to sporting events, the student host can be given money to “entertain” you during your visit.

If you have already been to campus for an unofficial visit and/or already committed to the school your official visit is a great opportunity for you to meet and initiate friendships with your future teammates. This is also an opportunity to get a closer look into what is expected of you and the daily responsibility of being a student-athlete and representative of the athletic program. And, always remember that you are there to make a positive impression on the coaches and your future teammates – your visit is an opportunity for you to gain trust and respect.

If the official visit is your first trip to campus it is important that you learn as much as possible about the program, the school, and the local community during your 48 hours. Be prepared to ask appropriate questions to the coaches, the athletes, and other people you meet. You must explore this college or university as an option, and you must be satisfied with the visit to the point of making a choice in where you will attend college. Your PrimeScout Workbook will help you create the information you need to learn during your visit.