Campus Life

Who has time for a life?

What School Should I Go To?

Choosing the perfect college for you takes a lot of consideration. It may be necessary to weigh a range of factors to determine which school may be one that interests you, excites you about your potential future, and one that creates an opportunity f [...]

How Colleges Can Transform Themselves Using a Data-Driven Education Structure

Colleges and universities often have an incredible amount of data at their fingertips. That information may be helpful in creating everything from lesson plans to degree programs for a changing world. Data from test scores, third-party organizations [...]

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint - 12 Simple Ways

As a student, you probably don’t think that your actions have much of an impact on the environment. But the truth is, even small changes may make a big difference when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. Here are 12 simple ways you coul [...]

Resident Advisors

Many naïve freshmen think that moving away from home and into the dorms is tantamount to total freedom - and no grownups telling you what you can and can’t do. While this is mostly true, colleges still need to make sure you are under official supe [...]

The Typical Week of a USC Undergrad

At USC, you’re minutes away from world-renowned entertainment, the West Coast’s hottest clubs, and glamorous Hollywood. Here's what you should expect during a typical week at USC.

BU People Watching Club

Whether it’s a universal facet of life that simply often goes ignored or a great talent that that must be honed and worked on, People Watching is now a recognized activity at Boston University.

FIU Gets Involved

As you walk into Florida International University you will usually see a few handmade banners. Keep walking and you will find two or three tables with candy and students passing out fliers. This is campus life. Yes, FIU is a commuter college, but [...]