Campus Life

Living it up

Living on campus has some distinct perks, like the froyo bar and being able to roll out of bed and be in class, coffee in hand, 12 minutes later. Whether you choose to live on campus for one year or all four, make the most of it.

Which college meal plan is right for you?

Picking a college meal plan is not as easy as you may expect. Some colleges have specific plans that are required for incoming freshman and even some transfer students. These plans can run upwards of several thousands of dollars per year, making it one of the most expensive investments you will make after paying your tuition and housing fees. If you do have the option of choosing from a variety of plans, it can be a daunting task to determine which may best fit your needs. To ensure you don't waste your money or spend the semester with an empty stomach, follow these simple suggestions for picking the right plan for you.

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College roommate survival guide

Are you heading to college this fall? There's a good chance you'll soon be shacking up with a complete stranger and that can provide some interesting challenges. Even if you come from a big family and are used to sharing space with others, nothing quite prepares you for the unique living arrangements found on a college campus. If you want to finish the year with your sanity intact, be sure to review our college roommate survival guide. It may just save you from moving into the library or coffee shop before the semester ends.

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Essential organizers for your college dorm

Are you heading off to college this fall? You may be surprised at how small your living space may actually be, especially if you are sharing it with several people. It will take a bit of creativity to pack your items from home into your tiny dorm room, but we have some tips for fitting everything neatly into place. Check out our list of essential dorm room organizers that are not only functional, but look good, too!

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5 easy pizza recipes for college students

October is National Pizza Month, but if you're a college student, you know that every month is pizza month! It's not only a great late-night snack, but also a convenient on-the-go breakfast item. You can eat it hot or cold, or straight out of a couch cushion (just kidding!). The only downside is waiting for the delivery man to arrive. If you need a pizza fix right now, check out these five super easy and inexpensive pizza recipes that you can make using just your microwave oven. Enjoy!

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International Affairs: living with a foreign exchange student

Moving in with a new roommate is always a bit scary, but living with an international student can bring a whole different set of issues. International students may not understand American culture, customs, or college rules. You may find it difficult to communicate effectively or have trouble finding a common ground. Before you run to your RA begging for a new roommate, give yourself some time to adjust. Learning how to share space with a foreign exchange student can actually be a great experience for you both.

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