Campus Life

Who has time for a life?

FIU Gets Involved

As you walk into Florida International University you will usually see a few handmade banners. Keep walking and you will find two or three tables with candy and students passing out fliers. This is campus life. Yes, FIU is a commuter college, but [...]

IUB — A Drinking Town with a Basketball Problem

After over 13,000 fans piled into Assembly Hall to watch the Hoosiers win their second exhibition game, students seem excited for the upcoming season — despite predictions for a difficult year.

Our Rugger Team

The Claremont College’s (Men’s) Rugby Football Club (CCRFC) was founded at Pomona College in 1956, a league which today consists of ten teams of 25-30 players each. As the name suggests, the CCRFC is open to students at all of the Claremont Consor [...]

The Issues that Really Matter to University of Michigan Students

With a long-standing history of student political activism, the University of Michigan, celebrates student interest in politics with an important monument on its central campus. The memorial which depicts legions of university students engaged in [...]

Columbia Athletics: In the Lion’s Den

If you ask most students what they think about Columbia Athletics they will most likely nod their head “no” and give a smug smile. Columbia is not known for having a great athletics program. Some teams may have a winning season from time to time, [...]

To Fence or Not to Fence?

Aside from D-1 varsity sports, students can get involved in a large variety of sport clubs right on campus. Vanderbilt students are known for being involved in many activities, but the flexibility of club activities gives students a chance to get [...]

Those Other Sports at Ohio State

If you’re an Ohio State Buckeye fan or a dreaded Michigan fan, you’re probably a little too familiar with the infamous O-H, I-O chant. But what else does a fabulous college of over 50,000 students have to offer? Plenty.

CSU Students Proud of Ram Sports

Men’s football and basketball, and women’s volleyball boast the highest attendance records at their games. These are all teams that are doing well and have done well in the past. Their recognition alone encourages students to attend and cheer on t [...]

AirCappella: Most Unique Group at Vassar

AirCappella, Vassar College’s whistling a cappella group, has been around for almost four years now, and has certainly made its mark despite its short existence.

Athletics at UCSB

Athletics are not a huge deal at UCSB – It’s a relatively young school compared to the big Division 1 institutions and does not have a football team.  While non-athletes view the occasional big game as an excuse to party, athletics are still a big [...]

If I Only Had Known

I often second guess my choices, I have even questioned my decision  to attend Brandeis University. I love Brandeis and I don’t regret my choice to attend . With that being said, I wish I had known a bit more about the school before attending. [...]

The Ultimate Club Sport at BC

Boston College looks for well-rounded individuals. A large percentage of the school’s student body competed in varsity level sports in high school. Since not many of these individuals are qualified to play in the varsity sports offered at BC, a D- [...]

Penn State: If You Don’t Go Here, We’ll See You on the Field

Penn State doesn’t hate our rival teams. We just love ours too much…and that’s exactly what we will be doing in the stands. Loving our team and waiting for a victory against the Spartans. Let’s go Penn State!

The Political Face of Boulder: A Post-Hippie Residue

Today, it seems what is left on campus from this freekthinking, bygone era is nothing more than a liberal residue. For CU students today, liberalism foremost prevails as a trendy lifestyle. The lack of political activism does not erase the validit [...]

Penn State Sports: For the Glory of Old State

Penn State students are always pumped up for a game, whether it is football, volleyball or another one of our varsity offerings. Our sports programs show our pride and bring unity to the student body.

Let’s Go Blue: Athletics at the University of Michigan

When it comes to college sports, the University of Michigan can be thought of as the country’s quintessential athletic program. And rightfully so; Michigan Wolverine history is rooted in what makes college sports so entertaining— true school spiri [...]

Sports at Dartmouth: Go Big Green

Sports at Dartmouth are a crucial past time; in fact it might even be considered a lifestyle. Many students on campus are passionate about sports, often spending all four years at Dartmouth as student-athlete. Not only is it just a form of exercis [...]

UNL Lacrosse Draws Crowds Who Are Looking For Something New

Here at UNL, students seem to have a one-track sports mind – they are always thinking about football. But students who have branched out and started exploring the other sports at Lincoln will tell you it is well worth it. For instance, lacrosse is [...]

Intramural Sport at Tulane: Ping Pong gains more popularity

Tulane offers a club and intramural sport for every type of student. From rowing, with its grueling workouts and 5:30 a.m. wakeups, to rugby, where bruises are badges of honor, to ping pong, where intensity ranges from friendly to fierce. Sports a [...]

Gator’s Homecoming Has Fans Bleeding Orange and Blue

The chanting of University of Florida students could be heard miles away as their school spirit overpowered their need to have their voices the next morning. Homecoming week had arrived at UF and nothing was getting in the way of school spirit. [...]

Top 10 Things to Know About UMass Sports!

A list of things you might not know about Umass Sports.

Sports Culture at the UMass Amherst Campus

Hockey is by far the most popular sporting event on campus—many students look forward to the games, and game attendance reaches over 5,000 spectators. Besides hockey, the next two sports most enjoyed by students are football and basketball.

The Impact of Sports at Virginia Tech

With 21 Hokie athletic teams, an additional 29 club teams, 21 intramural sports and the ever-present orange and maroon attire worn by students daily, it’s clear that sports play a huge role at Virginia Tech.

Homecoming at URI

If you are a student at the University of Rhode Island, then you know that when the middle of October rolls around, it is time for Homecoming. It is one of the few weekends of the year that the student body comes together, participating in activit [...]

Workout Facilities at UCSC

With such a beautiful campus and outdoorsy culture, it is easy to see why students prefer hiking around campus instead the gym facilities to get their workout. Although the latter is definitely less popular, plenty of students who had opinions abo [...]

Homecoming - University of Arizona Style

Homecoming always takes place at the end of October,  the perfect time of year in Tucson. The intense desert heat has cooled to 75-80 degree weather, so everyone can enjoy the outdoor activities.

A Small School Setting with a Big Athletic Feel

Colgate University has a pretty impressive athletic resume, especially if you consider its size. With only 2,700 students in attendance, Colgate boasts a remarkable twenty-five Division I teams, a golf course that’s ranked in the top five collegia [...]

Racquetball Team Excels Despite Lack of Sports Interest at UCSC

One of the most interesting, and definitely untapped sports at UCSC would have to be the UCSC Racquetball team. I sat down with Reid Parson, the president of the team to ask him a few questions about his experience with the sport of racquetball. [...]

Water Polo Embodies Carleton’s Spirit

When asked to name his favorite aspect of club water polo at Carleton, Brendan Cassidy, a sophomore from California and co-captain of the water polo team, responded, “The same thing as my favorite thing about Carleton: the great people. Water polo [...]

2008 Political Issues at UC-Irvine

With so many important issues at stake in this presidential election, it’s interesting to note that UCI has distanced itself from the pack by focusing on all the issues and presenting each side in a harmonious way.

The Political Atmosphere on the University of Richmond’s Campus

If you had asked a University of Richmond student last semester what they thought about the political atmosphere on campus, you would have probably been told that the overwhelming political mood was generally one of apathy. Students were just too [...]

You Can Bet Your Face Paint We’re Awesome Fans

Of course, there are rules to follow if you want to be a supportive fan of KU sports. It’s not all screaming and hollering down to Mass. Street when we win the Orange Bowl or make it to the Final Four—even if we do both in one year. There are impo [...]

What to do Around Emory University

Emory University is located just ten minutes from downtown Atlanta, where most of the nightlife and restaurants are located. Emory’s upperclassmen usually frequent downtown Atlanta.

What I Wish I'd Known Before Starting at Emory

1. Greek Life: As an international student, I had no idea what “Greek Life” was. I didn’t know why fraternities and sororities existed, and I surely didn’t understand, once I got here, why students thought it was such a big deal to be part of one. [...]

Athletics Play Primary Role at OSU

School traditions appear all over campus at Ohio State. Students might engage in an O-H versus I-O shouting match, just by walking to class. At OSU, it’s athletics that bring campus traditions to the forefront. Sporting events unite the scarlet an [...]

Going to School Near DC

When it comes to college life, the surrounding cities, shops, and restaurants make all the difference. Pick the wrong college and you could be stuck on weekends with no where to go. Will you love your university when you get there only to realize [...]

Living Options at Western Michigan University

Many schools require students to live on campus during freshman year; however, Western Michigan University allows students, including freshmen, to make the choice of living on or off campus on their own. Many students choose to live in the dorms b [...]

The Unique Trap and Skeet

Basketball, baseball, synchronized skating and water polo.  These are just four out of 29 club sports offered at the University of Delaware.  The most unique of them all has to be Trap and Skeet.

Rooting for the Home Team at UVM

The general atmosphere on UVM’s campus is very brisk and lively, which is reflected in the profound interest and involvement with athletics.

Sports Fervor at the University of Rhode Island

If you go to a sporting event at the University of Rhode Island, you’re likely to witness a sea of students wearing their blue “rhody nation” t-shirts. URI students are definitely not front-runners. They’re always there to support their teams whet [...]

Homecoming 2008: The Heels come home

For many Tar Heel alumni, homecoming is a chance to return to the school they loved for a weekend of football and showing off their old stomping grounds to family and friends. For those of us that are still students, however, homecoming is more th [...]

Political Atmosphere at Princeton

Election 2008 By Hannah McDonald Moniz Unigo Campus Rep at Princeton Princeton University, though traditionally known to foster the bright young minds of future world leaders, is not known for its political activism. “The Princeton bubble,” as stu [...]

Political Issues at Princeton

Election 2008 By Hannah McDonald Moniz Unigo Campus Rep at Princeton November’s Presidential election is quickly approaching, and Princeton students are working hard to stimulate discussion about the issues steering this year’s election. These eff [...]

Hot and Cold Sports at Denison University

At Denison University athletics can be either “hot” or “cold.” Some sports get large numbers of fans, while others only get a handful.

Conn College: Left – But How Far?

The past few weeks at Conn College have been politics, politics, politics – and it’s not even October. From newspaper editorials to campaign bumper stickers, the election is on everyone’s mind.

Sarah Palin Visits Penn State for a “Road to Victory Rally”

A long line of 7,500 excited Penn State students and local residents waited outside Rec Hall two hours prior to the program’s beginning on Oct. 27, 2008. A group of about 50 Penn State students stood on the other side of the road, protesting the e [...]

Game day at UNL: It’s glorious

Football is not-jokingly referred to as the “most popular religion in Nebraska.”  It comes with the territory as a Husker student. Many parents have matching window stickers that say “Husker Mom” and “Husker Dad.” A little much? Maybe for some, bu [...]

Weather, Loss Can’t Bring Down Homecoming Weekend at OSU

Not even miserable weather or a heartbreaking loss could deter the success of homecoming weekend at Ohio State. Despite cold, rainy conditions, the scarlet and gray weekend resulted in a flourishing 87th Homecoming at OSU.

We Are BC: A look at BC Football

It is plain and simple: BC kids love BC football, whether they actually like football or not. They love the tailgates before the game, annoying our component with chants during the game, and standing for hours as one.

Nova Nation Living in the Past

In 1985 Villanova pulled of one of the greatest upsets in sports history. Villanovans young and old, Villanovans who were not even born when the game took place remember the game as the single greatest moment in the University’s history.

The Political Atmosphere of Dartmouth

Dartmouth College is definitely a place that one comes away from with a more sound and educated political perspective of the nation, as well as a respect for the ideals and decisions of others who don’t share the same values or pursuits as oneself [...]

University of Arizona Sports Trivia

Athletics are a very important part of UA life. Because the UA is so large, sports are a great way for students of all backgrounds and interests to come together in their love for their school.  

Sports Fervor at FSU

Florida State University students are far from apathetic when it comes to their school’s athletics. On game day, obsession with the Seminoles is evident in packed stands, painted faces and expletives against arch-rival University of Florida.

Case Sports Gain Popularity in ‘08

Case students represent a wide variety of people with different interests.  Even if they don’t have time for varsity athletics, intramurals and club sports present outstanding alternatives as well as a large group of supportive spectators for each [...]

Athletics at Carleton

Carleton is renowned for its stellar academics and intellectually engaging atmosphere, but athletics are also an important part of campus life.

Election Day Quotes from Ohio State University

OSU students speak their minds on Election Day 2008.

At BU, Broomsticks Fly Higher Than Hockey Sticks

Aside from the hallowed men's hockey squad, Boston University sports teams generally find themselves playing for an unenthusiastic and small crowd, or none at all.

Obama Makes History and the Lobster in the Kitchen is Unhappy

The scene at UB right after Obama got elected.

Silent Sidelines

What it's like to be an athlete at Bryn Mawr, and does anyone care about sports on campus?

Case Students Celebrate the Election with Unrestrained Enthusiasm

On the night of November 4th, 2008 hundreds of students flooded outside their dormitories to scream Obama’s name and celebrate his landslide victory. 

Reactions to President Elect at FSU

Election night and excitement (or not) from FSU students after Obama was named our new President

And They Hold Their Breath – The Bryn Mawr Reaction to the Final Moments of the Election

Election night at Bryn Mawr and student reactions when Obama was named President.

Denison Homecoming 2008

Denison is a very close-knit community with only about 2,000 students, so you get to know people in every year. When homecoming weekend arrives around mid-October, all students are very excited to see the recent graduates. This reunion is highly a [...]

Homecoming Events at Ohio State University

Each year students, faculty and Buckeye fans await anxiously for homecoming week. It’s a time for sororities and fraternities to join together for philanthropy projects and themed gatherings to get Buckeye fans pumped for the most anticipated game [...]

Important Issues that U of U Students Want Solved

At a recent event for the U’s Honors cohort of the Community Leadership Scholars at the State Capitol, Josh Romney, the son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said that the media, as liberal as it is, shifted its attention during this p [...]

Pitzer's Growing Pains, Growing Gains

Pitzer will now have an opportunity to demonstrate its ability to maintain its standards of care, as it grows into its rising reputation.

The Candidates are the Issue on the University of Richmond’s Campus

School-sponsored viewing parties for the debates and party conventions were both well attended, and it’s not uncommon to find “Palin Power!” or “Vote for Change, Vote Obama” scribbled in neon colored chalk on the ground in front of our dining hall [...]

2008 Election Issues at IUB

With materials provided by the Campaign for Change office in downtown Bloomington as well as Obama offices across the state, many IU College Democrats have been given the opportunity to help promote their candidate, while the smaller and less repr [...]

Political Issues at Colorado State University

The political buzz is at an all time high and students couldn’t be paid to shut up about their opinions. There are quite a few local and national issues that are hot topics right now.

Election Issues Important to Students on VT’s Campus

Probably the biggest concern of Virginia Tech students is the economy — something that reflects the opinions of the entire nation. In an informal, anonymous survey done at Virginia Tech, 78 percent of respondents chose the economy as the most pres [...]

Eggs with a Side of Anomaly

It doesn’t take new students or visitors long, however, to notice an ostensibly different group of friends towards the back of the dining hall.  Their table is adorned with a white linen tablecloth and electric candles.

2008 VP Debates – Opinions from UCSC Undergrads

Matt Workman said, “Sarah Palin had a good go of it. But she winked at the camera. How can you take someone who is running to be the Vice President seriously if during the middle of the debate you turn to the camera and wink?!”

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Visit FAMU’s Campus to Pump Students Up

The sun was beating down on the crowd, sweat was trickling down my back and people complained of dehydration—yet, no one let it stop them from waiting for Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to make their appearance.

Penn State’s Homecoming: And the blue band played on

I should have known that homecoming at Penn State was going to be a big deal, but being a freshman, I had never experienced it before. We're a big campus. We're in the Big Ten and to be frank, we think and know that we are a big deal. As we like t [...]

Penn State’s Political Issues Show a Diverse Student Body

True to Penn State’s diverse population is the student body’s opinion on what issues are important in the 2008 presidential election. With students from different countries, backgrounds, and political standings, students are concerned with a wide [...]

Penn State’s Political Climate: It’s Heating Up

Political activism at Penn State University this fall is at an all time record high. The election is a hot issue and there’s more than a chance that a liberal

Does Greek life benefit schools?

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a decision many college students make. In the face of a variety of factors, what are the pros and cons of choosing to go Greek?

The Issues that Matter at Rutgers University

While Rutgers may not be the most politically heated or outspoken university in the United States, there are still a number of political issues that are significant to the school’s students.

The General Political Atmosphere of Rutgers University

The student body that makes up “The State University of New Jersey” seems to have accepted their consistent blue-state status for the most part and shows little need for a heated political atmosphere. 

The Political Climate at UW-Madison: Badgers for Barack?

Students see the importance of their vote, but don’t feel extremely motivated to get active in areas specifically around the election.  While UW-Madison is taking great strides in increasing youth participation in the vote, participation otherwise [...]

Best and Worst Decision of Freshman Year at UCSB

I feel as if I’m running out of time. I may not have even liked the clubs I might have joined, but at least I would be learning something about the school and about myself.

Politics on the UW-Madison Campus

University of Wisconsin is home to some of the world’s leading HIV research; sustainable agricultural methods have been developed on campus the campus itself. However, unless it is one of our nationally renowned parties - Halloween, Mifflin, or…ev [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Freshman Year at Bryn Mawr

Be open to everything, but if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t force it.  With a student body as diverse as Bryn Mawr’s, if you’re willing to look, you’re sure to come across some wonderful friendships. Perhaps when you least expect it.

Case Kids and Politics - The Importance of Keeping the Campus Informed

Under the infamous academic load of Case Western Reserve University, there is a quiet consensus within the student body that Case students are by and large liberal. In lecture halls, on building walls, on doors and windows, “Vote for Obama” sticke [...]

Colgate’s Political Scene Revived

While students might not agree on which candidate they’d like to see sworn in next January, there is one point on which they see eye-to-eye: here at Colgate, being informed is now the norm.

Gays in the Military, Gays on Campus: A look at important political issues at Barnard College

The University’s policy against ROTC recruiters stems from the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell policy.” As Columbia University President Lee Bollinger wrote in an e-mail sent to the student body, “Under the current policy of the Defense Departme [...]

Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints: Charity and Greed

Share the wealth—or start stockpiling your 401(k)? The Unigo Guide to College Saints and Sinners takes a look at schools known for career-oriented Greed, and which are busy doling out the Charity.

The Heart of the Matter: Important Political Issues at BC

With November nearing, the BC campus swirls with political opinions.

Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints: Kindness and Envy

Are your schoolmates happy-go-lucky, or are they stuck in the shadow of the college next door?  The Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints puts the spotlight on schools bursting with Kindness, and others with a noticeable am [...]

Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints: Temperance and Gluttony

Some students want it all, while others prefer all things in moderation.  The Unigo Guide to Sinners and Saints is turning the spotlight on schools that cater to Gluttony and feed your Temperance. Eat up! [...]

Obama Mania at NYU

The long awaited presidential election between Republican candidate John McCain and Democrat, Barack Obama, is heating up the political climate at NYU.  Some students are choosing sides based on the issues, while others are taking a more independe [...]

Activism at Tulane

When it comes to activism and community involvement Tulane reflects a larger New Orleans dichotomy.

Breaking the Political Silence at UD

With the 2008 election only two weeks away, UD students are evaluating the issues that affect them in order to make a decision of who to vote for.  Some of these topics include the War, the economy, and healthcare.

Political Involvement at UVA

The presidential election has had an obvious effect on students across the country, and University of Virginia students are no exception.  As a politically balanced campus, there is a diverse range of opportunities for students to get involved. [...]

The Political Climate at UCSB

UCSB is a highly politically active campus. In fact, we have more registered voters per capita than any other university in the nation according to the United States Student Association.

Freshman Year as I Know It at Pitzer

As I’m beginning my sophomore year, I can’t help but notice how much of a difference a year makes in terms of understanding how and where you are OR knowing yourself and your surroundings . At this point in my college career, I’ve settled into a v [...]

Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints: Diligence and Sloth

Is your campus library a social hotspot or a veritable dead zone? The Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints takes a look at schools with a great deal of Diligence, and others known for their Sloth.

Pitzer on Politico Patrol

At Pitzer college the greatest galvanizer of students is not the big game or a legendary campus party, but rather the nation’s biggest political spectacle  — the presidential election. No topic aggravates or invigorates the average Pitzer student [...]

The 2008 Presidential Election Florida State Style

The Republican voice is definitely not stifled at FSU. With a schedule so over-packed it is difficult for the average college student's attention to be caught by a topic as “boring” as politics. However, the political climate has proven to be very [...]

10 tips from a college commuter

If you’re looking for ways to lower your need for student loans, commuting may be the answer. In two years, I've saved over $20,000 by living at home!

8 college moving tips to make it easier on you

The promise of moving away to college is exciting and adventurous. The process of moving, however, can be a headache. Here are some tips to make moving into your college dorm easier and save you from arguments with your parents.

6 ways to make money as a college student: 2016 edition

As a Millennial, you have lots of unique, valuable, and in-demand skills that you may not even realize. Here are some ways to cash in on your abilities.

Easy recipes you can make with a microwave and a mug

For all the days that the school dining hall just won't cut it, here's a list of DIY mug meals that are manageable from the comfort of your very own dorm room.

8 crazy college clubs

These eight crazy college clubs will make you jealous you're not attending these schools.

Top 10 party schools for 2016

Every school has something that makes it special. According to the Princeton Review, for these 10 schools, that thing is drinking and partying.

8 college dining halls that feel more like a 5-star restaurant

Dorm food is notoriously bad, but these colleges are classing it up and defying the stereotypes. Check out these eight college dining halls you might mistake for a five-star restaurant.

Which college meal plan is right for you?

Picking a college meal plan is not as easy as you may expect. Some colleges have specific plans that are required for incoming freshman and even some transfer students. These plans can run upwards of several thousands of dollars per year, making i [...]

College roommate survival guide

Even if you come from a big family and are used to sharing space with others, nothing quite prepares you for the unique living arrangements found on a college campus.

Essential organizers for your college dorm

Are you heading off to college this fall? You may be surprised at how small your living space may actually be, especially if you are sharing it with several people. It will take a bit of creativity to pack your items from home into your tiny dorm [...]

International Affairs: living with a foreign exchange student

Moving in with a new roommate is always a bit scary, but living with an international student can bring a whole different set of issues. International students may not understand American culture, customs, or college rules. You may find it difficu [...]

How NOT to kill your college roommate

Does your roommate "borrow" your clothes or help herself to your food? Is a freight train quieter than her snoring? If you find living with your current roommate unbearable, follow these easy tips to help smooth things over before you go postal on [...]

Dorm vs. apartment: Which should you choose?

Do you find the thought of sharing space with a total stranger unsettling? Do you think living in an apartment is financially out of reach? Before you make any final decisions about your home for the next semester, take a look at the benefits of b [...]

Fido and Fluffy go to college

Have you started your college packing list yet? For some students, that list will include clothes, a laptop, cleaning supplies and Fido. Yes, you read that right - Fido! See which colleges are turning their campuses into pet-friendly sanctuaries a [...]

Haunted hallowed halls

Heading off to college for the first time can be a bit scary, but these universities take the 'scare' factor to a whole new level!  Read about some of the spookiest college campuses in the U.S. You may discover some campus ghost stories you can sh [...]

College living spaces: new semester, new look

I love looking ahead to the beginning of a new semester; it's like getting a clean slate and starting all over again!  The upcoming fall term not only provides an opportunity to meet a new roomie, but students can design their new living spaces, a [...]

Winter break: what not to pack

Before you head home from college for winter break, take a good look at what you have accumulated over the semester in your dorm or campus apartment. Now's the time to weed through your closets, desk drawers and more. You'll be surprised to find o [...]

Maximizing minimal space

Is your dorm room cluttered? Is the space in your campus apartment too small? It might be time for a makeover! Utilize these decorating tips for students to create new space that is both functional and fashionable!

College roommates 101

It's not always easy to adjust to college when you suddenly find yourself rooming with another student at college. Discover how to create a harmonious living space with your new college roommate. These practical tips for students with roommates wi [...]

5 cool gadgets for your dorm room

Time to hit the stores and start shopping for your dorm room. But, before you spend a fortune on items you don't need, take a look at five gadgets that should definitely make your list. From fun to frugal, these items are sure to improve your coll [...]

8 sites for college dorm survival

Living in a dorm is something that the vast majority of college students have to endure for at least a year. Here are some tips and Web sites to help you survive key aspects of dorm life: roommates, relationships, noise, the bathroom and drab déco [...]

Have other friends, and 9 other ways to swing life with a roommate

Don’t be passive-aggressive. Confrontation is hard. Absolutely. But glaring at your roommate won’t solve the problem of the pile of nearly radioactive, unwashed laundry taking over the floor, and neither will inviting other people in to say, “Gee, [...]

How to afford your room and board

How to Afford Your Room and Board

Survive your roommate

Roommate: it’s a loaded word that can elicit a variety of emotions and memories, depending on who you ask. Some adore the roommates they’ve had. They come away from the living experience enriched and with an endless supply of fun memories.

What I wish I'd known about college dorm life

What if I can't stand my roommate? How will we deal with dormroom hookups? What's it like to shower in co-ed bathrooms? Students who know the ropes of dorm life weigh in on how to get along with your new neighbors.

An inside look at college dorms

Party dorm? Quiet dorm? Right next to the dining hall? 15 minutes from campus? If you’re heading to college soon, you're probably curious about the place where you'll be sleeping—and working, meeting friends, and hanging out—for the next year. Wan [...]

You're filthy: cleaning supplies for college dorms

Most of us lead dirty college existences that would make our mothers cringe. And we’re not just talking about your scandalous social life: a filthy room doesn’t attract happy chi, so these easy tools are must-haves for your stinky space.

Best hardware to turn your computer into your dorm's entertainment center

Turn your bland dorm room into an entertainment center. 

How to deal with an annoying roommate

Tips and tricks on dealing with annoying roommates.

Best Tech for Better Roommate Relations

Keep the roommate relationship cordial with these cool tech products 

The Stress of Moving OUT of a College Dorm

Antagonistic roommate leads one girl to seek another room.

Best Gadgets for a Dorm Room of the Future

The very best gadgets to make your dorm the most futuristic looking room on campus 

How I survived dorm life, and how you will too

Before I explain how I survived living in the dorms my freshman year, I should probably describe what I was like a month before my move-in date. The 18-year-old version of me, among other quirks, was a huge worrier.

Should colleges be allowed to ban alcohol on their campuses?

Underage drinking is illegal, but is it a college administration’s right and responsibility to police drinking on campus?

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