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What Are Scholarships By Major?

Scholarships by major are financial awards available to students in specific programs of study. These scholarships for college majors can be based on a variety of factors, such as merit, need-based, or academic performance. Scholarships may also be awarded for other criteria like community service, leadership, athletic accomplishments and more.

Depending on the scholarship, students may receive awards ranging from a few hundred dollars to full tuition coverage. The amount of the scholarship award, as well as the criteria for eligibility, will vary by institution and program of study.

Scholarship Opportunities For College Majors

Scholarships for college majors are available from many different sources. Students should research the various scholarship programs offered by the universities and colleges they are considering, as well as national organizations such as those sponsored by professional associations or corporations.

The U.S. Department of Education also provides scholarships to students in specific fields through grants and other funding opportunities. Additionally, students should look for local organizations that may offer aid to those pursuing specific majors or programs of study.

When applying for major scholarships, students should be sure that they meet the eligibility criteria of each program and submit a complete and accurate application. Doing so increases the chances of receiving an award.

10 Scholarships By Major You Should Apply For In 2023

1. The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

2. The Microsoft Scholarship Program

3. The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

4. The American Association of University Women International Fellowships

5. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship Programme

6. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholars Program

7. The USA Funds Access to Education Scholarships

8. The National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program

9. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program

10. The AMCAS Minority Scholarship Program

These are just a few of the many scholarships available by major, and there are likely other programs that could match your field of study.

How To Find A Major Specific Scholarship Opportunity?

There are a variety of resources available to help students find major specific scholarships. Many universities and colleges list the scholarships they offer on their websites, as do professional associations related to the student’s field of study.

In addition, sites like Fastweb, and FinAid list scholarships by major, allowing students to quickly and easily search for relevant awards. Students can also use search engines like Google to locate scholarships that are available in their fields of study.

Finally, students should always check with the financial aid office at their college or university for any additional scholarship opportunities that may be available.

How To Apply for A Major Specific Scholarship?

The application process for scholarships by major can vary depending on the specific program. Generally, applicants will need to provide an essay or personal statement outlining their achievements or goals and how they plan to use the scholarship funds.

In addition, students may be required to submit transcripts, recommendation letters and other supporting documents as part of their applications. Lastly, applicants should read the scholarship guidelines carefully to ensure that all required materials are included and that their applications meet the eligibility requirements.

Applying for major scholarships is a great way to fund your college education, and there are numerous major-specific programs available. With careful research and a complete application, students can maximize their chances of receiving an award.

Are There Major Scholarship Opportunity For High School Students?

Yes, there are major specific scholarship opportunities for high school students. There are numerous national scholarships available that are tailored to specific fields of study, such as engineering or the sciences. High schoolers can also take advantage of merit-based awards offered by various universities and colleges.

In addition, high school students should look into local scholarships that may be available from their city or town. Finally, professional organizations related to the student’s field of study may also offer scholarships specifically for high schoolers.

Can I Apply For Scholarships If I Have An Undecided Major?

Yes, it is possible to apply for scholarships even if you don’t yet know what your major will be. Many scholarships are available regardless of a student’s field of study or intended career path. For example, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program awards scholarships to students regardless of their major or career plans.

In addition, certain scholarships for college majors may require that applicants express an interest in a particular field. For example, the Barry M Goldwater Scholarship is designed to encourage students to pursue careers in math, science or engineering.

In this case, applicants do not need to declare their major as long as they demonstrate a commitment to one of these fields. Therefore, it is important to read the application guidelines carefully in order to determine if a particular scholarship is open to students with an undecided major.

How Many Scholarships By Major Can I Apply?

The number of scholarships by major that a student can apply for depends on the individual program. Generally speaking, students should apply to as many scholarships as they are eligible for in order to maximize their chances of receiving an award.

In addition, it is important for students to carefully research each scholarship before submitting an application so that they are aware of any special requirements or restrictions. For example, some scholarships may be limited to students studying in specific countries or states.

List Of Scholarships By Major

Accounting Scholarships

Numbers and budgeting money are kind of your things. That’s why you know how important it is to start your search for college scholarships. Accounting majors can apply to this list of awards for their chance to add some extra money to their savings funds. Start searching and applying online today!

AWARDS:  1,552

Advertising Scholarships

If you’re persuasive, creative, artistic, and maybe a little "mad," then you just may be majoring in advertising. Use your compelling skills to help find free money for college. A great place to start is right here with this directory of scholarships for advertising majors. Browse and apply online today!

AWARDS:  669

Agriculture Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students majoring in agriculture, livestock and dairy sciences, and other fields of study related to agribusiness. Click here to browse our collection of scholarships for agriculture students, and find out how to apply today!

AWARDS:  1,254

Architecture Scholarships

Building skyscrapers and landmarks are what you dream of, but building a large amount of student debt isn’t the way to get there. Scholarships for architecture majors are a great way to add to your college savings and help decrease the student loans you may need. Browse our directory of architecture scholarships, and apply online for a chance to win.

AWARDS:  304

Art Scholarships

Not all artists are starving. In fact, for artists that are truly passionate about their creative talent, it can prove to be a great career path. If you have a love for the arts — whether it’s visual, performing, or applied art — you could get free money for college. Check out our art scholarship directory and apply today!

AWARDS:  13,270

Aviation Scholarships

A career in aviation isn't just for pilots! Scholarships are available for students pursuing degrees in aircraft maintenance, aeronatical engineering, air traffic management, and aviation business administration. Click here to view our listing of aviation scholarships and learn how to apply for aid today!

AWARDS:  192

Biology Scholarships

This list includes our entire collection of scholarships for biology majors and students who show an interest or aptitude for biology. Click here to find the biology scholarships you're eligible for, and apply today!


Business and Marketing Scholarships

These scholarships are open to business and marketing majors.

AWARDS:  3,928

Civil Engineering Scholarships

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as residences, institutional buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, and railways. You’ll be happy to learn that there are hundreds of civil engineering scholarships available to you!

AWARDS:  111
TOTAL:  356K

Communications Scholarships

Communication skills are important for everyone — but it’s the communication majors who can take advantages of this list of scholarships! There are so many different career paths for those who study communications in college, including journalism, public relations, broadcasting, and more. Use your skills in communication and apply to these major-specific scholarships today!

AWARDS:  702

Computer Science Scholarships

Technology is ever-changing, making computer science a rapidly growing field. There are many scholarship opportunities emerging for students pursuing a career in computer science. Check here if you want to learn computer science or start a career in information technology.

AWARDS:  12,745

Cosmetology Scholarships

Do you feel like your future career is a cut above the rest? Are you dye-ing to find ways to help pay for cosmetology school? Don’t be foiled by finances. Check out this list of awards for cosmetologists that can help you pay for tuition at beauty school.

AWARDS:  7,887

Counseling Scholarships

If you're considering being a counselor, browse this directory to see which scholarship can help pay for your education.

TOTAL:  354K

Criminal Justice Scholarships

Criminal justice majors can find a variety of scholarships tailored for those studying criminal investigation, forensic science, or law enforcement. If you wish to pursue a career in criminal justice, check our list of major-specific scholarships.

AWARDS:  10,584

Culinary Arts Scholarships

Chefs, cooks, and caterers can earn some extra dough for college with these scholarship opportunities specifically for culinary majors. We’ve cooked up a great list for students studying culinary arts in our Scholarship Directory. Browse our list and apply today.

AWARDS:  8,767

Cybersecurity Scholarships

Digital threats are increasingly serious, and so too are cybersecurity schools and employers. A degree in cybersecurity can open up a variety of corporate, military, and public service jobs - and many of these companies and governmental organizations are also providing scholarships to help pay for those degrees. Read on to learn more about some of the top scholarships for cybersecurity majors.

TOTAL:  642K

Dance Scholarships

Whether the style is ballet, modern, tap, or jazz, students studying dance will twirl at the opportunity to earn free money for college. These dance scholarships are right on "pointe" to help you pay for school! Browse our list of scholarships for dance majors and apply online today.

AWARDS:  809

Dental Scholarships

Dental School Scholarships are the perfect option to help pay for your studies as a dentist or other related fields. Some dental associations and companies offer scholarships, fellowships, and grants to dental students. Search funding opportunities and apply today!

TOTAL:  672K

Design Scholarships

Designers have many options for showing their creativity, such as computer graphics, fashion, product, and interior design. Students pursuing a degree in design also have many scholarship options available to them. If you have an eye for design, check out this directory of scholarships for design majors.

AWARDS:  8,383

Economics Scholarships

In economics, you’ll undoubtedly learn about supply and demand. Here at ScholarshipExperts, we’ve heard the demand from students for ways to help pay for college or grad school — so here’s our supply! If you plan to study economics, check out this list of scholarship awards for economics majors and apply online today.

AWARDS:  624

Education Scholarships

Future teachers, principals, and counselors know the importance of learning. These students entering the education industry also have the opportunity for scholarships specific to education majors. Search our list for an education scholarship and apply today.

AWARDS:  6,745

Engineering Scholarships

Students who plan to learn about nuclear energy, manufacturing, computer hardware, mining, or electronics can study what’s considered one of the most valuable majors: engineering. They can also find many rewarding opportunities with these scholarships offered to engineering majors.

AWARDS:  12,679
TOTAL:  112M

English Scholarships

For students studying English in college, there’s no short supply of scholarship opportunities. You may already know of essay and writing scholarships, but did you know that there are also unique awards available specifically to English majors? That’s right, and we have a list specifically designated in our directory. Start your search for scholarships for English majors.

AWARDS:  3,743

Fashion Scholarships

Do you dream of becoming the next Coco Chanel or Christian Dior? If you plan to study fashion in college, be sure to check out these scholarships for fashion majors. Unlike the latest trends, free money for school will always be in style. Browse our list of fashion scholarships, and apply for the chance to win.

AWARDS:  8,102

Film Scholarships

Whether you are a film major or enjoy making videos as a hobby, there are scholarships to apply for. Film scholarships reward artistic talents. Many are open to students who want to direct a movie or work in television. Browse and apply today!

TOTAL:  585K

Finance Scholarships

If you're considering attending school for finance and are in need of funding, browse this directory to see what scholarship you qualify for that can help pay for your finance education!


Foreign Language Scholarships

No matter what language you plan to study in college, free college money speaks to just about every student. If you plan to pursue a degree in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Italian, or another language, check out this list of foreign language scholarships to help you pay for school. Browse and apply for awards online today.

AWARDS:  3,188

Gaming Scholarships

Gaming scholarships are for high school and college video gamers or studying interactive gaming for the video game industry. There are hundreds of awards to win. Apply now!

AWARDS:  144
TOTAL:  649K

Graphic Design Scholarships

If you're a student with a passion for graphic design, you should browse this directory and find a graphic design scholarship that best suits you!


Healthcare Scholarships

Health care spans many sub fields, making it full of scholarship opportunities. As such, you may find healthcare scholarships for allied health or medical science majors too.

AWARDS:  215

History Scholarships

If you major in history, browse this directory to see which history scholarships can help fund your education!


Information Technology Scholarships

The constant need for individuals working in Information Technology (IT) is always on the rise. If you're studying to be an IT, browse this directory to see which IT scholarship you're eligible for!


Journalism Scholarships

Extra, extra! Whether it’s print, online, radio, or TV — students entering the journalism or broadcast field may be eligible for journalism scholarships to help pay for college. View our full list of journalism and communications scholarships and apply today!

AWARDS:  955

Law Scholarships

If you’re ready to help serve justice, but you’re not planning to become a superhero any time soon — then you may be looking to pursue a degree in law. Since you’ll be in school for a good while, why not begin your search for free college money now? This directory of scholarships for law majors is a great place to start.

AWARDS:  10,173

Major-specific Scholarships

Check this list to see if a scholarship is offered for your field of study.

AWARDS:  304

Math Scholarships

If you’ve been running the numbers and wondering how you can pay for your degree in math, we have the perfect formula. Scholarships for mathematicians can help make finding “x” amount of dollars easier than algebra. Discover your “absolute value” with this directory of scholarships for math majors.

AWARDS:  5,985

Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

Students interested in pursuing careers in Mechanical Engineering are encouraged to browse this directory to help fund their studies!

AWARDS:  153
TOTAL:  782K

Medical Scholarships

Students who plan to become tomorrow's doctors know that they have a lot of schooling ahead of them — which could mean a lot of money! Luckily, pre-med students have access to many different medical scholarships and grants that can assist them in paying for med school. Search our full list of medical scholarships and apply today.

AWARDS:  18,281
TOTAL:  121M

Music Scholarships

These scholarships could be music to your ears if you’re a music major. Musicians wanting to continue their education with a degree in music have several scholarship opportunities available to help pay for school. Browse and apply to our list of scholarships for music majors, and you could be singing all the way to the bank.

AWARDS:  8,411

Pharmacy School Scholarships

If you're attending pharmacy school and are in need of funding, feel free to browse this directory and see which scholarship can help fund your education!

TOTAL:  136K

Photography Scholarships

Visual arts students who major in photography may find many scholarships to apply for. Some love photography as an artistic hobby or for professional usage such as documenting news and or history. If you love photography, here's an impressive list of photography scholarships that can get you studying to fulfill your passion, while reducing or eliminating the need for student loans!

TOTAL:  316K

Physical Therapy Scholarships

Physical therapists help people recover and manage mobility issues and pain. They work in clinics, private offices, hospitals, patients’ homes and nursing homes. And are in demand now more than ever. There are scholarships for people in their first, second or third year of a DPT degree program. Some awards come from physical therapy agencies. While others come from colleges with accredited PT programs. Private donors and allied health providers offer them too. To apply for a scholarship, you have to find out if you are eligible. This may mean showing a level of financial need, merit or a blend of both. Browse and apply today!


Poetry Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students who are majoring in poetry as well as students who submit original poetry through various poetry contests. Click here to browse our collection of poetry scholarships and learn how to apply today!

TOTAL:  572K

Political Science Scholarships

These political science scholarships are designed to help students who are interested in government, politics, and public administration. Awards are available for undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates who are looking for loan forgiveness, and even to the children of public servants. Click here to learn more about scholarships for political science students, and find out how you can apply!

AWARDS:  180

Psychology Scholarships

The different behavior traits of people can be quite fascinating, so it’s no wonder that a degree in psychology is growing in popularity. For future psychiatrists and psychologists, the costs of college can get a little crazy. This list of scholarships for psychology majors is enough to get anyone “psyched” about free college dollars.

AWARDS:  655

Public Health Scholarships

A wide variety of scholarships are available for students pursuing majors and careers in public health fields. Click here to browse our entire collection of public health scholarships and apply today!

AWARDS:  165

Real Estate Scholarships

If you're in school for your real estate license and are in need of funding, browse this directory to see what scholarships can help pay for your real estate education!

TOTAL:  178K

Scholarships for Nursing Students

Registered Nurses (RN) are in high demand — and the career prospects are growing. Students planning to become nurses are eligible for several nursing scholarship opportunities to help pay for nursing school. Search our list of nursing scholarships and apply today!

AWARDS:  100
TOTAL:  464K

Science Scholarships

Studying science can give you a better understanding of the world around you. Whether it’s biology, chemistry, or physics, science can open our eyes to new discoveries. You don’t have to be an Einstein, though, to win free money to study science in college. Experiment with this directory of scholarships for science majors to find a cure for student debt.

AWARDS:  7,907

Social Work Scholarships

If you're majoring in a field related to social work, there are scholarships available for you! We've collected financial aid opportunities from various schools, religious organizations, professional associations, and other sponsors who are helping social work majors pay for school. Click here to learn more about these programs and how to apply!

TOTAL:  189K

Special Education Scholarships

Special Education Scholarships are available for students pursuing a degree in special education. Browse this directory and find the perfect scholarship to help fund your education today!


STEM Scholarships

STEM scholarships are a kind of financial aid to help pay for a STEM degree. College majors like science, technology, engineering, math and any related fields may have awards. There are even women in STEM scholarships and ones for minority students.

AWARDS:  697

Theatre Scholarships

All the world’s a stage! So, we’ve set this "stage" up just for theatre majors. Thespians wishing to continue their passion in college with a theatre major have hundreds of scholarship opportunities waiting for them. Skip the drama of student debt, and check out this list of scholarships for theatre majors.

AWARDS:  993

Welding Scholarships

These scholarships are available for students who are pursuing a certificate or degree in welding and other metalworking technologies.

AWARDS:  575

Writing Scholarships

If you love to write, then you are in luck with scholarships! There are hundreds of different creative essay scholarships to help writers win money for college. Did you also know that there are scholarships specifically for writing and literature majors, too? If you’re at a writer’s block for how to pay for college, check out our directory of scholarships for writing majors.

AWARDS:  1,504