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How Could Finance Scholarships Help Pay for Your College?

A finance major studies accounting, the economy, statistics, and math. These areas support the financial management skills that drive company and client profits. Once you graduate, a bachelor’s degree in finance may pave the way for a range of high growth careers. You could find many finance scholarships in order to help pay for your finance degree.

A college scholarship award is a sum of money that helps pay down the costs of a degree without asking you to pay it back. Award amounts may also help pay your tuition and fees, room and board. These may be renewable for the length of your degree program. 

Business majors who also plan to study finance could look for these awards at schools with a college of business. Also check GFOA or the Government Finance Officers Association. They provide financial assistance with several annual programs . Nonprofits and private companies rely on smart financial planning and may be a great resource for financial aid too.

10 Scholarships for Finance You Should Apply for in 2021

Look for finance major scholarships that you may qualify for. Double check eligibility requirements and submit your scholarship application before the deadline. It might be worth earning these awards than borrowing student loans. 

  1. Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship
  2. GFOA Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
  3. 1st Financial Bank USA Financial Goals Scholarship 
  4. Rabo AgriFinance Scholarship
  5. Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship 
  6. Daniel B. Goldberg and Miller Public Finance Scholarship 
  7. The Dan Calugar Finance Scholarship
  8. MPOWER Financing’s Global Citizen Scholarship 
  9. Wells Fargo American Indian Scholarship 
  10. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program 

What Types of Scholarships for Finance Students are Available? 

Finance and business administration college students may qualify for various scholarships. Besides your finance major, these awards may go to college students with unmet financial need or merit. Other criteria also include minimum GPA, your finance degree program, or member of a professional association.

They may also ask about your academic achievement, community service and extracurricular activities. You may need to study a certain major such as risk management, insurance, public finance, or actuarial science. You also typically need to be either a full time student or enrolled part time.

Finance Scholarships for High School Seniors

Whether you are planning to attend community college or start a four year college degree, there are scholarships to apply for in your senior year of high school.  Show off your financial skills by applying to the U.S. Bank Student Scholarship. You may complete short online lessons such as how to manage student loans and create a budget. All for a chance to win up to $20,000.

Scholarships for Master’s and PhD in Finance 

Various fellowships and finance scholarships exist for finance graduate students. The AICPA Fellowship for Minority Doctoral Students is one award. It is for aspiring CPAs who are also a minority student and enrolled (or plan to enroll) in a doctoral accounting program. 

Finance Scholarships for Minority Students

There are awards for minority students studying finance. One award for Native American students is the American Indian Education Fund. You need a 2.0 GPA to apply for scholarships of up to $2,000. For Hispanic students, check out the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards. These are for high school seniors who excel in business and finance.

For African American students, make sure to check the offerings of the United Negro College Fund. UNCF partners with HBCUs and one of their programs is the Smartwool Scholarship. It will provide 10 need based awards to college students majoring in finance from North Carolina and Tennessee.

Women in Finance Scholarships

Scholarship funds are also set aside for women in finance. One award is called the Foundation of AFWA Master’s Scholarship. To qualify, you need a minimum GPA of 3.0. Acceptable majors are accounting and finance. AFWA also offers an undergraduate award for female students with at least 60 credits of college complete. It also requires a 3.0 GPA. You must be a full time undergraduate student.

Banking Scholarships

Several global investment banking firms offer finance scholarships. Goldman Sachs offers a MBA Fellowship. It is for graduate students and worth $35,000 plus a sign on bonus if applicable.  There are also finance scholarships for specific states and if you are pursuing a banking related field. One resource for Missouri students is from the Missouri Bankers Association. The MBA InternConnect Scholarship is an annual award of $1,000. Applicants must reside in Missouri or attend an accredited Missouri college. 

Helpful Tips to Apply for Scholarships in Finance

Scholarships for finance could be competitive so set yourself up for success with these helpful tips.

1. Clean up your online profiles. 

Many careers in finance rely on ethics and trust. Some colleges and other providers check social media feeds when assessing applicants. 

2. Research awards based on your finance major, interests and goals.

Many professional groups offer annual scholarships in finance. Save the dates for each award you’re planning to apply to. Meanwhile do some research so you could show the sponsor organization how your goals match theirs. 

3. Don’t miss a deadline.

Stay organized and create a timeline of your applications. You may want to schedule time to also file the FAFSA and get your application materials together.

4. Provide all the necessary information and documents

An application often lists specifics. Essay word count, file type (PDF, Word Doc, etc.). Stick to the format so as not to be disqualified.

5. Be yourself and tell your story.

If you have to write an essay, be authentic as well as professional. Think of it as a written job interview where you put your best foot forward in a way the reader could get to know you and why you deserve a scholarship. 

6. Proofread everything.

Before you click on submit, check spelling and use of words such as “there” vs “their”. Enlist help from a teacher, mentor, coach or trusted to double check your essay and application.

7. Make copies of your essay and application but don’t cut, copy, and paste.

You should tailor your answers to each scholarship application instead of using the same essay twice. But, keeping copies of your application is smart “just in case” it gets lost in the mail.

List of Finance Scholarships

Check out our list of finance scholarships worth $.

Richard D. Wiegers Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

The Illinois Real Estate Foundation offers a $1,000 Dick Wiegers Scholarship Fund to an eligible Illinois resident pursuing a college degree in the field of Business, Law, Finance or a graduate program in Business.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  April 01

Richard D. Wiegers Scholarship for Graduate Students

The Illinois Real Estate Foundation offers a $1,000 Dick Wiegers Scholarship Fund to an eligible Illinois resident pursuing a college degree in the field of Business, Law, Finance or a graduate program in Business.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  April 01

Willa S. Bellamy Scholarship

The Willa S. Bellamy Scholarship from the GFOASC provides one scholarship of $1,000 to students seeking to enter the field of government finance.
Award Amount

Total:  $1500

Awards:  1


Deadline:  April 07

New York Financial Writers’ Association Scholarships

NYFWA awards five scholarships of $3,000 each to enrolled undergraduate or graduate journalism students in the tri-state New York area.
Award Amount

Total:  $75000

Awards:  5


Deadline:  April 15

AG Morgan Grant

Welcome to the AG Morgan Grant for Entrepreneurs, a scholarship fund designed to support the next generation of business leaders. The grant is named after AG Morgan Financial Advisors, LLC, a full-service financial planning firm dedicated to helping clients achieve financial independence. The AG Morgan Grant is an annual scholarship that provides $1,000 in funding to one outstanding student who dreams of running a business one day.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  November 15

FBEF Forgivable Loan Scholarship

This loan forgiveness program is available for Florida college juniors, seniors, and graduate students who are attending an eligible college. Students must major in business, economics, finance, accounting, business administration, or other bank related majors and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
Award Amount

Total:  $500000

Awards:  10


Deadline:  February 01

The MBA InternConnect Scholarship Program

The Missouri Bankers Foundation will award up to five $1,000 MBA InternConnect Scholarships annually to college students who have completed an internship with an MBA-member bank within one year of the application deadline.
Award Amount

Total:  $25000

Awards:  5


Deadline:  October 07

NAFA Corporate Aviation Business Scholarship

The NAFA Corporate Aviation Business Scholarship range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are for qualified applicants attending Colleges and Universities offering course work in Accounting, Business Marketing, Economics, and/or Finance, with a focus on Aviation Business/Management.
Award Amount

Total:  $5000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  November 30

UNCF/ Smartwool – Go far. Feel good. Scholarship Program

In partnership with UNCF, Smartwool offers one $2,500 Go Far Feel Good Scholarship to college sophomores and juniors who attend a partner HBCU in either Tennessee or North Carolina.
Award Amount

Total:  $250000

Awards:  10


Deadline:  April 28

Mid-Atlantic STA Foundation Scholarship

The Mid-Atlantic STA Foundation offers scholarships worth $14,000. Two $2,000 scholarships for high school seniors and two $5,000 college/university scholarships.
Award Amount

Total:  $56000

Awards:  4


Deadline:  June 15