College Visits

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What is an unofficial visit?

Athletic Recruiting

The value of a campus visit: tips from behind the desk

Have you ever seen a university brochure with photos taken during a New England winter storm featuring homesick students wearing inappropriate attire eating cereal for dinner? Of course not. Will you see this scenario played out during your campus [...]

Parents and campus visits: What NOT to do

In my work with students I discuss what to do on a campus visit, what to look for, what to ask, what to wear. But often, it is the parents who need the advice!

Checklist: What to look for during campus visits

As you visit different colleges, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many buildings, programs and informational tours. Preparing a preplanned checklist of what you want to see and do while on campus is advantageous.

Top eleven tips for college visits

Many families only have time to visit college campuses in the summer. Here is my list of the top eleven things to do and see on a college visit.

How to visit a college

What to do and ask on a college visit.

Tough economic times prompt new questions for college visits

Many colleges have maintained or have even increased financial aid for the coming academic year in order to meet the needs of the increasing number of families unable to pay the full cost. Some schools continue to devote resources to financial aid [...]