College Visits

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Take a Virtual Campus Tour

Take a Virtual Campus Tours By lwilliams We live in the future. Think about it. Cars park themselves, robots vacuum our homes, and we carry computers in our pockets. The only thing missing is a hoverboard (you have until next year, Mattel!). So, why [...]

Planning your college visits

Planning your college visits By Penny Deck The college search process is an exciting time but can be overwhelming. Deciding on where to spend your college years is an important decision and one you should not take lightly.  Careful res [...]

College visit checklist

Your college visit checklist

What is an Official Visit?

Athletic Recruiting

What is an unofficial visit?

Athletic Recruiting

The value of a campus visit: tips from behind the desk

Have you ever seen a university brochure with photos taken during a New England winter storm featuring homesick students wearing inappropriate attire eating cereal for dinner? Of course not. Will you see this scenario played out during your campus [...]

Parents and campus visits: What NOT to do

In my work with students I discuss what to do on a campus visit, what to look for, what to ask, what to wear. But often, it is the parents who need the advice!