College Visits

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Parents and campus visits: What NOT to do

In my work with students I discuss what to do on a campus visit, what to look for, what to ask, what to wear. But often, it is the parents who need the advice!

Top Eleven Tips For College Visits

Many families only have time to visit college campuses in the summer. Here is my list of the top eleven things to do and see on a college visit.

Take a Virtual Campus Tour

Take a Virtual Campus Tours By Unigo As technology continues to advance, the college search process has become more accessible than ever. With thousands of student reviews available online, you can learn about colleges from the students who go there. [...]

How to visit a college

What to do and ask on a college visit.

College Visit: Questions to Ask on your Overnight Stay

Decision letters have arrived and—surprise! You’ve been accepted to your top-choice schools. Now that you’re deciding where to go, one of your best sources of uncensored information is the overnight campus visit. The work isn’t over just because a [...]

Tough Economic Times Prompt New Questions For College Visits

Many colleges have maintained or have even increased financial aid for the coming academic year in order to meet the needs of the increasing number of families unable to pay the full cost. Some schools continue to devote resources to financial aid [...]

College visit checklist

Your college visit checklist