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From Straight-Laced to Unlaced: Women’s Colleges in the Twentieth Century

In the first half of the twentieth century, middle- and upper-class white, American women were expected to get married and raise families. Job options were limited: women in medicine were nurses, not doctors; women in education were teachers, not [...]

9 HBCUs in Texas You Should Know About

Texas is home to many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). These schools offer a unique experience and culture that cannot be found at other universities. HBCUs in Texas provide an opportunity for students to learn about their histor [...]

What’s the Deal with Pre-Professional Programs?

What do pre-law, pre-business, and pre-med tracks require? What kinds of students should consider these programs? And what careers do each prepare students to pursue?

Online Coding Bootcamp

Online coding bootcamps offer various options for learning how to code. Online coding bootcamps are ideal for career changers and are more affordable than traditional four year college.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital marketing bootcamps offer a way to learn core digital marketing skills quickly. These bootcamps are designed specifically to teach digital marketing skills to students who need them. Learn about different digital marketing bootcamps to get ce [...]

Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science bootcamps teach your various programming languages, data analysis, web development and other tech skills. Learn about different online data science bootcamps to become certified.

What it’s like to Attend a School with a Small, Moderate, or Intense Party Scene

Right up there with academics and athletics, students have strong opinions about how their school is viewed in terms of its party scene. Some take pride in a prevalent rowdy, boozy culture, while others like partying at their campus to be kept to [...]