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What’s the Deal with Pre-Professional Programs?

What do pre-law, pre-business, and pre-med tracks require? What kinds of students should consider these programs? And what careers do each prepare students to pursue?

Location, Location, Location: Locating the difference between the rural, urban, and college town undergraduate experience

The three-word phrase, “location, location, location” has traditionally been employed as a real estate adage.  While prospective college students don’t really have to worry about real estate tips, they should pay attention to that tried and true m [...]

Black History Month: List of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve compiled a list of historically black colleges and universities. Here, we’ll show where they’ve been, how they’re doing, and where they’re going.

What College Is Right for Me?

Although figuring out how to choose a college is overwhelming, just by reading this article you are closer to answering the question: What college should I go to?

How to choose the right college: considering cost and return on investment

Finding the right college for you might sound daunting, but understanding the costs of college can help you make the right decision. Learn more.

The college search: where to begin

Applying to college can be overwhelming and stressful for high school students. With over 4,000 four-year colleges in the United States, it is easy to feel confused. Here’s how to get started.

10 colleges that don't require SAT or ACT scores

Even a genius can do poorly on tests. Here's a list of schools that don't require them.

5 reasons to attend a community college before a four-year university

Community college is an affordable way to stack up your credits, gain a new perspective, figure out your career goals, and raise your GPA before enrolling in a four-year college.

The ultimate college fair guide

Are you college fair prepared? Learn what to bring and what to ask so you can get the most out of your college fair experience.

Is College Scorecard missing the point?

The White House's College Scorecard website is trying to hold colleges more accountable for their students' success. But is it missing the point?

Top 10 Colleges That Will Kick Your Butt

 Even if you're among the most dedicated scholars, overachievers or self-proclaimed dorks, these ten colleges will kick your butt and and expect you to ask for more.

The "best" college vs. the right college: how to make the right choice

We all want to get into the "best" college. But the best-ranked college isn't always the right choice. Find out how to choose the right college for you.

Getting more out of campus tours, college fairs and info sessions

Think of this as the free trial before you decide to buy. 

Does class size matter?

We’ve all seen those college advertisements that tout their Small Classes and Personal Attention. In the past decade, higher learning institutions have struggled with balancing the steadily increasing population of applicants while maintaining the [...]

Finding the perfect fit: a college sizing guide

Colleges don’t exactly come in one size that fits all. There are schools as small as a few dozen students and others that have the populations of small countries. Various student body sizes produce drastically different college experiences, so it [...]

How far from home do you want to be?

It’s a tough choice: on the one hand, you’ve been at home all your life, and there would be nothing so comfortable as to attend the local community college five minutes down the road; on the other hand, you’ve been at home all your life and nothin [...]

What it’s like to attend a school with a small, moderate, or intense party scene

Right up there with academics and athletics, students have strong opinions about how their school is viewed in terms of its party scene. Some take pride in a prevalent rowdy, boozy culture, while others like partying at their campus to be kept to [...]

Little things can be a big deal

Take a moment to consider a few of these factors when you’re narrowing down the list of potential schools.

How to cope with your parents during campus visits

“Happy families are all alike; every family visiting colleges is difficult in its own way.” And thus begins Tolstoy’s great masterpiece, Anna Karenina Applies to College.

Get started, get in: Unigo's guide to the college search

Welcome to the college search! Your mission is to get from the thousands of excellent higher-ed options to the one school that's right for you. Got questions? Oh yes you do. Unigo's here to help you find your way through the college-search maze 't [...]

Going to the UK for a college degree: Why you should consider and how to do it

Going to school in the UK can mean a world-class education and an international experience at a price well below that of a private, four-year American university. Most universities in the UK accept financial aid provided by the U.S. federal govern [...]

The British undergraduate experience: So how different is it anyway?

Punting, pounds, pubs—it can all seem so foreign. How much does the British undergrad experience really differ from the American one?

How community colleges have improved

Community colleges are becoming more innovative to mimic the amenities and programs offered at larger colleges and universities.

Is community college right for you?

Attending a community college can save you time and money on your way to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Finding the right college fit for students with physical disabilities

If you are a student about to enter your senior year of high school, summer is probably a well-deserved breather following a year that may have felt like a marathon of finals, extra-curricular commitments and standardized testing.  However, the re [...]

Guidebooks, rankings and relatives, oh my

How much should you trust college guides and the opinions of friends and relatives when choosing a school?

Picking a college: one student’s approach

When Kira, a National Honors Society student and gifted athlete was thinking about college, she decided to take a less traditional route than that followed by many of her fellow schoolmates who dreamed of admission to highly selective New England [...]

When choosing a college, what really matters?

How heavily should you weigh a college’s prestige? Should you take the size of its student body into account? What about cost? Find out what matters—and what doesn’t—as you go through your college search.

Location Location Location

Top 10 Schools Whose Locales are the Envy of Family and Friends

March newsletter for Juniors

Dear Juniors, This month is the perfect time to kick off your college search. Maybe you've already gotten a head start visited a few nearby campuses, browsed some .edu websites, or even attended a local college fair. If so, give

Why freshmen retention rates matter

When you are evaluating colleges, here’s a question that you’ve gotta ask: How happy are the freshmen?

Determine your final list

Here are a few other areas to consider that will help you narrow your college list.

Why xyz university? Ask alumni

The thousands of alumni who have graduated from the schools on your list are a great resource to you as you finalize your plans for next year.

The 10 most politically active schools

Being political can mean different things to different students at different schools.

July newsletter for parents of Juniors

The college admissions process may seem far away during the hazy days of summer, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already begun thinking about it. It’s never too early to start planning for college, and there are plenty of

Is a Private College Education Really Better?

By unigooffice If you ask many high school seniors, the ultimate college dream may be to attend an Ivy League school, such as Harvard University or Yale University. These schools represent the highest pinnacle in a college education, and many st [...]

Why be a College Athlete?

Athletic Recruiting

Parent's Checklist

Parent's Checklist for College Bound Kids  

Parents: Researching colleges in 10 minutes

It doesn’t take long to form a pretty good idea of whether your child’s college choices are financially realistic. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in the time it would take to eat a bowl of ice cream. So start the timer and let [...]

May Newsletter for Parents of Juniors

As your child's junior year comes to a close, the college search is just beginning. May is a great time for your child to begin making a list of colleges you may want to apply to, visiting nearby campuses, and

July Newsletter for Juniors

The college admissions process may seem far away during the hazy days of summer, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already begun thinking about it. It’s never too early to start planning for college, and there are plenty of

How to Review College Websites

So you can’t visit all the colleges where you choose to apply. The internet is a great source to do lots of homework on colleges. Visit college websites and it’s easy to be drawn into the fantastic graphics, sunny weather and smiling students.  In [...]

May Newsletter for Juniors

As your junior year comes to a close, the college search is just beginning. May is a great time to begin making a list of colleges you may want to apply to, visiting nearby campuses, and researching the different ways

Youtubing Your University

Marketing schools with extreme college videos.

June Newsletter for High School Parents

We know that you and your family have questions about college, questions that aren’t answered in guide books or on the school’s website. And who better to answer those questions than actual, real life college students? That’s why we’ve teamed [...]

College Reviews by College Students: The inside scoop

College Connections continues to keep in contact with alumni so they can share their college experiences with our current students. Our students attend universities all [...]

US News and College Board

In this article, we demystify one category: college resources. What, exactly, are US News and the College Board?

May Newsletter for Parents of Seniors

Today is National Deposit Day This might not be a nationally recognized holiday, but it is the deadline for students to send in the deposit to the school of their choice – the final step in the long college admissions

April Newsletter for Seniors

Dear Seniors, By now you have heard back from the colleges to which you applied. If you got accepted to your dream school, congratulations If not, keep reading. We all know rejection is tough, and getting rejected from your dream

What is an Official Visit?

Athletic Recruiting

Ignore the Rankings

Did you know that over 70% of students get into their first choice college? And colleges typically admit more than two thirds of their applicants. So, why all the hype about extremely low acceptance rates and rankings at "elite colleges?" The repo [...]

Signing Day and the NLI

Athletic Recruiting

After The Envelope: Unigo's Guide to Deciding Between Colleges

For months you’ve been biting your nails and holding your breath, waiting to find out which colleges are going to give you the big “YES!” Now, you’ve got a stack of thick envelopes from all the colleges that want you to say yes to the [...]

Admissions Decisions: Acceptance to denial and everything in between

While students are expecting to read the words “…pleased to inform you that your have been accepted...” and are praying fervently not to read “…regret to inform you...” students may not be aware that there are several other acceptance decisions th [...]

From Straight-Laced to Unlaced: Women’s colleges in the twentieth century

In the first half of the twentieth century, middle- and upper-class white, American women were expected to get married and raise families. Job options were limited: women in medicine were nurses, not doctors; women in education were teachers, not [...]

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