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“Congratulations! You’ve been accepted,” are words all prospective students long to hear.  However, whether you get an acceptance letter or rejection letter largely depends on the colleges you apply to.  Some colleges and universities pride [...]

Competing for College: A play by play guide to becoming an NCAA athlete

So you wanna be a big-shot college athlete? Playing ball, swimming strong or running hard is only the first step.

Early Decision: Is it the right choice?

The controversy surrounding Early Decision is anything but simple. Find out if it's right for you.

How demonstrated interest can help you get accepted

Demonstrated interest is becoming an increasingly important factor in college admissions decisions. Find out what it is and how it can help you get accepted.

How to impress college admissions while having an awesome summer

You want to have fun this summer, but you also want to do things that will impress colleges. So how do you do both?

Is a reach school your best choice?

Getting into a reach school can be very satisfying, but before sending in that deposit, consider these five things to help determine whether a reach school is truly the best choice for you.

6 college interview tips to get you through, no sweat!

College interview questions can seem intimidating, but not if you're prepared! Follow these six college interview tips to make the best impression.

7 college planning tasks for underclassmen

By lwilliams We know you hear it all the time. “The earlier you start, the better.” Well, sometimes these age-old words of wisdom can be true — especially for college planning. Now, if you’re a high school freshmen or sophomore, don [...]

Being waitlisted doesn't mean you have to wait

While many students are celebrating their acceptance into college, others are stuck on a waitlist in admissions limbo. If you've been waitlisted, there's a lot more you can do than wait.

How to handle a holding pattern: What happens if you’re waitlisted or deferred?

Every year, tens of thousands of applicants to colleges are not given a definitive answer and instead are waitlisted or deferred. Although these answers both amount to “maybe,” the subtleties are pretty different.

'I will survive': dealing with college rejection

It all happened so fast. You fell in love, made plans for the future, dreamt of the days when you’d be together forever, and just like that, it fell apart.

6 things colleges look for in an applicant

Do you ever wonder what colleges are really looking for in prospective students? Well, here are the answers.

Getting In with the Common App

The Common App essay is one of the largest and most important components of it. It is a key part of many college admissions in the U.S. Learn how to write a successful Common app essay.

Admissions officers are people, too

Admissions officers want to admit good students as much as you want them to admit you.  So what does that mean? Cue bold, italics, and underline: Contact admissions officers at the schools you [...]

Highly selective colleges and the applicants they accept

What is it that the most prestigious colleges are looking for when they admit their applicants? For the most part, admissions counselors from highly selective colleges are looking to form well-rounded classes. In their quest to do this, they’re se [...]

5 myths about college admissions today

Frantic parents, stressed out students, overworked guidance counselors…welcome to the cutthroat world of college admission! Last year, 2.9 million students graduated from high school, and more than 60% of them chose to pursue a college degree. Adm [...]

How to stand out to admissions professionals

This article is provided by Your Collegiate Advocate, LLC  Everyone knows that grades and test scores are what makes a student stand out, but what else does it take to impress an admissions officer? Here are two important concepts students need [...]

College rejection letter? Just shake it off!

By tkrause OK, can we just be completely honest here? Nobody likes to be rejected — especially when you’ve put your heart and soul into something. Whether it’s getting turned down for prom or receiving a crappy grade on a test you spent days cr [...]

Top tips for prospective NCAA athletes in the admissions process

By UnigoEach year, The Edge advises hundreds of students on the college application process to US universities. While the application process might seem straightforward for many students, there are “special” cases such as athletes, artists, and perfo [...]

Early Action or Early Decision: Is it right for you?

By lwilliamsThere are some great advantages to getting an early start, and applying to college is no exception. Each year, approximately 450 colleges and universities offer students the opportunity to apply through either Early Action or Early D [...]

10 questions you should ask your guidance counselor

By lwilliams The beginning of the school year is often a great time to stop by your guidance counselor’s office and schedule a visit. For new students, this is the perfect time to introduce yourself to someone who may become very important in he [...]

Essay advice from a former freshman application reader

By Unigo 1. What are some elements that make a memorable essay from your experience as a freshman application reader? Topic, tone, and tenacity are elements for getting the job done. The most memorable essays convey self-awareness. Prompts can b [...]

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Athletic Recruiting

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 Athletic Recruiting

A Global Nomad’s Guide to College

Families whose children have spent their school-age years living abroad can often reach a state of frustration or panic when embarking on the college application process. It’s important to remember that the majority of the more than 4,000 universi [...]

How Can Parents Help Students With the Application Process?

What can parents do to help their children get into their top-choice colleges?

July Newsletter for Parents of Seniors

Summer is in full swing and hopefully your family is soaking up some sun, cooling off in some form of water, and maybe even taking a family road trip. College admissions may seem like a distant worry, but it’ll be

How Can Grandparents Participate in the Process of Paying for College?

As a grandparent, is it better to participate in paying for a grandchild's education before they enter college - or after?

Early Decision: Is it right for your child?

Is Early Decision right for you? Find out how Early Decision can help or hurt you during the college admissions process.

The Role of Parents in the College Admission Process

By limiting your participation to the roles of Coach, Consultant, and Executive Secretary, you’ll allow students to maintain control of their own college search and applications. 

Parents: How to Manage the Stress of the College Application Process

For many parents, the stress associated with their child’s prospects of getting into and going to college begins at conception. In fact, pregnancy tests might do well to include the projected cost of a college education right on the little stick n [...]

May Newsletter for Seniors

Congratulations Your hard work during the admissions process paid off and you're going to college. Breathe easy and give yourself a pat on the back, but don't coast through the rest of your senior year. Admissions officers at your new

March Newsletter for Seniors

Dear Seniors, March is here, which means it’s time for you to start checking your mailbox multiple times a day for envelopes and anxiously pondering the age old questions – does a thick envelope mean I got in? Is this

Hey Seniors: Time to give thanks

Many seniors are so relieved that “all of that” is behind them that they neglect to consider all those that gave support to them along the way.

Would You Like a Car to Go With That Bumper Sticker?: Eight questions to ask when deciding between colleges

In front of you are glossy brochures that represent X University and Y College, your top two choices, both of which have already told you they love you back. Congratulations! Here are some questions to ask yourself as you try to choose between the [...]

Ranking the Top 5 Components of the College Application

I tutored for several years before signing on with the great team here at Knewton. And during those salad days spent lugging the Big Blue Book around Gotham, parents always asked me to prioritize the components of the college application

Caution: College admissions officers peeking at Facebook profiles

If you are considering applying to college add a review of your Facebook or MySpace profile to your to-do list. While employers have been checking the online profiles of job applicants for a number of years, a 2008 Kaplan survey indicated that col [...]

College, take 3

Use the resources available to make your transfer as stress-free as possible.

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