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10 Questions you Should Ask your Guidance Counselor

10 Questions you Should Ask your Guidance Counselor By lwilliams The beginning of the school year is often a great time to stop by your guidance counselor’s office and schedule a visit. For new students, this is the perfect time to introduce yourself [...]

Ranking the Top 5 Components of the College Application

I tutored for several years before signing on with the great team here at Knewton. And during those salad days spent lugging the Big Blue Book around Gotham, parents always asked me to prioritize the components of the college application

Eight Questions To Ask When Choosing A College

In front of you are glossy brochures that represent X University and Y College, your top two choices, both of which have already told you they love you back. Congratulations! Here are some questions to ask yourself as you try to choose between the [...]

6 College Interview Tips to get you through, no sweat!

College interview questions can seem intimidating, but not if you're prepared! Follow these six college interview tips to make the best impression.

How to Handle a Holding Pattern: What happens if you’re Waitlisted or Deferred?

Every year, tens of thousands of applicants to colleges are not given a definitive answer and instead are waitlisted or deferred. Although these answers both amount to “maybe,” the subtleties are pretty different.


Applying for college is a major undertaking, with no guarantee of acceptance. It can truly be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you’re applying to one of the top 15 hardest colleges to get into. Low Acceptance Rate Colleges It’s widely believed [...]

The Waitlisted for College Dilemma

Is it the wisest move to accept an admissions offer from a college that has waitlisted you? Not necessarily.