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BASIC VALUES IN THE UNITED STATES For international students looking to go to school in the US, the United States has an incredibly diverse population. In every country, it is important to be polite and there are ways to be polite! Religious, social, [...]

Creative Ways to Fund a Study Abroad Experience

By Unigo Can you image completing your homework assignments under the shade of the Eiffel Tower or in a remote village in a South American country? If so, a study abroad experience may be in your future. But you don’t know how to find ways to f [...]

Stores that Give Student Discounts

Many retailers, restaurants, and other service providers offer a variety of student discounts. Here is an overview of different types of student discounts available, as well as some retailers that offer discounts and special deals for students. [...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Every student who has thought about packing her bags and studying at a foreign university has asked herself that basic question: should I stay or should I go?

UCSC: Biggest mistake and best decision I made freshman year

 From the challenge of waking up for early morning classes to contemplating one’s role in the bigger picture of university life, first semester away from home can prove to be a true test. 

Top Ten Things a Freshman Must Know about Penn State Sports

Even if you do not like sports, you will like Penn State football.

Top 10 Things Freshmen Must Know About UCSB Sports

Read this if you're into sports or thinking of becoming an athlete at UCSB.

Countdown of the Top Ten Things Students Should Know about CU Athletics

So what's the deal with sports at Columbia? Here's a helpful list.

Ten Things to Know About Sports at the University of Michigan

Whether its varsity football or its club sports, the University of Michigan has a notable athletic tradition. With its devotion to excellence and honor, and , the Wolverine legacy makes most athletes happy to be able to call themselves Wolverines. [...]

Top Ten: Tulane sports by the numbers

The most important thing a prospective student must realize about Tulane sports is that Tulane students love their school in spite of its lackluster athletic program, not because of it.  Sports at Tulane are easy to miss if you aren't paying atten [...]

What I Wish I Knew About Denison (But Didn’t Know How to Ask)

When I was applying to Denison, some highlighted aspects about the school were not quite what I have found as a student. This doesn’t mean that Denison lied or even misrepresented the facts — it just means that certain qualities or situations abou [...]

Top Ten Things Students Must Know About Virginia Tech Sports

Fast facts about sports at Virginia Tech!

Freshman Year at NYU: Students best and worst decisions

Freshman year at New York University is often marked with a blitzkrieg of decisions.  Students are often flabbergasted with countless choices that occasionally do not go well. 

Top Ten Things to Know About Vassar Athletics

If you are an incoming freshman or just a college sports nut, here are ten things you must know about Vassar's sports scene.

Sweeping the Competition: UVM Broomball

Most people would agree that broomball is an unusual sport. It generally consists of wearing special shoes, slipping around on ice, and batting at a ball with a specially prepared broom. At UVM, however, broomball is the university’s most popular [...]

Ten Things Incoming Freshmen Should Know About UVM Sports (from a student who’s not particularly athletic)

Want to learn abotu UVM sports? Here is a top-ten guide to the most important things you need to know about Vermont's athletics.

Top 10 Things Students Should Know About URI Sports

A guide for incoming freshmen about the sports scene at University of Rhode Island

Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

Why is it that a drinking age of 15 works in Denmark but one of 18 couldn’t work in the U.S.? Are our cultures really that different?

Freshman Year at Princeton: Biggest mistakes and best decisions

Freshman year is at once exciting, scary and overwhelming, no less so at Princeton than anywhere else. Most students arrive not knowing anyone, armed only with the comforting knowledge that they were one of the few lucky and talented enough to mak [...]

(A little) More Than Just Football: Ten points freshmen should know about Notre Dame’s sports scene

A top ten guide to everything a freshman needs to know about the Fighting Irish sports and traditions.

Conn College: Freshman Year…What Was I Thinking?

These are the words on the lips of countless college upperclassmen when they look back on their freshman year of college. Talk to anyone who’s been there, and they’ll tell you at least one thing they regret, and even more things they’re glad they [...]

Ten Things to Know About Ohio State Sports

Sports at Ohio State are really special. Here's why.

Top 10 Things Freshmen Should Know About UD Sports

A guide for facts all incoming freshmen need to know about athletics at University of Delaware.

Top 10 Things Every Vandy Sports Fan Should Know

A guide for incoming freshmen about what they need to know about Vanderbilt's sports scene.

Top 10 Things Freshmen Should Know About Sports at UNL

An incoming freshman's guide to sports at UNL.

Top Ten Things to Know About Athletics at UVA

A student's guide to the most important aspects of University of Virginia sports.

Top 10 Things Freshmen Should Know About Nova Sports

An incoming freshman's guide to everything they need to know about Villanova's sports.

My Biggest Mistake Freshman Year at Dartmouth

It is often said that wisdom comes from age and experiences, so as an upperclassmen that went through what most of you will experience in a year or two here is an account of common freshman mistakes courtesy of myself and some of my fellow Dartmou [...]

Top 10 things Freshmen Should Know about UA Sports

10 facts about University of Arizona sports.

BC Sports: Ten things freshmen should know

A top ten list of things every incoming BC freshman should know about the athletics scene. 

Top Ten Things Freshmen Should Know About Case Sports

Case sports facts every incoming student should read.

10 Things Freshmen Must Know About Carleton Sports

Information for Carleton freshmen.

Top 10 Things to Know About BU Sports

Every freshman interested in sports must read this.

Sports at UW-Madison

This past year, one of ESPN’s most popular SportsCenter announcers, Scott Van Pelt, declared Madison, WI, “The best college sports town in America.”  Nothing made Badger fans happier than to read in print what they already knew.

Top Ten Facts Freshmen MUST Know About The Badgers

3.  Don’t over count the number of push-ups Bucky does.  It’s the number on the scoreboard labeled “points.”

Things I Wish I knew Before Enrolling at UCSC

I was shocked to find that the majority of the students are white, middle class, Californians.

What I Wish I Knew about FSU’s Reputation before Attending

I had always heard bits and pieces about Florida State being a party school but I never really paid attention or thought anything of it before I moved to Tallahassee.

What Prospective Students Should Know About the University of Arizona

There are a few basic things that students should know about the University of Arizona before attending.

UCSC: What I wish I had known about my college’s reputation

There are definitely some things I could have known beforehand to prepare me for what I would eventually learn the hard way, especially about the social scene at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Freshman Year at Wake Forest

Students recount their biggest mistakes and best decisions made during their freshman year at Wake Forest.

My Best and Worst Decisions of Freshman Year at UVM

UVM upper-classmen share faux pas during their first taste of freedom

Best and Worst Freshman Year Decisions at Vassar

Freshman year: new classes, new atmospheres, new social networks, new mores—it can be taxing. And, of course, along the way, there will be new decisions. Decisions that can be incredible, eye opening, and life changing. And then there are others—d [...]

Freshman Year at UVM: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Many of decisions I made that first year came to follow me throughout my career as an undergrad. It is a year with the potential to tip the scales—whether they tip in your favor is up to you.

Freshman Year Biggest Mistakes and Best Decisions at UCSC

I am about to enter my third year at UC Santa Cruz, and although I like to think that I am still morphing into the high school image of my college self, I can attribute a lot of my growing up to the choices, both good and bad, I made freshman year [...]

Freshman Year: Triumphs and trip-ups at UW-Madison

All college students seem to love their schools, but their ultimate happiness is found by taking a lot of chances; some chances proving themselves to be as mistakes, and others as successes.  These successes are just a small part of what makes col [...]

Middlebury Freshman Year

Upper-classmen recount best and worst decisions made at the beginning of their college careers

Freshman Year Worst Mistakes and Best Decisions at FSU

You're in friendly Florida, get involved!

Freshman Year Biggest Mistakes and Best Decisions at Bryn Mawr

We joke that a Bryn Mawr girl never does anything but homework, and sometimes it is more reality than a joke. My biggest mistake of my freshman year was not getting involved in the community, both at Bryn Mawr the local area.

Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

 Spring Break is a rite of passage for many college students. It's also a crook's favorite time of the year. Young students, who are busy having fun and soaking up the sun, may be blissfully unaware of the dange [...]

6 New Year’s resolutions to enrich your college experience

Whether you want to completely transform yourself for the new year, or simply get better grades, we've got a list of resolutions to enrich your college experience.

5 ways to make money this holiday season

By tkrause. Edited by UnigoAre you heading home for the holidays? We’re betting your plans include a few days curled up in bed catching up on Netflix and getting some much-deserved sleep. But, when you wake up from your post-college coma, the re [...]

Top 5 Study Apps for Finals

Here are five of the best study apps that are sure to have your back during finals week.

8 more tips to help you choose a major

Not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life? Here are eight tips to help you choose a major.

Community college vs. university — my experience

Is it better to start at a community college or university? Here’s what it's like to go from a community college to a four-year college.

Beyond study abroad: intern, volunteer, or learn a new language anywhere in the world

Did you know that you can experience the excitement of living abroad while gaining experience outside the classroom?

12 reasons why summer classes may be the best thing ever

Before you write them off, check out these 12 reasons why summer classes may be the best thing ever.

Sleep naked to recharge your brain

In school, you rely on your brain — a lot. But if you’re not getting enough sleep, your brain has a hard time processing and retaining information. Use these tips to recharge your brain like a brand new cell phone.

10 tips to help you choose a college major

How are you supposed to know what you want to do with the rest of your life when you've never had a "real job" before? Here are ten tips to help you choose the best college major for you.

How to maintain a work-life balance as a full-time student and employee

Working as a full-time student is difficult, but we have six tips that can help you maintain a work-life balance and keep you from going insane.

Get the most out of your undergraduate degree by declaring a minor

We are about to enter the most competitive job market in history, so we need to take advantage of every opportunity to gain an edge. Not only will a minor make you a well-rounded individual, but it can also give you a leg up in the job market, and [...]

10 cheap things to do over college winter break

Not sure what to do during winter break? We have ten great ideas that will keep you from being bored.

5 reasons college social life is important

Socializing is just as important as getting your homework done. Trust us! 

DIY holiday gift guide for broke college students

You don't have to be naturally crafty to make these gifts, and they'll save you a lot of money.

5 study tips that will raise your GPA

Learn the most effective ways to prepare for tests and increase your GPA.

Life as a first-generation college student as told by "Master of None"

Life as a first-generation college student is pretty unique, but Aziz Ansari captures it perfectly.

College stress management tips you can use forever

College is stressful, but the sooner you learn how to effectively manage your stress, the better you'll be at managing stress for the rest of your life.

Friendsgiving: not at the kid's table anymore

How a simple college gathering turned into a deliciously meaningful tradition.

6 tips to stop procrastinating now

Do you procrastinate? Here's how to stop.

6 Thanksgiving ideas for college students away from home

If you aren't going home for Thanksgiving, we have six great alternatives!

5 reasons to write college reviews

Share your unique experience, get your college's attention to encourage change, and help out prospective students. Why it's important to review your college.

How To Talk To Your Teacher

Whether it's something your teacher said in class, or an essay you think deserves a better score, talking to your teacher is well worth it!

Last-minute DIY Halloween costumes

One week to Halloween and you still don't know what to be? Try these inexpensive last-minute DIY Halloween costumes.

Is the cost of college tuition worth it?

With student debt at an all-time high, it's fair to question whether or not the cost of college tuition is worth the investment.

Texas’ new "campus carry" law brings guns to the classroom

The recent school shooting at Umpqua Community College makes Texas’ new "campus carry" law absurd.

Survey of 27 U.S. universities finds 1 in 4 women victims of sexual assault

Recently, the results of a historic college sexual assault survey were released. The findings show that it's more prevalent than you may think.

Surviving freshman year: It's OK not to love college

The beginning of your freshman year of college can be overwhelming, but you're not alone. If you stick it out, there's a lot to look forward to.

10 tips for staying healthy in college

Forget stressing about the "freshman 15". Here are 10 tips for staying healthy and happy in college.

University of Texas invests big money to research campus sexual assault

University of Texas invests $1.7 million to research the national campus sexual assault crisis.

Will open-source textbooks be the end of the college bookstore?

Publishers charge a fortune for textbooks because, well, they can. Can open-source textbooks put a stop to that?

6 brilliant ways to save money on textbooks

We've all been there. Paying a fortune for your textbooks, then only getting a fraction of it back at the end of the semester. Here are six ways to fight back and save money on your textbooks.

4 Ways To Get a Killer Letter of Recommendation from your Professor

To get a great letter of recommendation, you need to build a relationship with your professor. Here's how in four simple steps.

Parents moving with their kids to college, a new trend

It's common for students to move away to college, but a new trend suggests their parents are moving with them. Is this good for anyone?

For college and work, social media is more important than you think

Your Facebook profile as part of your college grade, your Twitter handle on a job application: Why social media is more important than you think.

College depression: the warning signs you need to know

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among people between the ages of 15 and 24. Learn what can you do to ensure your child doesn't become part of the statistics.

College underage drinking: a 2AM call from the police

Underage drinking is a reality for many college students. Read a mom's first-hand account of her son's seven-hour stay in a police holding cell.  

Study abroad: 4 steps to make it happen

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the people who do it say it's the greatest experience of their life. So what does it take to go from standing in the student center to taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower? It's easie [...]

3 things I wish I'd done over summer break

College summer breaks were awesome, but looking back on it, I wish I'd done more. Here are three opportunities I wish I'd taken advantage of during my college summer breaks.

4 exciting summer jobs for college students

From skydiving to appearing in a movie, these summer jobs will pay you while you cross things off your bucket list.

Are college football season tickets worth it?

They say you're not a real student until you've been to your school's football games. So are those expensive season tickets worth it?

10 social media accounts for college students

Tired of eating Ramen noodles? Want to know how to make your own dorm decor? Follow these 10 social media accounts to get the 411 on everything you need to know about college life and more! 

5 things nobody tells you about college

Will you be heading to college for the first time this fall? Forget all those posts about getting along with your roommate or fighting the Freshman 15. Here are the real five things that every freshmen needs to know.

5 things incoming college freshmen should do this summer

Congratulations, you survived high school! Now, it's time to chill out and just enjoy the summer. Wrong! Before you can enjoy those lazy days by the pool or sleep for days on end, there are five critical tasks you'll need to complete if you want t [...]

Decision time: Which college will it be?

Have you decided which college will be your new home this fall? If you still can't figure out where you want to go, don't flip a coin - check out these simple suggestions for making the best choice for your future. But hurry, the national college [...]

First contact: meeting your college roommate

Living with a total stranger doesn't have to be that scary. Just follow our tips for making first contact and starting your semester off on the right foot. Who knows? You might end up with your future best friend as a bunk buddy!

College midterm survival guide for freshmen

Over the next few weeks, college students will be hunkering down and preparing for midterm exams. I don't know if colleges intentionally schedule them during fall festivities, such as homecoming and Halloween, or they simply want to send you home [...]

Letting go and saying goodbye: tips for college parents

You've spent the last 18 years taking care of your child and now it's time to let him go. Part of you may be excited over the idea of having a little more space in the house, but if you are like most parents, you're starting to dread that moment w [...]

Keeping your parents in the loop

Remember the good old days when students went off to college and parents communicated by snail mail? Now, students run into their parents online, receive text messages at all hours of the day, and generally feel as though mom and dad are looking o [...]

What to expect from college living: advice from those who have been there

Over the years, we have asked college upperclassmen and college grads to share their college advice. In addition to the usual suggestions about taking classes and grades seriously and making sure to finish with a degree, we learned a lot about som [...]

Avoiding the freshman 15

Leaving behind mom's cooking can be hard for many new college students. By learning to eat right from the start, you'll not only help reduce the risk of unwanted weight gain, you'll learn to live a healthier, happier lifestyle! Follow these simple [...]

College Textbooks: Beg, Borrow or Buy?

By tamara The one part of college I always disliked was buying my college textbooks for the semester. For my pre-law classes, the prices were brutal and I had few opportunities to find a used version of the titles I needed. It didn’t take [...]

5 ways to spend your financial aid refund

I can hear it now, ‘What refund? I can barely find enough money to pay for school!’ Yes, in a perfect world, we would all get a fat check each semester instead of a bill. In fact, some lucky souls who actually earn enough through federal financial [...]

Study Habits: Getting Organized

By Shayla College can be a stressful experience. You will be juggling multiple classes, relationship issues, and, maybe even, work-related challenges. That’s why it is so important to know some tips on getting organized to establish good s [...]

Greek Life: The Trick to Maintaining Sanity in College

By lwilliams Article by Melissa Pope In my previous post about academics, I mentioned that I was able to balance Greek life and school work. Well here’s a curve ball for you: what about adding a job into the mix? Some of us need to make that cas [...]

Finding your true passion in college

We’re expected to have our whole lives planned out by the time we enter college and finding passion while in college. But how are you supposed to decide your career path when you just stopped having to raise your hand to use the bathroom? For me, the [...]

The golden rules of dorm life

By Cecilia Luna A major part of college life involves the decision to live on- or off-campus during your stay away from home. What you’ll always find, though, is that no matter where you decide to live, there will probably be roommates and there [...]

Studying vs. Netflix: how to survive midterms

By Cecilia Luna It’s that time of the semester again here at UF — exam week. Midterms are another reminder that you still have half of a semester left and the worst is yet to come and probably thinking on how to survive midterms. Most midterms f [...]

Greek Life: How Many Rules Will I Have to Follow?

By lwilliams Article by Melissa Pope For me, the most exciting thing about leaving for college was knowing that I wouldn’t have to follow any of my parents’ rules anymore. I was finally going to call the shots for myself! No curfew, no cho [...]

Greek Life: I Wish I Could Still Live in My Sorority House

By lwilliams Article by Melissa Pope So, by now you must be wondering what it’s like to live in a sorority house. Well, lucky for you I’m here to tell you about living in a sorority house! In short, living-in is the best. Sure, there’s drama som [...]

Greek Life: Unlocking the Secrets to Greek Initiation

Have you ever wondered why fraternities and sororities are so secretive about initiation? If so, then today is your lucky day! There are secrets about Greek initiation. I am going to spill the beans. The cat’s out of the bag. The secret is out! Well, [...]

Greek Life: What is Chapter?

So, you've decided that you want to go Greek. In college Greek life, for me personally, it was a decision that helped lead me to some of my best memories in college and truly great friends.

Greek Life: Philanthropy

Part of going Greek means joining an organization that promotes giving back to the community. Every chapter supports a local and/or national charity, and it looks for new members who support this mission and share the same values and beliefs.

Greek Life: What to Expect During Recruitment Week (Part 2)

Hey there! Welcome back to Greek life Recruitment Week. We’ve already covered what you can expect on days 1-4, including registration, Go Greek Days, and Philanthropy Day. If you’re just now joining us, you can check out my last post here. But, for t [...]

Greek Life: What to Expect During Recruitment Week (Part 1)

If you’re interested in going Greek, you might want to know about recruitment week in Greek life or you’ll want to know all about the days leading up to becoming a sorority sister. You’ll participate in a very formal, week-long event known as soror [...]

Greek Life: Don't Believe Everything You Hear

By lwilliams Article by Melissa Pope Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative stereotypes about Greek communities across the country. Some of the things I’ve heard are, “Frat boys? Yeah, they drink and party A LOT!” or “Oh, sorority girl [...]

Tips For Living With A Roommate For The First Time

By Whisper R Menil If you have ever shared a room with a sibling or perhaps a family member during the holidays, living with a roommate in college won’t take that much getting used to. If you have never shared a room before, it’ll be a new exper [...]

4 things to watch on Netflix or Hulu over break that will make you smarter

By Danielle Goodman Break is the time to sleep in, hang out with the friends you don’t see very often, and continue your love affair with instant streaming. This break, entertain yourself AND boost your intelligence with these four tv shows that [...]

7 things NOT to do in class (and what you probably should do, too)

No doubt you’ve heard how college is going to be different from high school. For starters, this will probably be the first time you sit in a classroom with 300+ students. In order to prepare you for the lecture hall, we’ve come up with a list of thin [...]

The dos and don'ts of college packing

Have you seen them yet? All those color coordinated items screaming at you from the shelves in Target and Walmart just begging you to buy them. If you're an incoming college freshman or the parent of a new college student, it can be so tempting to bu [...]

There's no place like home: in-state vs out-of-state colleges

By lwilliams One of the toughest decisions you may face as a high school senior is whether how to decide between in-state vs out-of-state college considering the in-state vs out-of-state tuition. Although you may have envisioned yourself at a sc [...]

Creating a work/school balance (a college student perspective)

By Keisha M. Carr At some point in your academic career, you may find yourself with a part-time job. Even if you’re just taking classes, you might become involved with extracurricular activities. It’s important to learn how to know the imp [...]

Fear not … tips on moving cross country for college

By Morgan Perry So, you decided to attend a school over 500 miles from your home and now you are wondering what you were thinking … well, I’m here to assure you that moving cross country is not as hard as you think. In fact, the decision to atte [...]

College– The Next Chapter! Are you excited? College Student Perspective

If you’re about to start your college life, there are so many things you may be feeling– Excited, happy, optimistic, ecstatic maybe? Or, perhaps you’re feeling anxious, nervous, unsure about whether you’ve made the right decision (about a major, a s [...]

Not All Majors Define Careers: Surprising Majors of 12 Celebrities

By maigen You may recognize her as a former Hogwarts student, but the real life Hermione Granger, Emma Watson, is actually one of the newest graduates of Brown University, an Ivy League institution in Rhode Island. She donned her cap and gown th [...]

Scholarship tips from our recent Unigo $10,000 winners!

By tkrause Did you apply for our Unigo “5 Simple Words” $10,000 Scholarship last fall? If so, you weren’t alone. We had over 40,000 submissions, and choosing just four winners was harder than we anticipated. First of all, you guys are super crea [...]

The ugly side of sororities: An introvert's guide to Greek life

The darker side of being in a sorority: pressure to maintain an image, exorbitant costs, and frenemies.

Best Contraptions for Taking Notes

The best gadgets for note-taking in class  

How to Make Yourself Look Good. Real Good. (At College.)

You’ve got to make moves in order to make your transition from college into the rest of your life as smooth as possible. Here’s the catch: in order to do that, you need to make sure you take advantage of your time at college and mold yourself into [...]

Hard Truths of the Real World

For four years, you’ve been floating in a collegiate bubble thinking that the world is your oyster, seasoned with potential and sautéed in a sauce of dreams-come-true.

Professor Says Plagiarism Is More Complex than We Thought

 Plagiarism is harder to define in our increasingly interdependent world.

Do College Athletes Graduate?

 Athletic Recruiting

Helpful Social Media for College Students

In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of the more useful social media websites for college students so that your student can maximize these sites to enhance their college experience.

Best Software for Avoiding the Library During Midterms

Avoid the crowded library during midterms with these tech assets. 

How to Make Your Mark at a Big School

How can students take advantage of school resources to make the most of their college academic experience instead of just being a number?

Business vs. economics: What is the difference?

Many students talk about an interest in business as a career, and they immediately assume that a business degree is the way to go. For some, a business degree might be the appropriate academic path. For others, it is important to explore a major t [...]

Engineering Career 101

Earning an engineering degree in the US can lead to many business opportunities as an employee of a company or as an entrepreneur. 

What I Wish I'd Known About College Academics

Want to get the jump on academics in college? Just follow the advice of students who have already made it through freshman year.

College Professors Tell All

Every campus has that token faculty member who will come up in conversation long after her students graduate, probably due to her classroom antics and quirky stories. Our campus reps interviewed their favorite educators and asked them candid quest [...]

Creative Procrastination Techniques: The top seven ways not to do your homework

As long as there has been homework, there have been students looking for ways to put it off just a little bit longer, so you won’t be the only one cramming calc notes as you run to your exam, or handing in your final paper still warm from the prin [...]

The Importance of College Professors

The college experience—the one you dreamed about while poring over countless applications and sorting through exam dates—isn't based solely on the idea of being in a brand new atmosphere and environment. It isn't even based solely upon the structu [...]

Ace Your Research Paper

Everyone dreads writer’s block at crunch time, especially when you have no idea how to start that final 15 page assignment.  All your attempts at an eloquent and catchy first paragraph amount to the same annoying sentence. While you can

Tips from a Thesis Survivor

Ah, the college thesis.  For some, it’s a proud choice to go above and beyond in the pursuit of academic excellence.  For others, it’s a requirement that sneaks up to put a brutal cap on four years of higher education.

Class struggles: A guide to getting into full courses

Even though your college offers a few attention-grabbing courses (after all, one of the reasons you picked your school was because they had a class called Mo Money Mo Problems: Economics and Rap Music from Notorious B.I.G. to Kanye West), it isn’t [...]

Maintaining Integrity: Honor codes across America

The difference between administration-enforced rules and honor codes – which usually involve students holding each other accountable for following rules – is like the difference between high school and college.

Major Decisions: What to Consider when Choosing Your Classes

How much should your career influence your major? There’s no right answer—it all depends on your priorities, your goals, and your school. On one extreme: College is meant for exploring options and expanding boundaries. You have four years to take [...]

Choosing Classes Like a Pro

Mistakes, bad professors, and 8 a.m. Friday classes will probably befall you, despite the best-laid plans.  The good news is that there is no right answer when it comes to picking classes. 

Good Studying and Research in the Internet Age

Doing good research is all about preparation, approaching a project with a plan and executing that plan. Sound complicated? Well, it’s not.

Crunch time: How to study if you have one week, one day, or one hour

We’ve all experienced that nauseating anxiety after realizing an exam has crept up on us.

Helping Your Student Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is the curse of many college students. By the time your student reaches college, many are already experts at avoiding the inevitable. They will probably get it done, but not without a constant and looming pressure that builds until [...]

New Tax Benefits Available for College Parents

The American Opportunity Credit is designed to help parents and students pay part of the cost of the first four years of college. The new credit modifies the existing Hope Credit for tax years 2009 and 2010, making it available to a broader range [...]

Surviving Your Child's Move to College

As the weeks of summer vacation whiz by, the reality of your child’s impending departure for college becomes harder to ignore.  If your son or daughter is like most other college-bound students, little packing has actually taken place and few plan [...]

You're Getting Very Sleepy

More sleep in college will limit the risk of injury and improve brain function.

Cheap Jewelry is Bad

 Cheap jewelry can ruin your skin

10 Simple Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

Advice for avoiding the dreaded freshman 15.

Choosing a College Health Insurance Plan

From selecting courses to buying textbooks, there are a number of decisions to be made; however, one important decision—health insurance—is often overlooked.

Should colleges be allowed to implement smoking bans on their campuses?

In recent years, a number of colleges across the country have prohibited smoking on campus. This raises the question: is it the administration’s right and responsibility to police tobacco smoking?

Beyond Band-Aids: The essential college first aid kit

Wondering if that prepackaged first aid kit will really save you after a post-breakup throw-a-thon or during a bout of the pre-test runs? Here are the first aid essentials according to the pros that will cure almost anything.

Delicious, Nutritious, and Cheap: Healthy food you can afford

The dining hall will sustain you through lunch and dinner. But at 3:30 A.M., when your watery eyes can’t stand another minute of computer glare, the snack time choice is yours.

Should colleges mandate all-you-can-eat buffets?

The all-you-care-to-eat dining plan has been a staple on college campuses for many years. But is the all-you-care-to-eat dining plan the right option to meet the needs of students?

Taking Care of Yourself: Health care on campus

Taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, may be another expense you face in college. Find out early on what your school has to offer.

Make It Count

It was about my junior year when I felt that I really started to get the hang of being a college student.

Staying Healthy in College: Tips for keeping your sanity

As every student who’s managed a busy schedule knows, stress is a normal part of everyday life. College students, especially freshmen, are particularly prone to stress because of the transitional nature of college life. They must adjust to being away [...]

College survival skills: 8 things you need to know before you go

Moving away from home might be something you’ve been looking forward to for a long time (Freedom! No curfew! No nagging!)…but you’ll probably miss the convenience of living with mom and dad more than you realize. Here are a few tips to make the ad [...]

Senioritis or Something Like it

A college senior takes a look back on their time in college.

Looking back on College

A college senior looks back on her experiences in college and tells what she would've done differently freshman year.

A College Guide to Feng Shui

How to Feng Shui your dorm room

The Top 10 Dos and Don'ts of College

Okay Internet-Land, I’ve learned some lessons after four years in college. Granted, I go to a girls’ school, but I have friends who don’t and so I’ve compiled a list of the things that I think should be on your to-do and your to-don’t list.

10 Ways to Go Green in College

Tips for going green in college

Important Provisions For College

Dorm supplies you actually need

The Stress of Moving Into a College Dorm

Dealing with the inherent pressure of moving into your college dorm.

Bookmark These NOW - The Best Online Shopping Sites editors give the best places to shop online.

Blowing Campus For Your Summer ? How to Deal With Your Junk

 Where to store your things when you go away over the summer during college.

Laundry Tips for the Lazy

Laundry advice since your parents aren't doing it for you while you're in college.

7 Supplies for a Clean Spring

 Spring Cleaning Supplies

Parlez-Vous Fashion editors explain the correct way of pronouncing the names of your favorite fashion companies.

Fast Fashion - Affordable Designer Clothing editors explain where you can get affordable designer clothing. 

What to Bring to College Checklist

 A list of everything to bring with you to college

How to Get Ready in Five Minutes editors discuss how to get ready in five minutes.   

A College Guy Talks's Real Life College Guy answers questions about what freaks him out in the bedroom.

How Not to Look Like a High Schooler - A Collegiette's Guide to Dressing Her Age editors explain how to to well without looking too young or too old.

Her Gay Best Friend - Sex

Scott Rosen, her gay best friend, sounds off on questions about sex.

Rush to Change - Top Ten Style Don'ts for Sorority Rush editors give tips on what not to wear during rush.

Love Letters-The Pros and Cons of Dating Fraternity Guys

Editors at describe what it's like to date a fraternity brother. 

How to Deal with Your Ex-Boyfriend on Campus

HerCampus Editors explain how you can deal with your ex-boyfriend while you're on campus together.

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Timeless Chic editors explain the five items of clothing every girl should have in her closet.

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Best Gadgets for Preparing for a Visit From the Folks

These gadgets will help the most during parents weekend 

Her Gay Best Friend - Pre-Dating advice on the dangers of pre-dating.

Best Tech Accessories for Spring Break (and Its Aftermath)

 You're not gonna want to go on Spring Break without these accessories

Should you stay with your high school boyfriend in college?

HerCampus editors answer the question many high school girls must answer. Should you stay with your high school sweetheart when you head off to college?

The Black Sheep-Virgins in College

HerCampus editors discuss female virginity in college.

College Hook Ups-Jess and Kate Set the Mood

HerCampus editors, Jess and Kate, show you how to get ready for that hook-up 

Tips for College Freshmen

We asked undergrads across the country who've seen it all to let us in on their worst—and best—freshman year decisions. Read on and learn from their rookie mistakes—unless you don't mind being known as "that freshman."

Cracking Girl Code and Bro Code

Editors at HerCampus breakdown the various codes separating guys and gals.

How Technology Has Changed the Game of Dating

Hercampus experts explain how technology has changed the rules of college dating.

The College Relationship Timeline

Expert opinion about the college relationship timeline from the editors at  

Best Tech Tips for a More Musical College Experience

Be the envy of all your friends at school with the best musical equipment around

No Internship? No Problem

Building your resume with an array of diverse experiences and skills has become an essential part of the college experience—but those experiences don’t have to be limited to internships. Check out these seven ways to expand your resume and make it [...]

An Inside Look At Fraternity and Sorority Life

Here's a video sneak peek at fraternity and sorority life.

What I Wish I'd Known About My First Days on Campus

For most people, going to college means adapting to a whole new way of life. It’s probably a good idea to come to campus at least moderately prepared for the personal and social adjustments that lay ahead. Here’s some lifestyle advice from student [...]

Helping Your Student Choose Social Activities: Greek Life

 As a parent, it's a good idea for you to learn about fraternities and sororities so you can help your student make the best decision about whether or not he or she should be part of the Greek life. Educate yourself by reading our guide to fratern [...]

College Parties

Weekends on campus: keg stands, vodka in plastic bottles and garbage bags filled to the brim with red cups…right? While some colleges are synonymous with wild nights, others are a worry-wart parent's dream. Read on to find out how dozens of school [...]

Quiet Night In: Believe it or not, you can have fun in college without partying

College: work hard, play hard, right? Between the studying and the partying, it’s easy to get a little worn out from all the action. Here are a few suggestions for those looking for a quiet night in, away from the library and the party scene. [...]

Senior Year: Before you go

A case of college Senioritis can have long-lasting consequences, and it’s worth your while to turn down that music for a bit and think about what you intend to get done over the course of the year.

Top 11 Wacky Theme Parties

The College Party. It’s been immortalized in crude comedies like Old School and TV shows like Greek, but not every college party is just togas and kegs.

The Half-Way Point

Now that my sophomore year has come to a close, it suddenly dawns on me that I am halfway done with my college career. I am two years away from being done with school forever. It is such a shattering thought because school is all I’ve known my ent [...]

Campus Issues: Students Share Their Woes

In a series of videos, undergrads describe the issues that matter to students on their campuses. Biking may seem quaint—but apparently it can be dangerous. Textbook costs can break the bank. And what is the “Gentleman’s Rule,” anyway?

Overrated College Experiences: College clichés that don’t live up to the hype

So you’ve seen all the movies and TV shows and know what to expect from college—frolicking on the lawn, jell-o wrestling, intellectual stimulation. But there’s more to college than what you see in the glossy catalogues and on Greek every week. Here a [...]

Campus Safety

On some college campuses, it’s easy to develop an exaggerated sense of safety. Many buildings are within walking distance, you’re surrounded by students your age, and hey—you’re at college! What could go wrong?

Don’t Send That Friend Request and 7 Other Things Not to Do in College

Upperclassmen can’t stand the blundering frosh descending on the campus in September, maps in hand, asking “Is this the way to the psychology building?” and “Know of any good parties tonight?” If you don’t want to look like a clueless freshman, ke [...]

College Dating

Our parents (well, most of them) did the dinner-and-a-movie thing, but our generation has pioneered the random hookup. This February, we thought we’d take some time before Valentine’s Day to investigate exactly what goes on when the lights go out [...]

Senior Regrets: Ten lessons learned

So they may be getting ready to leave college, but seniors certainly remember their college highs… and lows. Of course, no one has received their diploma having explored every millimeter of campus life.  But hey, it’s worth a shot! Here are some d [...]

On Not Going Greek

If American comedies are any indicator, you won’t have much fun in college unless you join a frat. 

An Adult To-Do List

College is about more than Neitszche, lattes and theoretical physics; it’s also the place you really grow into adulthood.  It’s the transition between living with your parents and living on your own, and if you don’t fully exploit it you could be [...]

Getting the Most out of Orientation

The journey towards choosing a school—from the applications, recommendations and deadlines to anticipating the big envelope in the mail—has led you to this: freshman orientation. Both underrated and overly hyped, depending on the college, orientat [...]

Sophomore year: College grows up

Sophomore year is an awkward stage of college. You’re not the baby freshman, and you’re not the king or queen of campus, as the juniors and seniors are. Instead, you’re in a collegiate pubescent phase in which your college identity is still develo [...]

11 things you never knew you needed to survive in college

Here are 11 not-so-obvious suggestions for what you’ll need at college.

The Alpha, Beta, Gammas of Going Greek

Wondering if there’s more to Greek life than booze, boob jobs and bulimia? If you’re considering whether or not to go Greek, blow off the stereotypes and find the facts. Look to the alphabet for the ABC’s of going Greek.

Overview: Junior Year

Junior year is the 1969 of college: It’s The Year. You’re above the kids (also called “freshmen and sophomores”) and you’re looking ahead to two years of being an upperclassman.  You have a major and maybe even a career plan. You’re apt to head so [...]

The Give and Take of Intercollegiate Athletics

When it comes to picking a college, some students will choose a school because of its academics, some for its parties and campus life, and others for its athletic programs. There are a plethora of benefits to playing intercollegiate sports.  Betwe [...]

The Pros & Cons of Off-Campus Living

When you get right down to it, nothing beats the freedom of living on your own turf, in your own terms. At some point during their college careers, many students choose to live off-campus for one reason or another. And although these reasons vary [...]

5 Things Every College Campus Should Have

Every college student probably love to see specific things on their campuses. Here are five things I wish my campus have and college campus must haves.

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! A few years ago, you might have walked into Walmart or Target during October and found the expected display of Halloween items and an abundance of other items in the traditional orange and black holiday colo [...]

5 Fun and Unusual College Sports

Most people are familiar with the traditional sports offered on college campuses, such as football and basketball. During the fall semester, you will probably find many students tailgating and cheering on their favorite teams. Of course, not everyone [...]

Making the grade: surviving college finals

Do you dread final exams? Do you never seem to have enough time to absorb everything? There are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of scoring a high grade and it doesn't include hiring a tutor. Follow our helpful tips to help ma [...]

Study Abroad: Where should I go?

From Kenya to Kyrgystan, the options for study abroad programs abound. You can live in a college dorm in London, or with a host family in rural Nepal. You can volunteer with a women’s shelter in Thailand, or integrate yourself into university life [...]

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