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How To Get A Letter Of Recommendation From A Professor

To get a great letter of recommendation, you need to build a relationship with your professor. Here's how in four simple steps.

Top 11 Weird Party Themes to Make Your Next Event Epic

The College Party. It’s been immortalized in crude comedies like Old School and TV shows like Greek, but not every college party is just togas and kegs.

7 Things NOT To Do In Class (and what probably should do, too)

No doubt you’ve heard how college is going to be different from high school. For starters, this will probably be the first time you sit in a classroom with 300+ students. In order to prepare you for the lecture hall, we’ve come up with a list of thin [...]

Why College Students Are Stressed: Here's Why and What You Can Do About It

It’s no secret that college students are under a lot of pressure. With exams, papers, and projects due all at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Not to mention the added stress for college students for trying to find a job or internship [...]

Community College vs University: How to Make a Decision

After high school, you may have a decision to make about community college vs university. Which one offers you the path that you hope to pursue? Choosing between each of these higher education options is not always easy to do. It is often worth it to [...]

What Is a Trade School: Understanding the Options

For some students, going to college is not the desired outcome. Some students want to have key skills that allow them to do a specific job. In this case, trade schools may be a consideration. Beyond a doubt trade schools offer a variety of benefits t [...]

How To Learn To Code As A Beginner

No matter your age or starting point, many people may learn to code. Coding is an important skill for those who wish to work in the field of computer design and software engineering. There are many reasons to learn to code, including learning a skill [...]