10 Amazing Benefits of Studying Abroad

By Unigo

Studying abroad is more than just an academic experience — it’s a life experience. Here is a comprehensive list of 10 amazing benefits of studying abroad.

1. Gain a broader understanding of the world

  • Studying abroad could help you become a more mature version of yourself
  • The IES Abroad Alumni Survey* reported that 97% of students that study abroad find it helps improve their maturity
  • 95% of students also found it had a lasting impact on their worldview

2. Global networking opportunities

  • Studying abroad could help you network with people abroad
  • Over 50% of students that study abroad keep in touch with friends they’ve made even after returning*
  • Having links around the world may help with job and business opportunities

3. Employers value international experience

  • Studying abroad is something that could be put on your resume
  • 64% of employers believe that international experience is important for recruitment*
  • International study experience may make you less likely to face long-term unemployment*

4. Learning new languages

  • Studying abroad may help you pick up new languages
  • Speaking another language could help with employment and networking opportunities
  • com reports that bilingual employees learn between 5% and 20% more than the base rate*

5. Develop new skills for your life and career

  • Studying abroad may help you develop new skills due to unfamiliar circumstances
  • 62% of students in the IES Abroad Alumni Survey* said studying abroad helped them discover new career directions
  • You could also develop new life skills which can help with your everyday life

6. Access to unique and concentrated courses

  • Studying abroad could give you access to concentrated courses depending on the location
  • Comprehensive education in specific subjects from specialized schools attracts overseas students. Institutions like Harvard are seeing an average increase of foreign students by 6.8% each year*
  • There are schools for certain subjects, such as Harvard for Social Sciences, Oxford for Arts & Humanities and Cambridge for Life Sciences and Medicine

7. Opportunities to join specific industries

  • Studying abroad could help you break into specific industries abroad
  • For instance, growth sectors such as China and India are great places for employment*
  • International experience has the third-largest positive effect on employer satisfaction in the Asia Pacific and North American regions*

8. Unlock unique career opportunities

  • Studying abroad could help you learn new skills and languages which are great for your resume
  • 76% of IES Abroad alumni report* they acquired skill sets while studying abroad that influenced their career path
  • Your exposure to certain countries and cultures may help break down language and culture barriers for doing overseas business

9. Gain more independence

  • Studying abroad forces you into unfamiliar situations which may help you mature
  • 96% of IES Abroad alumni agreed that studying abroad helped them become more independent*
  • You could start to take more responsibility for your actions and be better off for it

10. A journey of self-discovery

  • Studying abroad may expose you to a variety of experiences that could help you find yourself
  • 98% of IES Abroad alumni return with a better understanding of their own cultural values and biases*
  • Your newfound knowledge might help motivate you, help you find new purpose in life or even develop new interests

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