Financial Aid

When in debt …

Should I Get a Credit Card in College?

Owning a credit card may seem like an important first step in growing up and taking charge of your financial health -- and in many ways doing so can be -- but there are some risks associated with that shiny new piece of plastic.

7 FAFSA tips to get the most financial aid

Each year, the federal government awards more than $150 billion in student loans, grants, and work-study awards to eligible students. Here are seven tips for finding colleges with best financial aid.

8 ways to pay for college

If your dream school seems too expensive after financial aid, here are a bunch of other ways to pay for college.

Think you don’t qualify for financial aid? That's cray.

The government offers over $150 billion in financial aid every year, but almost half of students don't apply. Why?

Frequently asked questions about the new FAFSA

Questions about the new FAFSA? Get your answers here.

What’s new with the FAFSA: current and future changes

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) changes from year to year. Learn about some of the recent and upcoming updates.

Are you filling out the FAFSA correctly?

While the FAFSA may be free, it isn’t necessarily easy, so here are some tips to help you fill out the FAFSA correctly.

What to do while waiting for your financial aid award letter to arrive

While you wait for your financial award letter to arrive, here are some financially responsible ways to prepare for your next steps.

How to decipher your financial aid award letter

Understanding your awards letter can be tricky. This will help you review your options and make an informed decision about which school is the right choice for you and your family.

Private vs. federal student loans: the pros and cons

Take a look at the difference between private and federal student loans so you can make the best choice when financing your education.

Paying for school: types of federal financial aid

Take a look at the difference between private and federal student loans so you can make the best choice when financing your education.

What to do when you have a funding gap

Of all the challenges faced by college students, finding a way to pay for a college education may be the most daunting. If your financial aid award isn’t enough to cover your college costs, here are some ways to fund the gap.

Jobs that pay for college

These jobs don’t just help you pay for college, they set you up for career success.

Financial aid flowchart: a guide for students paying for college

Not sure how to pay for college? Figure out your best options with this easy interactive flowchart.

Are you FAFSA ready?

By Tamara KrauseGetting ready to go to college next year? If so, the FAFSA (otherwise known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) should be your new best friend. Why? This single form is your golden ticket to free money for college, l [...]

5 FAFSA secrets for getting the most financial aid

Squeeze the most money out of the FAFSA with these five secrets.

Food for thought

Did you purchase a meal plan at school this year? Bet you still had a few swipes left at the end of the semester. Instead of making lots of extra trips for snacks, ice cream and second helpings, why not find a better use for those unused credits? [...]

How to survive on $20 a week

The show 'Extreme Couponing' has changed the way many people shop, including college students. With the cost of tuition, room and board, books and other fees, very little is left over to cover living expenses, especially for students on a tight bu [...]

How flashing saved me money in college

Although flashing someone in public may land you in hot water, there's another type of "flashing" that can bring BIG rewards! I'm talking about flashing your student I.D. card for discounts on food, entertainment, travel and more! That little piec [...]

Sizzling summer ideas for college students

Ah, summer...You've waited all year for classes to end and the weather to warm up, but what are your plans for the next few months? Will you spend them with your head in the books, or will you go on an amazing adventure? The possibilities are endl [...]

4 ways the CSS Profile differs from the FAFSA

By Tamara KrauseLooking for free money for college? If so, you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® (CSS PROFILE), or in some cases both. Why? These wonderful little forms are your [...]

How to write a financial aid appeal letter

Have you had some issues over the last semester that may have caused your grades to slip? Maybe, you were battling an illness or helping a sick family member. If you have received notification from your college financial aid office that your fundi [...]

Spring Break on a budget

Thousands of college students are enjoying Spring Break this month and next, but not everyone can afford a trip to Cancun or a ski vacation in Vail. If you're a student with a bank account that is running on empty, here's some good news. We have f [...]

7 unusual jobs for college students

Does the thought of working at McDonald's or Taco Bell make you cringe? Are you tired of stocking shelves at your local retail store? It may be time to consider some alternative ways to make a buck this semester. Use your creativity and special sk [...]

How to get the best Black Friday deals

This year, the Black Friday deals are hitting the shelves even before people have had a chance to sit down and enjoy their Thanksgiving meal. Retailers are luring us out of the kitchen and off the couch with rock-bottom prices on some very desirab [...]

5 strange but true scholarships

If you think applying for scholarships is hard work and not a lot of fun, you obviously have never stumbled across any of these weird scholarships. But, unlike other strange award lists, these programs aren't for calling ducks or having the last n [...]

5 deadly sins of college spending

Some college expenses are unavoidable; no matter where you go, you're bound to be paying for it in one way or another. Fortunately, some expenses can be reduced or even avoided.  You just need to learn how to say 'no' and steer clear of temptation [...]

5 simple mother’s day gifts for broke college students

Did you know that Mother's Day is this weekend? Don't let this holiday pass by without showing your mom how much you care about her and appreciate all that she has done for you over the years. If you are short on money and ideas, check out this li [...]

Five must-have food items for your dorm room

Tired of Ramen noodles? Hate the campus cafeteria? Fill your stomach without emptying your bank account by including these five items on your grocery list. Who knew cooking could be so fun, easy, and inexpensive? Best of all, everything can be mad [...]

5 creative ways to pay your college tuition

Most students expect to pay their college tuition and fees through a combination of federal aid, institutional grants, and private scholarships. Even with these resources, many students will find themselves scrambling to figure out how to pay the [...]

How to Pump Up Your Scholarship Search

Here are some key strategies that you can use to manage your scholarship search and improve your chances of winning a grant.

What Are Scholarship Selection Committees Typically Looking For?

How important is a well-written essay to a scholarship-selection committee?

Three Tips for Financial Aid

Athletic Recruiting

Don’t Let The Economic Crisis Derail Your College Plans

The current economic crisis may have students and families thinking that a college education is out of grasp. But before you give up on your plans to pursue a college education consider the following strategies.

Attention High School Seniors: Your college education is in jeopardy

With budgets slashed, many colleges are taking measures that will effectively make the admissions process even more selective, so if you’re applying to college, we suggest you look into the financial situation of each of your target schools and re [...]

Inside The Mind Of A Financial Aid Administrator

Have you ever wondered just what your Financial Aid Administrator was thinking? Especially once you received your financial aid award. I’ve worked for 20 years as a financial aid administrator and I’ll take you inside the mind of the FAA.

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