Financial Aid

When in debt …

You'd be surprised at all the money out there for the taking. And we're here to help you find it. From FAFSA to COA to CSS, we'll decipher all the letters and show you how you can make the most out of financial aid opporunities.

How to survive on $20 a week

The show 'Extreme Couponing' has changed the way many people shop, including college students. With the cost of tuition, room and board, books and other fees, very little is left over to cover living expenses, especially for students on a tight budget. You could spend an entire semester eating Ramen noodles, but there's really no need. With a little planning and creativity, any student can find a way to survive on as little as $20 a week. Don't believe us? Check out these great tips to stretch your student dollars.

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Food for thought

Did you purchase a meal plan at school this year? Bet you still had a few swipes left at the end of the semester. Instead of making lots of extra trips for snacks, ice cream and second helpings, why not find a better use for those unused credits? Students at several campuses in California have found a great way to feed the homeless with their leftover swipes!


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Spring Break on a budget

Thousands of college students are enjoying Spring Break this month and next, but not everyone can afford a trip to Cancun or a ski vacation in Vail. If you're a student with a bank account that is running on empty, here's some good news. We have five fun ways you can enjoy Spring Break on a budget and still make plenty of great memories!

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7 unusual jobs for college students

Does the thought of working at McDonald's or Taco Bell make you cringe? Are you tired of stocking shelves at your local retail store? It may be time to consider some alternative ways to make a buck this semester. Use your creativity and special skills to find a job that's not only fun, but also works around your busy college schedule. Need some ideas? Here are seven unusual part-time gigs that might be the perfect fit for you!

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How to get the best Black Friday deals

This year, the Black Friday deals are hitting the shelves even before people have had a chance to sit down and enjoy their Thanksgiving meal. Retailers are luring us out of the kitchen and off the couch with rock-bottom prices on some very desirable items, such as video games and laptops. I mean, seriously, who can resist a flat screen TV for $79? If you plan to hit the stores this weekend, follow these simple tips to make sure you're getting the best deals.

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