Financial Aid

When in debt …

6 Ways To Pay For College

Let’s face it: College is a major investment in your future. An expensive one, too. Fortunately, creative ways do exist for students to not only decrease their student loan accumulation but also to get some extra dollars that may cover most if not [...]

Should I Get a Credit Card in College?

Owning a credit card may seem like an important first step in growing up and taking charge of your financial health -- and in many ways doing so can be -- but there are some risks associated with that shiny new piece of plastic.

8 ways to pay for college

If your dream school seems too expensive after financial aid, here are a bunch of other ways to pay for college.

What You Can Get From Applying For Federal Student Aid

The government offers over $150 billion in financial aid every year, but almost half of students don't apply. Why?

FAFSA Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the new FAFSA? Get your answers here.

What’s new with the FAFSA: current and future changes

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) changes from year to year. Learn about some of the recent and upcoming updates.

Are you filling out the FAFSA correctly?

While the FAFSA may be free, it isn’t necessarily easy, so here are some tips to help you fill out the FAFSA correctly.