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9 Reasons Why Class Participation is Better Than Getting Your Phone Taken Away

It’s easy to space out on social when you’re bored during a lecture, but participating in class can actually make it more fun. Here are nine reasons why class participation is better than getting your phone taken away.

5 Time Management Tips for Students in High School

Time Management Tips for Students By lwilliams Ah, high school! These four years can be truly exhilarating — and, not to mention, exhausting. Between all of the homework, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work, it’s surprising [...]

The 12 Stages of Senioritis

You finally made it to your senior year of high school. If you can't decide if you feel sad or happy, don't worry, that's a totally normal part of the 12 stages of senioritis.

3 Things You Can Do In High School To Impress Colleges

Your GPA, SAT, and/or ACT are often important factors for college admissions, but they won't make you stand out from a crowd of other good students. To truly impress admissions officers, start with these tips.

6 Summer Tips to Prepare you for College

The summer before college is one of the biggest events of your life. The anticipation and excitement is almost unbearable. Here are six tips to make the most of your summer and prepare you for your great adventure!

College Culture Shock! A Guide to Moving Away to College

Moving away to college can lead to some serious culture shock. Here's what I learned when I moved from the West Coast to the South.

How to Choose a College: 7 Things you May Not Think of

Most students do extensive research on a school’s academic requirements, ranking, and financial aid. But there are other important aspects of college that you may not consider.