9 reasons why class participation is better than getting your phone taken away


It’s easy to space out on social when you’re bored during a lecture, but participating in class can actually make it more fun and help raise your GPA. Here are nine reasons why class participation is better than getting your phone taken away.

1. You’ll have more fun!

The more engaged you are, the more interesting the class will be, and the more fun you’ll have. And when something is fun, time flies by. So, instead of waiting for the class to end, you may find yourself wishing it was longer.

2. Teachers grade on participation

Many students forget this, but class participation usually counts toward your grade. So if you speak up in class, you may go from a B to an A, which can raise your GPA.

3. Get better test scores

Class discussions may appear on exams

To make sure students are paying attention, teachers often include a few questions from class discussions on tests, which you can’t find in any textbook. And when you’re engaged, you’ll remember more of what you learned. So the more you pay attention and participate, the better you may do on exams.

4. Engaged students get more help

Engaged students receive more help

When you make an effort to be an attentive, engaged student, you’ll be rewarded with more attention and help from your teacher when you need it. You may even be missed when you’re absent.

5. Discover a new point of view

Starting a class discussion can encourage others to participate, which can lead to learning something new — not only about your class, but also your peers.

6. Make new friends

Learning more about your classmates can help you make new friends. Class friends are great because they can help you out with studying, catching up after an absence, and telling you when Kanye West says something stupid.

7. Better relationships with your teachers

Form a better relationship with your teacher

Participating in class gives your teacher the opportunity to get to know you and it gives you the chance to make a good impression, which can lead to stellar recommendations when it comes time to look for colleges.

8. Develop college skills

Class participation can help you build the skills you’ll need for college, like critical thinking, communication, debate, and persuasion.

9. Keep your phone

While you’re probably not going to get excited over every single lecture, participating in class can help make even a boring class more fun. And it’s better than getting your phone taken away.

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About the author

Jennifer JusselJennifer grew up in suburban Austin, Texas where she managed to become a balanced mixture of weird, hipster, and nerdy. She now attends Trinity University where she studies music composition, psychology, and creative writing. During her free time, she volunteers with Alpha Phi Omega and Hope Hall.

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