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National Higher Education Day

June 6th is National Higher Education Day! This day aims to pave the way for more students toward higher education. It’s an important time that serves as both a support system and guide to help students, educators, and families through the proc [...]

How and Why to Write a Scholarships Thank You Letter

Paying for school is often expensive. No matter where you go, what program you enroll in or what you choose to study, there’s usually no getting around the fact that tuition and fees are a burden. That’s even before you add in the cost of living, yik [...]

Why Apply for College Scholarships?

For those thinking about the cost of their college education and wondering how to make it work, consider the benefits that occur when you apply for college scholarships. Scholarships are funds provided to those who meet the requirements and win the a [...]

National Graduation Tassel Day

Every year on May 17th, Unigo celebrates National Graduation Tassel Day to honor the accomplishments of every graduate and every student! On this day, we celebrate the achievements of all the students who have worked hard and made many sacrifices to [...]

College Scholarships [You'll Love Our Fun Take]

Do you remember your high school or college chemistry class? You probably had your share of fun trying weird experiments or mixing chemicals, but there may have been one thing you really hated to learn…the periodic table of elements. Sure, a few [...]

Everything You Should Know About First Generation College Student Scholarships

For many people, paying for college creates challenges. One form of financial aid some may wish to see is a scholarship. Scholarships are gifts that you do not need to repay. They come from a wide range of organizations, including schools, private or [...]

Law School Scholarships in 2022 You Must Apply for

 Finding Law School Scholarships is easy. There are many scholarships offered to law students. Check here for pre-law and post graduate school money.