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Hustle hard

How to take advantage of being a student to get a job after college

Need experience to get a job, but need a job to get experience? Here’s how to take advantage of being a student to get your first "real" job after college.

10 Tips To Manage Working While Going To College

College can be tough, and working while going to college and taking classes is even harder. For many students, especially working students, it has become a financial necessity. Here are 10 tips to help you successfully manage working while going t [...]

Cover letter and resume tips to land that summer job

Even if you have limited work experience, here are nine tips for writing a cover letter and resume that will make you look your best!

10 summer job tips

Tidy up your resume, dust off your interview outfit, and use these tips to get yourself a summer job!

6 tips to help you be a superstar intern

When it comes to finding a “real job,” work experience is often more important to employers than academic achievements. Internships are the best way to start building that experience. Here are six tips to help you be a superstar intern.

Get a job or go to graduate school?

How to decide whether to hunt for jobs or grad schools.

Personal branding: How to market yourself for the professional world

Personal branding begins the moment you choose a career path. Whatever your interests are, make them apparent. Not only will it help companies get to know you better, but it may also help you land more jobs.

The 25 best jobs for work-life balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is important. Check out the 25 highest-rated professions for happiness in and out of work.

Want a job after college? Get an internship now

When it's time to get a job out of college, the most important thing to employers is real work experience. Internships give you on-the-job experience no classroom can provide and will set you apart from the rest.

Report finds graduates questioning the value of their college education

A report of more than 30,000 college graduates finds that the perceived value of a college education is low. Is going to college still worth the cost?

How to land a job using LinkedIn

So you have your LinkedIn profile. Now what? Learn how to use it to simplify your job search.

8 reasons why externships are a must

Want to know what a profession is really like, but without the commitment of a job or internship? Then get an externship!

The best government jobs

Government jobs may not offer the highest salaries, but working for the government can be highly rewarding. Check out this list of the best entry-level government jobs.

"What are your strengths and weaknesses?:" job interview tips

Whether you’re interviewing for a position in investment banking or pizza delivery, potential employers are bound to ask the dependable, go-to interview question: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?  

5 ways to build your skills this summer

Summer jobs and internships play an essential part in gaining professional work experience and establishing your reputation. But even if you aren't working this summer, here are five ways you can still build your skills.

3 interview tips to help you land the job

Three tips for kicking butt in your next interview.

You got an interview, now get the job

For many college students, getting the first big job interview can be extremely nerve-wracking. Excitement for the opportunity mixes with the fear of messing up what could potentially be something that can launch a career. For Batt, her first big [...]

How to land college internships

If you do four things, from an intern who has been there, these are the things to do.

Go out and explore during your internship

Gaining real-world experience doesn't have to be limited to sitting at your desk. 

4 Tips for a Successful Internship

Because you never know if something will fit you properly until you try it on. 

4 types of internships: a guide

With so many different options of available Internships, students (and their parents) may be confused about the different types of internships. Leverage this guide to better understand what’s out there and for some helpful hints on how to tell the [...]

Internships: Get paid to aid

One of the great tragedies of modern-day collegiate life is that it’s no longer enough to just do well in your classes and expect a job waiting for you at the end of your four years.

Little perks of the unpaid internship

 You might not get paid for an internship, but here are a few of the little perks that come along with your offering of free labor.

How To Find Your Ideal Internship

Let’s not be modest. Admit it, you have big dreams and fantasize about the perfect job. It’s OK, everybody does. It’s also OK if you have no idea how to get there or even where to start looking.

Make the Most of Your Internship

As companies realize that successful internships benefit both the employer and the employee, the diversity of internships is growing: from mentor-led programs to unpaid volunteering to well-paying gigs. Follow these steps to make your internship a [...]

Top ten recession proof jobs

With so many layoffs and economic woes, it may seem like a frightening time to look for work. But here are 10 careers that have staying power in the face of the recession.

How to land a job after graduation

Once you’ve dropped tens of thousands of dollars on a college education, what happens if you can’t find a job? Find out about one alumna who sued her alma mater when she couldn’t get work, and learn what steps you should take now to maximize your [...]

A Career Planning Checklist for College Students

A year-by-year checklict of how to get a head start on your career and building a great resume while still in college!

Think Before Sending: E-mail etiquette tips

Email etiquette for the college student and grad.

How to avoid resume constipation

The hardest part of building your first résumé is getting it all down on paper.

Misconceptions About Networking

A lot of people avoid networking because they think of it as difficult, distasteful, or even a little sleazy. These objections may seem fair enough, but they’re based on several pernicious misconceptions about networking.

Creating a winning cover letter

A cover letter serves two important functions, says recruiter Emy Unger. It introduces and sells you. Putting your best foot forward means sending a thoughtful, distinct letter, so consider these nine tips.

Campus Recruiting and Interviewing

Recruiters wouldn’t bother coming unless they intended to fill their schedule with good candidates and to invite at least one and probably more to go to the next step—the on-site visit. If you obtain an on-campus interview, you’re in the advantage [...]

Office Etiquette for the Recent Grad

Take a second to revel in your success – you landed a coveted job right out of school and you’re ready to put that degree to use. Done reveling? Good. Now take a second and think about this: you’re in the real world now, and you can’t exactly act [...]

Get a Job: Our five favorite gigs for college students

Consistently keeping a few extra Andrew Jacksons in your wallet will require some work on your behalf. And by work, we mean an actual paying job.

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