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What are STEM Scholarships?

STEM scholarships are a kind of financial aid to help pay for a STEM degree. College majors like science, technology, engineering, and math and any related fields may get you scholarship in STEM.

Providers award this money on the basis of financial need or merit. Need based awards look at family income and the FAFSA. Merit awards are for academic achievement. 

When looking for a STEM scholarship, expect some competition. More students are pursuing STEM majors more than ever. Many schools award 20% of bachelor’s degrees in a STEM field. 

10 STEM Scholarships You Can Apply for in 2021

Here are 10 scholarships for STEM students you could apply for now.

  1. NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  2. Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship
  3. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  4. Google SVA Scholarship
  5. Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Scholarship
  6. Exxon Mobil Engineering Scholarship
  7. AFCEA STEM Majors Scholarship 
  8. Lynn G. Bellenger Engineering Technology Scholarship 
  9. SBB Research Group STEM Scholarship
  10. $2000 Bi Annual STEM Scholarship

How to Find More STEM Scholarships?

If you are majoring in a certain STEM field, use it as a way to find more scholarship programs. You may find STEM scholarships from the federal government. Also, your university, and local businesses and nonprofits may offer scholarship awards. Here are four tips that may make your search for awards easier. 

Find by Grade Level 

To find scholarships in STEM majors you might also look by degree level. There are ones for high school seniors, college sophomores or those going for a graduate degree. 

Check Government Sites

One resource is the It lists federal government awards for STEM undergraduate students. They also list internships and fellowships for various disciplines.

Search Your College’s Website

Many schools offer incoming college students awards when they apply for admissions. Knowing this may be useful to narrow down your choice of schools. Colleges with strong STEM programs may have more funding too. So, make sure to look at college departments with an eye on possible awards.

Get Specific About Your Status

There are scholarships for women in STEM, minority students and specific ethnic groups. You might also stack gender and ethnicity to find results. For example if you are a nursing student, African American and female student, use it all in your search. 

Look by Location

Many local groups and state boards of higher education offer scholarships. For example, the Iowa Physician’s Assistants Society offers a $5,000 award to Iowa students enrolled in a PA grad program.

Why Scholarships are Important for Your STEM Education?

Total tuition at a public college is about $17,797 and is on the rise. So, a scholarship is a useful way to avoid student loans or at least, keep them down. 

Besides financial aid, some awards may come with industry perks. You may be offered a job in your field when you graduate. You could be part of a network of scholars with access to mentors. 

Then there’s the possible benefit of having a STEM degree. Scholarships may provide financial assistance to low income students and prepare them to be future scientists, engineers, or mathematicians. After graduating and receiving a full time job the median annual salary in STEM is $86,980.

Scholarships for STEM Majors

Each STEM discipline is an umbrella for many other areas. So, some awards may be for all eligible STEM students. Others may be for specific majors only.

STEM careers are among the fastest growing occupations. In fields with anticipated growth, there may be more scholarship opportunities. These are areas where there is more demand for skilled workers than supply. 

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and mathematical jobs are one of the fastest growing occupations. As more people use mobile devices, this will drive 26% growth and higher demand for software developers.

Workers in STEM careers use science and math to solve problems. As the need for technical skills grow, there may be jobs for all levels of education. From a high school diploma to a PhD, one tends to use a blend of logic and technique. 

Science Scholarships

Science conduct tests and analyze data on how nature, chemicals, and machines work. Three areas of science are life, physical, and social sciences. Aeronautics, biology, psychology and medicine use science to make new discoveries and technology. 

The job outlook and entry level degree for each area may vary. But per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in life, physical and social science should see about 5% growth by 2028. For example, the job outlook for environmental scientists and specialists could see a 8% growth. You may even find awards for women in science or by minority group and specific studies. 

The NHHF is a charitable organization devoted to education and research. Each year they offer National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship to 24 eligible full time students. 

To qualify for up to $5,667 in funds, you must be a graduate student. You must be in an accredited program for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, or public health.

Other criteria include a minimum GPA of 3.0, proven leadership and letters of recommendation. Only U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, or DACA recipients are eligible to apply. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration teams up with minority serving colleges to offer the EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholarship.

The award funds for two academic years of an undergraduate degree. It’s for junior college students in STEM fields that support NOAA’s mission. So if studying areas like climate, weather, marine biology and ones like it, you may qualify.

Scholars may receive up to $45,000 in total. They also undergo an 11 week paid internship that comes with a stipend. To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. national. You also need to be a current full time 2nd year undergraduate student with a 3.2 GPA.

Technology Scholarships

Technology is about innovation and applying scientific knowledge across various industries. It spans across all computer and information technology majors and careers such as computer engineering. 

Skills related to technology are programming, design and analysis. Anything that uses hardware and software also falls under technology’s scope. 

As modern society relies on tech, many of these areas could expect an average of 12% more jobs to 2028. For example, the rise in cyber attacks is leading to a higher demand for information security jobs. The job outlook for information security analysts is about 31% by 2028.

A software and cloud platform company, Masergy offers an annual STEM Scholarship. Two STEM students each are eligible for $5,000. To qualify, you must attend an accredited four year college. All you do is submit 60 second video that shows off your original STEM innovation. 

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education runs the (ISC)² Undergraduate Scholarship. It offers these awards to close the global cyber security workforce gap. So, if you are pursuing for a degree with a focus on information assurance or cybersecurity, you may qualify.

Apart from your major, the program is open to 12th graders, college sophomore (junior, freshman, seniors) with a 3.3 GPA. Citizens from any country may apply. The program awards up to 20 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 each.

Engineering Scholarships

The field of engineering has six main branches. Mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, and interdisciplinary fields. Engineering applies science and math to help create, design, analyze solutions for real world problems

One may enter as a drafter with an associate’s degree. But many engineering jobs entail a bachelor’s to begin. Master’s or PhD degrees may help you pursue teaching or research careers.

Since there are many areas to explore, the engineering field could expect a 4% growth or 113,300 new jobs by 2028. There’s a brighter forecast in marine engineering, health and safety, and computer hardware.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of New York offers ACEC New York  Scholarship. They offer this statewide scholarship since 2002. The awards are open to students in their third year of four yr degree program or fourth year in a five year program. Award amounts range from $2,500 to $10,000 each. Eligible students must be studying one of the following fields: 

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering Technology or Surveying

The NASA College Scholarship Fund is a Texas nonprofit. It provides awards to qualified dependents and former NASA employees. 

There will be five awards, each $8,000. The award will be offered up to $2,000 per year and is renewable for up to six years. Eligible students must be studying in an engineering or science field. 

Eligible applicants must have a 3.0 GPA. You must be on track to earn an undergraduate degree at an accredited U.S. school. If eligible, one fills out a form with their transcripts and test scores. Also, eligible applicants must provide their school and community activities, an essay and letters of recommendation. 

Math Scholarships

Many STEM careers rely on math. It serves as a basis for design, risk analysis and to solve complex issues. 

Today’s math careers span to data science, statistics, finance and analytics. Overall, math and statistics jobs are growing much faster than others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook may see 27% increase to 2028 or 47.700 new jobs.   

For example, mathematicians and statisticians have a 33% job growth which means higher demand. That is because data skills are crucial to business and healthcare. 

Masters of Business offers Big Data Science and Analytics Scholarship. If you like to code for machine learning or analyze data, then this award may be perfect for you. It is a biannual, $2,000 scholarship. Two students who plan to or are pursuing a bachelor’s, or graduate degree in the following fields:

  • Data Analytics
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Science 
  • Math, Statistics
  • Computer Science

To qualify, you must be a full or part time student either on campus or online. You also need a GPA of 3.0 or above, an essay and complete an online application. 

Department of Defense (DOD) offers the SMART program or Science, Math and Research for Transformation. SMART program awards undergraduate and graduate students. As long as one attends a regionally accredited school in the United States. 

Applicants must be pursuing a technical degree in one of the 21 STEM disciplines on the approved list. It includes biomedical sciences, nuclear engineering, and oceanography. Winners receive a full tuition scholarship and a guaranteed civilian job with the DOD upon completion of their degree. 

Women in STEM Scholarships

Scholarships for women in STEM may help a college degree become more affordable. Most awards encourage diversity in STEM fields where females are underrepresented.

According to the NCES, more females (58%) than males (42%) earn bachelor’s degree. However, it is the opposite case for STEM degrees. Females earn fewer degrees (36%) than men (64%) in science, technology, engineering, and math

When you apply for these awards, keep in mind that eligibility requirements may vary. 

Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) Scholarship

The Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS) comes from VIP. VIP helps state and local government and others make their organization more efficient. 

This program offers a few scholarships of up to $2,500 each. These go to women pursuing a two or four year degree. Eligible female applicants may study computer programming, IT, or management information systems.

Eligible applicants need to be current or accepted students. A complete form includes grades, essay, summary of activities, qualities and leadership.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Scholarship

This $15,000 award goes to one female student pursuing a degree in information systems and security, computer science or engineering, software engineering, or business.

You may qualify if you are a resident of Michigan with a 3.0 GPA or above. To apply, you must send in transcripts, two letters of recommendation and a personal essay.

Women Techmakers Scholars Program 

Google offers this award in honor of Anita Borg. She was a pioneer whose vision was to create more gender equality in the tech industry.

The program is for female undergraduate and graduate students. Majors must be in computer science, computer engineering. and related areas. Apart from $10,000, scholars attend a retreat, and access online network of peers. Last year, there were 20 awards but the number may vary each year varies. 

To apply, one must fill out an application form and send and send support docs. Ttranscripts, two letters of recommendation, CV, and a personal essay. If you are chosen as a semi finalist, then make it to the final few, there is an interview round.

Xilinx Empowering Women in Technology Scholarship

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) runs a scholarship program for STEM. They offer many awards to empower female engineering. Students to pursue STEM careers and this is one. Five awards of $5,000 each are offered to college freshmen. Up to 5 scholarships of $5,000 each go to freshman. 

High school students may apply if majoring in engineering. Though preference goes to candidates from under represented groups with a GPA of 3.0 or higher plus. As part of the applicationApp form, you must one sends in transcripts, one letter of reference, and a personal essay.

Are there STEM Scholarships for Minority Students? 

There are scholarships for minority students seeking STEM education. These awards may help promote presence where there is a lack of. And, may motivate underrepresented groups to pursue a degree in STEM.  

About 33% of all STEM bachelor’s degrees are awarded to Asian students compared to the average total of 18%. Two or more races (20%) receive degrees in STEM which is higher than the average. On the contrary, Hispanics (15%), African Americans (12%), Pacific Islanders (15%), and American Indian (14%) were awarded a bachelor’s. 

UNCF STEM Scholarship

The United Negro College Fund is UNCF. It aims to support African American high school students who aspire to earn degrees in STEM and to pursue careers in STEM. 

If eligible, you must have a 3.0 GPA and show you followed a rigorous math and science high school course load. Applicants must show they have unmet financial need. A complete application form also includes essays, transcripts, letter from a sponsor or mentor.

There are 100 scholarships, each up to $2,500 per year for freshman and seniors. Up to $5,0000 for juniors and seniors, and an extra $5,000 for students in 5 year STEM programs. A $5,000 stipend is also available for use in an internship or research project.

NACME Collegiate Scholarship

The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering is NACME. They offer awards to help 1,000 minority engineering and computer students each year. The award amount is $4,000 each. Black, Hispanic, Latino, and Native American students may apply if they qualify. 

To be eligible, you must be a high school senior with a GPA of 3.0. You must be applying to one of NACME’s partner schools in one of those majors. It is also necessary to be a U.S. citizen or permanent residents. Eligible applicants need to send in a form, essay, personal statement and transcripts.

How Do You Apply for STEM Grants?

Many STEM grants for college students are need based according to your family’s income and FAFSA information. You won’t have to pay funds back if you accept terms.

There are also grants that enable a student to research for a thesis or PhD dissertation. They may be available from government, large corporations, and universities with a vested interest.

In contrast, scholarships tend to be merit based. They may come from colleges, local organizations, private companies, nonprofits, agencies and religious groups. . So, even if you show a lack of finances, you might need to hit a benchmark for GPA. These awards tend to offset tuition costs and fees (not usually research). 

Pfizer Global Medical Grants Program

GMG grants aim to support the global health care community. Pharma, medicine and allied health. To apply, one fills out an App form. And, must have a proposal ready. 

Proposed research should work to improve patient outcomes. Above all, in areas of unmet medical need lined up with Pfizer’s strategies. While Pfizer awards up to $200,000 in grants, the number of grants varies.

NASA / Montana Space Grant

The MSG Consortium is part of NASA’s Space Grant College and Fellowship program. So, it is one of 52 in the network. All aim to strengthen aerospace research and education in the United States.

This grant of $1,500 is available for a varying number of U.S. graduate students. One must be a student attending an eligible school and in a relevant field to agency’s mission. For e.g. biological and life sciences, chemical eng., astronomy and physics.

List of STEM Scholarships

Check out our list of 614 STEM scholarships worth $7M.

Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship

We recognize the value and advantages of diverse ideas within our communities. We are committed to providing a platform to support the next generation of leaders and champions in our industry, and we are focused on growing diversity within the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) fields. The Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship will contribute to the creation of a critical mass of talented students that will fully represent our industry—it will provide an environment in which all can thrive academically and professionally. Through this scholarship, Stantec will award $200,000 annually. We believe everyone has a right to education, and we are committed to providing people in historically underrepresented and Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) groups with financial aid. Here at Stantec, we value an inclusive and diverse workplace culture where we seek a broad range of perspectives and contributions to our industry—and the communities where we live and work. The number of scholarships awarded will be based on the specific needs articulated by applicants, and the award values will be a variable range between $1,500 and $10,000. Additionally, there will be 10 paid internships (locations to be confirmed annually) available to applicants. The Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship is part of a broader commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our organization. We know that we must increase our focus on building the future talent pipeline and find more ways to support underrepresented populations in our industry. This scholarship program is just one example of our commitment to break through barriers to have an impact.
Award Amount

Total: $200000

Awards: 20


Deadline: October 14, 2023

Orangesoft Women in Technology Scholarship

Orangesoft offers a scholarship dedicated to female college or university students pursuing STEM, or other technology-related studies and careers. As an Orangesoft Scholar, you will receive new financial opportunities and a chance to participate in the IT industry development.
Award Amount

Total: $500

Awards: 1


Deadline: November 15, 2023

NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program

U.S. undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need and have a grade point average of 3.3 or higher or rank in the top five percent of their class are eligible to apply for this award. Students must demonstrate a sincere interest in pursuing a career in biomedical, behavioral, and social science health-related research.
Award Amount

Total: $80000

Awards: 20


Deadline: March 18

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) Scholarship

This award is available for U.S. college juniors, seniors, or graduate students who are majoring in engineering or physical science (physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, etc.) at an eligible institution.
Award Amount

Total: $10000

Awards: 39


Deadline: March 25

Google SVA Scholarship

This scholarship is open to current student veterans or active-duty military members who are full-time undergraduate or graduate students maintaining a strong academic performance. Students must be pursuing a computer science or computer engineering degree or a degree in a closely-related technical field.
Award Amount

Total: $10000

Awards: 8


Deadline: April 16

Zipwhip Women in STEM Scholarship

Applicants must be legal U.S. resident attending college in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver or Portland (where The Riveter operates), 18 years or older, enrolled in a STEM undergraduate program at an accredited university or college, or enrolled in a technical bootcamp. Not open to employees of Zipwhip or The Riveter or immediate family members of those employees. Limited to one entry per student.
Award Amount

Total: $1500

Awards: 1


Deadline: May 17

Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship

Hyundai Motor America is driven by better. From engineering a more sustainable and autonomous future in mobility for tomorrow to giving back to local communities today, everything Hyundai does is guided by one question: How can we make things better? To close the gender gap in STEM, they offer a Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship. Participants must be high school seniors or undergraduate students who are female, reside in the United States and wish to pursue a STEM-related field of education. Eligible students can apply for the award by writing an essay of 500 words or more on why they chose to pursue a STEM-related field and what drives them to be better. Five scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each will be awarded to female students.
Award Amount

Total: $50000

Awards: 5


Deadline: July 31

Iowa Physician’s Assistant Society Scholarship

This award is available for Iowa students who are enrolled in a physician’s assistant graduate program. Students must have achieved an outstanding undergraduate academic record.
Award Amount

Total: $5000

Awards: 4


Deadline: October 05

USAC STEM Scholarship

USAC supports students with a love and passion for STEM and whom desires to travel and study abroad. If you’re a STEM major and think about studying abroad, you may eligible for this award. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and pursing a bachelors degree. Awards will be given in the amount of $750-$1,000.
Award Amount

Total: $4000

Awards: 4


Deadline: October 15

Data Pros of Tomorrow Scholarship

SentryOne will contact the winning applicant and their institution’s financial aid office within 30 days of the deadline above to make arrangements for disbursing the $5,000 award toward the winning applicant’s Spring 2021 educational expenses. The scholarship is non-renewable.
Award Amount

Total: $5000

Awards: 1


Deadline: November 15