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Are There Any Scholarships for Women in Science and Other STEM Fields?

If you are a woman and major in science, a wide range of scholarships exist. Scholarships for women in science cover areas like biology, chemistry and physics, horticulture, astronomy and related areas.

There are also scholarships for women studying other STEM fields such as computer science (tech), engineering and math. Some award programs accept women studying any science field. While others are major specific or are set aside for women who also identify as a minority group.

You may also find scholarships for all levels of science degrees. Eligible female students studying Bachelor’s, master’s and PhDs programs may apply for scholarships.

To be eligible for any science focused scholarship, you need to qualify. This may take a blend of solid grades and financial need. You may also need to explain how the money will help you reach your goals (and what these are!).

Other criteria may vary. There are scholarships that only accept female adults returning to finish their degree. Many scholarships cater to first time students pursuing an undergrad or graduate degree in science.

Hyundai offers five scholarships worth $5,000 to female students studying STEM. To qualify for the Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship, eligible female students must be a high school senior or undergraduate. Also, you must submit an essay about why you chose to pursue a STEM-related field and what drives you to be better. 

Why are There Scholarships for Women in Science?

Women in science are in the minority. About half the people working in life, physical, and social science jobs are women. And of these, most (2.8 million) work as registered nurses.

Compared with other fields, you need a college degree for 99% of science and other STEM jobs. That may cost upwards of $17K for a bachelor’s degree at a public college.

Even with a college degree, women in science careers tend to earn less than their male peers. As such, it may be harder to pay down a student loan.

Luckily, scholarships do not need to be paid back. Many scholarship providers want to bridge the gender wage and skills gap. So, they set money aside to support women and girls preparing to join the growing STEM workforce.

List of Scholarships for Women in Science

Check out our list of 66 scholarships worth $1M below.

CEU Future of Big Data, Morgan Stanley, Women in Tech scholarships

For all women interested in pursuing a career in science, this scholarship is just for you!

Total: $12000

Awards: 15

Deadline: January 30

Iyowun Memorial College Scholarship

This year, IMCS will award up to ten $1,000 scholarships to college students currently pursuing careers in technology or social science related fields. Winners will be announced every January 31 @ 11:59 PM PST

Total: $1000

Awards: 1

Deadline: December 12


The WISE Women in STEM Excel Scholarship is available for women in Washington State who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program and majoring in a STEM field.

Total: $1500

Awards: 1

Deadline: July 24

Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship

Hyundai Motor America is driven by better. From engineering a more sustainable and autonomous future in mobility for tomorrow to giving back to local communities today, everything Hyundai does is guided by one question: How can we make things better? To close the gender gap in STEM, they offer a Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship. Participants must be high school seniors or undergraduate students who are female, reside in the United States and wish to pursue a STEM-related field of education. Eligible students can apply for the award by writing an essay of 500 words or more on why they chose to pursue a STEM-related field and what drives them to be better. Five scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each will be awarded to female students.

Total: $50000

Awards: 5

Deadline: June 30

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