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How Do You Get Law School Scholarships?

To receive a law school scholarships, you need to be a new and first year (1L) law student in a Juris Doctor degree program. Many schools consider admitted students for merit scholarships while need based awards require you to fill out a FAFSA.

If you got this far, you likely took your LSATs already. The LSAT is accepted for admission purposes by many ABA accredited law schools. A high LSAT score may help you qualify for full funding for a three year Juris Doctor program. The highest possible score of the test is 180.

Schools generally use these scores as a metric for acceptance and the amount of scholarship money they offer you. As a college student, an impressive GPA plus high test scores may help you when it comes to getting graduate scholarships for law.

Once you earn your JD degree and pass the Bar Exam, one option may be to pursue a career at a law firm. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many lawyers today earn a median annual salary of $135,740 per year.

How To Apply for a Law Scholarship?

Besides your test scores, each scholarship program comes with a set of criteria to meet. These awards could be for women, minority groups and specific law majors. But in most cases are for U.S. citizens.

Eligible law school students who qualify have to fill out a scholarship application form. It is wise to follow the directions and apply by or before the application deadline.

Along with the form, you might need to supply transcripts, resume, and explain your goals. Some providers seek a very strong community service background too. If there is an essay, be clear and use the directions as a guide.

10 Scholarships for Law Students You Can Apply for in 2024

Are you wondering what scholarships are available for graduate students attending law school? You’re in luck because we have hundreds of law school awards. These awards may help you pay for law degree and reduce your school debt by the time you graduate. Check out these ten scholarships that you can apply for now!

  1. Anhelo Dream Project Scholarship
  2. Legal Opportunity Scholarship
  3. Earl Warren Scholarship
  4. Herbert Lehman Education Fund Scholarship
  5. MALDEF Law School Scholarship
  6. Attorney Ken Nugent Legal Scholarship
  7. ABA Academic Merit Scholarship
  8. LimNexus Scholarship
  9. La Raza Foundation Scholarship
  10. Warner Norcross & Judd Law School and Paralegal Scholarship


The cost of law school may vary depending on where you study. Tuition and fees differ across institutions and whether you are in state vs out of state. Additional college expenses such as housing, books, and transportation  contribute to the cost of law school.

According to the NCES, the average tuition cost of a graduate degree is $11,617 per yea at a public school. If you choose a private school, you are likely to pay more at $26,551 per year at a nonprofit college. The difference between tuition and fees at private schools and public schools is huge: around $14,900.

The NCES also found that 75% of students who completed a professional doctorate such as a law degree had student loans. They also report the average total loan balance was about $145,500 per borrower.

Are There Full Ride Scholarships to Law School? 

Full ride law scholarships are more common. These pay tuition and mandatory fees for all three years. Most schools make them available to first year students who may qualify. 

For example, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School awards full tuition through the Toll Public Interest Scholars program. You also a receive a stipend to fund unpaid public sector internships. Eligible scholars must be in good academic standing, commit to work in public interest and the community.  

Which Law Schools Offer Scholarships?

University of Chicago, New York University, and University of Virginia provide scholarships for admitted law students. Other major universities in the United States with Juris Doctor programs offer scholarships for graduate students studying law. Here are two prestigious law schools and their scholarships to check out.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago School of Law offers a Juris Doctor as well as a Joint JD /MBA program. In the first year of the JD, your courses may teach you about  contracts, torts, property, criminal law and civil procedures. As you get into the upper level courses, you may study equality, civil rights, health law and taxation. 

Every admitted student is automatically considered for scholarships. One to try for is the Tony Patiño Fellowship. Each year there are 1 to 2 Fellows, chosen on the basis of merit. Eligible students must exhibit leadership, academic success and initiative. Each recipient receives at least $10,000 per year for their studies and takes part in Fellowship events as a side benefit.

University of Virginia

University School of Law offers a JD that includes core courses in the first year. Second year law students focus on patent and administrative law, the federal courts and independent research. Year three is research focused and explores areas like trusts and estates. Students also have access to study abroad, dual degree options and externships. 

You may qualify for graduate scholarships as a new law student such as the Karsh Dillard Scholarships. A Karsh Dillard Scholar receives a sufficient amount to cover full tuition and fees for three years of their legal education. Awardee must be in good academic standing in order to receive the scholarship.

Do Law Schools Give Merit Scholarships?

Yes, some law schools give merit scholarships. University of Pennsylvania and UCL

A are some universities where you may receive merit based awards. Sometimes, there is no separate application and eligible graduates may be automatically considered when applying for admission. 

Many law schools look at your LSAT scores, undergraduate GPA, community service and school activities. The admissions office typically reviews eligible applicants for merit based aid. You may also request more financial aid based on admissions and scholarship offers from other schools.

University of Pennsylvania

Penn Law has a full time program leading to the JD. Penn Law also offers an LLM and other law graduate degrees. The JD course plan includes externships, pro bono duties, and senior research and writing project. 

To help those who qualify, the school offers merit scholarships such as the Dean’s Scholarship. These awards range from $9,000 to $120,000 in tuition coverage. In addition to academic achievements, eligible students must show leadership, service, and personal or work experience.

University of California Los Angeles

UCLA School of Law offers two distinct merit scholarships. These scholarship opportunities use criteria such as grades, LSAT scores and leadership. 

One is the the Distinguished Scholars Program. It is a binding merit based full tuition scholarship program. And, only for a few exceptionally qualified applicants.

Recipients of the award who are CA residents get full resident tuition and fees for three academic years. As long as they remain in good standing. Non CA residents will be awarded full non-resident tuition and fees for L 1. Then, full California resident tuition and fees for L 2 and 3.

Are There Scholarships for Minority Law Students?

Law school scholarships for minority law students and women help nurture diversity in the field. Such awards also provide valuable financial help to under served law graduate students towards their goals.

Doctorate degrees in legal professions and studies hold a 23% share of all degrees earned at this level. Recent NCES data shows a 50 /50 split in the number of men and women who attained law degrees. The numbers vary for various minority groups below.

  • Black – 23%
  • Hispanic – 33%
  • Asian – 13%
  • Pacific Islander – 24%
  • American Indian – 36%
  • Two or More Races – 26%

Law Scholarships for African American Students

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc is one provider of law scholarships for African American law students. NAACP is the legal organization that fights for racial justice through litigation, advocacy and public education. One of the programs they run is the Earl Warren Scholarship.

This is an annual award that goes to rising law students committed to racial justice. Eligible applicants tend to show potential as civil rights and public interest attorneys. To qualify, you must be a first or second year full time law student at an ABA accredited school.

Earl Warren Scholarship awards are $10,000 per year for three years or for a total of $30,000. Along with the award there are two opportunities for an LDF internship, externship, or guided research project and an invitation to LDF’s Civil Rights Training Institute.

African American law students might also find scholarships that are location specific. The James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation is one example. It provides 3 scholarships of $3,000 each to support minority law students at a few partner schools.

Scholarships for Hispanic Law Students

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) may be a good resource for Hispanic students. MALDEF supports law students who seek to further advance the civil rights of the Latino community in the United States.

In the past years, MALDEF awarded from 5 to 15 law school scholarships of $2,000 each to deserving Hispanic law students throughout the nation.

The program is open to eligible law students currently enrolled full time at an ABA accredited school. Other criteria they look at are grades, financial need and outside school activities. Above all, eligible applicant must show dedication to advancing Latino civil rights in their careers.

MCCA or the Minority Corporate Counsel Association offers law scholarships for Hispanic women. They offer the Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr. Scholarship Program. It helps law students pay for tuition, books and fees. Eligible fellows receive $10,000 a year for three years to help defray the cost of a JD degree. They also receive a one time award of $10,000 to assist with 1L expenses.

Law School Scholarships for Women

Female law students may find law school scholarships through the AAUW or American Association of University Women. They offer several fellowships and grants each year. 

BARBRI, a provider of legal exam prep courses, offers One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship. It is for eligible incoming first year law students for fall semester. To apply, you need to write an essay about “How you hope to use your law degree to change our world”. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000 and $5,000 for second place. There are also 8 runners up who take away $1,000 each.

Law Scholarships for Immigrants and Children of Immigrants  

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans program is an annual award. It honors immigrants and children of immigrants who are in pursuit of a graduate degree. This year, due to COVID 19 they’ve expanded their criteria to include online law degree programs too. 

To be eligible, you must be an eligible New American graduate student who is 30 years or younger by the application deadline. You may either be a naturalized US citizen, green card holder, adopted immigrant, DACA recipient, refugee and asylee. You must plan to start or continue in an eligible program full time in the United States. Each Fellow receives up to $90,000 in financial support over two years.

List of Law School Scholarships

Check out our list of 10,173 scholarships for law school worth $31M.

Scholarship Contest from Smith, Born, Leventis, Taylor & Vega

At Smith, Born, Leventis, Taylor & Vega, we understand that experiencing a personal injury can be a challenging and life-altering event. Our dedicated team of experienced personal injury attorneys in South Carolina, is here to support and guide you through the complex legal process while tirelessly fighting for the compensation you deserve. With our compassionate approach and proven track record, you can trust us to handle your case with the utmost professionalism and care.
Award Amount

Total:  $1500

Awards:  1


Deadline:  April 29, 2024

Optimize My Firm 2024 Legal Marketing Scholarship

As a marketing company, we make creative campaigns for our clients. We would like to give you the opportunity to make a commercial for Optimize My Firm!
Award Amount

Total:  $2000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 01, 2024

Environmental Heroes Scholarship

More than ever before, humans are turning their attention to the environment and the importance of its preservation. A light has been shed on some of the irreparable damage that has already been done and alarms are being sounded to not only cease further harm, but also heal ongoing problems. As the perpetual build-up of waste and pollutants fill our modern world, there are several organizations and individuals across our beautiful nation that are committed to making a difference. These contributors work and innovate to create solutions that may sustain the comforts we have grown used to, while also caring for the earth around us. One example of a company that has worked to make a difference is Ale-8-One, a popular regional soft drink manufacturer. For 100 years, this Kentucky-based company participated in a program that allowed for the reuse of its 100% recyclable glass beverage bottles. These traditional longneck bottles were purchased and then brought back to participating locations and thereafter returned to the manufacturer to be sanitized and reused. This recycling program eliminated monumental amounts of glass from landfills while also conserving resources. Although this program is coming to a close in 2023, Ale-8-One continues to find ways to help maintain our country’s natural beauty through its participation in the “Commonwealth Collective” recycling program, further proving their commitment to preservation efforts. Like Ale-8-One, there are a growing number of individuals and organizations making valuable efforts to be environmentally friendly. Now, our team at Maze Law Offices wants to highlight these individuals and organizations through our Environmental Heroes Scholarship!
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 10, 2024

Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys Students in Need Scholarship

At Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys, we fiercely advocate for victims of personal injuries across the state of Texas from our headquarters in San Antonio. While contending with giant insurance companies and corporations, we strive to provide compassionate and intelligent service to each of our clients. In short, we treat each case like it is our only case. Our team spends nights and weekends working to obtain just outcomes for our clients, and we have a deep appreciation for dedication, determination, and hard work. Through our Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys Students in Need Scholarship, we aim to promote those ideals by supporting students who have overcome obstacles and demonstrated a need for financial assistance. Therefore, we award scholarships of $2,000 in the Fall and Spring semesters to qualified students interested in a career in law who can demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
Award Amount

Total:  $2000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 20, 2024

Making Waves Scholarship

At Mattis Law, we’ve dedicated our practice to Family Law, and we do everything we can to ensure that children and their families will have a safe and happy future. In this spirit, we’re offering a $500 scholarship to benefit a San Diego County high school senior or graduate who wishes to improve their future by pursuing higher education. This scholarship is open to 2024 California high school graduates pursuing a four-year college degree and current college students who graduated from a California high school and are pursuing a four-year degree or are currently enrolled in a two-year college and planning to transfer to a four-year college degree program upon completion.
Award Amount

Total:  $500

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 22, 2024

Done With Distracted Driving Scholarship

An overwhelming number of serious and fatal vehicular accidents are caused by distracted driving. Despite knowing better, drivers continue to reach for their phones while driving. Today, there are applications on our phones that can detect this and warn drivers that using the app while driving is dangerous. There are even some apps that will not allow cell phones to operate until the vehicle has come to a stop. Why is it that people feel an obligation to respond to notifications, text messages or phone calls while driving, even after knowing the risks? As personal injury lawyers, Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers is passionate about decreasing the number of distracted driving accidents. We see firsthand the effects that these accidents have on individuals and oftentimes how life-changing injuries sustained can be. In addition to working with those who have been in car accidents, this cause for awareness is very near and dear to our hearts as well. The firm’s founder, Jon Ostroff, is acquainted with the founder of End Distracted Driving, an organization whose mission is to save lives from distracted driving through advocacy, education, and action. It is our hope that we can all work together to make a significant impact on this generation’s outlook on distracted driving. This is why Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers created the Done with Distracted Driving Scholarship. We wanted to hear from students about realistic ways we can work to put a stop to this dangerous behavior and habit.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 31, 2024

Veteran CEO Scholarship

At Sechler Law Firm, LLC, we are driven by a profound mission—to help families make great plans. Our commitment extends beyond estate planning; it encompasses a passion for nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. It is with this vision in mind that we proudly present the 2024 Veteran CEO Scholarship. This scholarship is not just an opportunity; it’s a salute to the dedication of those who have served or are currently serving in the military. We recognize the sacrifices you’ve made for our country, and we believe in your potential to achieve your dream of owning a business. Our inspiration for this scholarship is to empower individuals to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We firmly believe that with the right support, education, and strategic planning, you can turn your business aspirations into reality. This scholarship embodies our commitment to making a positive impact on your journey. From now until May 31, 2024, the 2024 Veteran CEO Scholarship will provide a $1,000 financial boost to deserving applicants. This scholarship isn’t just about monetary assistance; it’s about guiding you on the path to success. We invite you to share your aspirations, your business vision, and your timeline for achieving it. Your service deserves to be celebrated, and your entrepreneurial spirit deserves to be unleashed. Continue reading to learn more about this scholarship’s eligibility and application requirements.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 31, 2024

Triumph Through Family Adversity Scholarship

It takes a lot of strength, resilience, and determination in order to endure the challenges and hardships that come with caring for an injured family member. Many are put in the position of caretaker, chauffeur, scheduler, and advocate in order to serve their loved ones’ best interests. These efforts deserve to be recognized, which is why we are proud to announce our Triumph Through Family Adversity scholarship. This scholarship is meant to offer students an opportunity to manage the financial hardship associated with their educational pursuits so that they can remain committed both to their studies and the needs of their family. By sharing your story, you may be able to win $1000 to go towards your education. To apply for this opportunity before May 31, 2024, visit the scholarship page on our website.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  May 31, 2024

Criminal Justice Scholarship

The criminal justice system can be an intimidating and overwhelming place, especially for those who do not have the legal knowledge to cope with it. That is why we are proud to introduce our new scholarship program specifically designed for law students who are interested in helping individuals within the criminal justice system. We are committed to helping those who are dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of criminal law. The Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. Criminal Justice Scholarship provides recipients with an award of $1,000 to use toward their tuition fees and educational expenses.
Award Amount

Total:  $1000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  June 03, 2024

James Kennedy Law One Tough Student Scholarship

At James Kennedy Law, we help our clients put up a tough fight against drunk drivers and other negligent parties who are responsible for their injuries. We know that it takes strength and resolve to overcome the effects of an accident with a drunk driver. With our One Tough Student Scholarship, we want to support college students who have been impacted by drunk driving and who want to join the fight against drunk driving in our society. Each semester, we offer two scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to students in need. The funds can be used for tuition and other educational expenses at a college or university anywhere in the United States. Contact our scholarship team via email at [email protected].
Award Amount

Total:  $4000

Awards:  2


Deadline:  June 05, 2024