Diabetes Scholarships

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How to Qualify for Diabetes Scholarships

If you have diabetes, there are diabetes scholarships to help you pay for college. Diabetes scholarships tend to be for people with Type 1 or Type 2 and Juvenile Diabetes.

There are also awards you may qualify for if your family member suffers from diabetes. Most often this has to be a parent or guardian. Also, there are other criteria to meet besides your diabetes diagnosis. These vary by provider and include a specific GPA, class rank and record of community service.

Some providers also want to see how you succeed in managing your diabetes. So, you may need to point out how you do this with proper medication, exercise, and diet.

Having a set of solid references is vital too. These may be from a teacher, employer or your treating physician. Treating physicians must attest to your diagnosis and how you treat your condition.

To help make their decision, a provider may also ask some personal questions. For this you might need to write a short essay that describes your goals and how diabetes impacts you. Overall, the cost of college may seem daunting. Thus it is important to apply for diabetes scholarships to make college affordable.

What Diabetes Scholarships can Students Apply for?

Many organizations and colleges award students with diabetes or a family history of it. The Diabetes Scholars program awards high school seniors with Type 1 diabetes. Recipients are chosen based on grades, extracurricular activities, leadership, advocacy, and community service. Their available scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Why it is Important to Apply for a Scholarship?

Since a scholarship is ‘free money’ and not a loan, it can be a useful form of financial aid. It is important to apply for diabetes scholarships to reduce the cost of college. 

Other than the health risks, the medical costs related to diabetes are high. According to the American Diabetes Association, people diagnosed with diabetes spend about $16,750 per year.

That’s almost the cost of public college in one year! Data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows this can cost more than $17K or higher if you choose a private college.

List of Diabetes Scholarships

Check out our list of diabetes scholarships that you may apply to.

Newcombe Scholarships for Students

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation continues the legacy of Mrs. Newcombe, who was unable to attend college because of a visual impairment. To do this it partners with specific colleges and universities to help students with disabilities in their quest for higher education. No grants are made directly to individual students. Colleges and universities receive grants from the Foundation and are responsible for selection of recipients and for scholarship administration, following guidelines establ...

Total: $1385 Awards:  10

Type 1 Champions Scholarships

Kids with Courage Foundation is a nonprofit located in the Midwest. They recognize the need for scholarships for students with Type 1 diabetes due to a lifetime of expensive daily medications and quality healthcare. In support of this goal, they have been able to fund Type 1 Champions Scholarships program for four years with over $19,000 in scholarships being awarded. The Kids With Courage Foundation scholarships will be available for Kansas and Missouri students who battle Type 1 diabetes. Thes...

Total: $3000 Awards:  3
Deadline:  April 15

Diabetes Scholars College Scholarships

A program of Beyond Type 1, Diabetes Scholars aims to empower success through education for people living with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Scholars offers scholarships for T1Ds entering college. First founded as the Diabetes Scholars Foundation in 2008, the goal was that – in this one small area of life – diabetes could be an advantage. Since 2008 the Foundation has awarded over $1.75 million in college scholarships to students with Type 1, through scholarships of $1,000 to $5,000 each. In 2018, t...

Total: $5000 Awards:  10
Deadline:  April 15

Diabetes Inc College Scholarships

Diabetes, Incorporated provides and facilitates quality education and services for and on behalf of the diabetic community. Each year Diabetes, Incorporated will award at least one $1,000 Scholarship. The scholarships will be split between the Spring and Fall semesters and will be given directly to institution to defray the costs of higher education. Prior year recipients may reapply annually. Diabetes, Incorporated may choose to offer additional scholarships based on the applications, funds ava...

Total: $1000 Awards:  1
Deadline:  April 15

Scott and Kim Verplank Foundation Scholarships

The goal of the Scott and Kim Verplank Foundation is to provide young people challenged with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) the financial ability to pursue a college education. Each year, the Foundation provides renewable college scholarships to students beginning their undergraduate studies of up to $10,000 to be used toward tuition, student fees, and books. Scholarships are renewable for up to a maximum of four years for any one recipient based on completing the renewal requirements.

Total: $10000 Awards:  10
Deadline:  April 15

DDC College Scholarship

The Delaware Diabetes Coalition, Inc. (DDC) is a statewide nonprofit organization. Formed of a network of health care organizations, DDC works to better the lives of all people in Delaware affected by diabetes through awareness, prevention, identification, dissemination of services and advocacy. DDC also set up a scholarship to provide financial assistance to high school seniors who are planning to attend further education in an accredited higher education program or students currently enrolled ...

Total: $1000 Awards:  1
Deadline:  April 30

Thomas J. Seefred Trust Scholarship

The Thomas J. Seefred Scholarship was established in 2005 with funding generated by the Thomas J. Seefred Trust. Its purpose is to award scholarships for college students between the ages of 18 and 25 who suffer from Juvenile Diabetes and are pursuing a bachelor's degree. Each recipient may be awarded up to $3,000 to be used for expenses such as tuition, fees, room and board during the academic year. Please note that preference will be given to residents of Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana cou...

Total: $3000 Awards:  10
Deadline:  May 01

Juvenile Diabetes Scholarship

The John E. Kostic Memorial Foundation offers scholarship programs that benefit high school seniors going on to four year universities and current college students. The Juvenile Diabetes Scholarships benefits incoming college freshman in the state of New Jersey. Amounts of scholarships vary but in the past have been for $5,000 each.

Total: $5000 Awards:  10
Deadline:  May 08